He didn't actually have much hope.

This time, it is estimated that no one can come back alive.

the next morning.

Soldiers came and knocked on Lin Fei and Ye Yuxue's room.

Because last night, the two slept in the same room.

This is not the first time the two have slept together.

It's just that Ye Yuxue has always been young, only seventeen years old.

"The Lord of the City is waiting in the front hall."

The soldiers led the way and brought Lin Fei and Ye Yuxue to a hall.

When Lin Fei came to this hall.

I saw three young people at a glance.

Two men and one woman.

Depending on the age, they should all be 17 or 18 years old.

"This is your senior."

When the city lord saw Lin Fei, he immediately said to these three young people.

"This time you will lead the master, and he will be responsible for destroying those monsters."

"Quickly introduce yourself to the master."

The three of them looked at Lin Fei up and down.

Yesterday, the soldiers hurriedly found them and asked them to see the city lord.

When I saw the city owner, the city owner said.

"I allow you to take revenge."

The three of them all froze for a moment, and then ecstatic, for this day, they prepared for too long.

But the city lord continued.

"This time, you just have to watch it by the side."

"There will be a master who will take care of these monsters for you."

Now the three of them looked at Lin Fei seriously.

This man.

Is it the master that the city lord said before?

"Hello, senior."

The short-haired girl nodded to Lin Fei and said, "My name is Qin Yao. My light energy has healing effects. Please take care of me."

The girl was born beautifully.

But compared with Ye Yuxue, it was still a lot worse.

Lin Fei nodded politely.

A man with braids squinted his eyes.

"My name is Du Xuan, and light energy is wind."

The last tall man said: "My name is Wang Qiang, and light energy is a rock."

All three of them have been introduced.

Lin Fei remembered the names of these three people.

"Hello, my name is Lin Fei."

"My name is Ye Yuxue."

Lin Fei and Ye Yuxue also introduced themselves.

The city lord looked at Lin Fei and said with a serious face: "Master, they will leave it to you."

He took a deep breath.

These three supernatural beings are relatively powerful in the city.

Just always have an obsession.

I just want to avenge my parents.

Because he didn't let these three people leave the city, these three people hated him for five years.

Now he was finally willing to let them out.

The city owner knew very well that he would never be able to return after this trip.

It is very likely to die in the hands of monsters.

"If you can, please protect them." The city lord bowed his head and asked.

"I will." Lin Fei nodded.

Then he looked at these three people.

"Let's go."

These three people walked ahead eagerly and led Lin Fei.

In their eyes.

It doesn't matter if Lin Feiqiang is strong or not.

The three are confident in their hearts, if they join hands, they can definitely kill that monster.

Only when they walked to the city gate.

Suddenly, he was stopped by more than a dozen young people.

This is the extraordinary person in charge of this area and a friend of these three people.

"Are you really going?"

Someone said reluctantly.

Everyone at the scene knew very well that once they walked out of this gate, they might not be able to return.

"Can you not go."

A girl whispered: "Stay here and protect the city with us."

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