Lin Fei didn't know how to explain it anymore.

"Then what?" Lin Fei asked.

The king obviously had something to say.

The city lord was silent for a moment, and then said: "If you don't mind, can you bring some extraordinary people with you?"


Lin Fei was puzzled.

Is this not believing in yourself?

"Is such that."

The city lord quickly explained: "Those kids, young and energetic, have always wanted to challenge those demons."

"Now you are here, I hope they can go with you."

"Let them see with their own eyes the power of those monsters."

Lin Fei was silent.

He can now go directly to find those monsters.

If a few people follow, it will only drag him down and waste his time.

"I beg you."

At this moment, the city lord suddenly bowed to Lin Fei.

"More than ten years ago, a monster invaded this city, and the parents of those children died to protect the city."

"If you can, I hope you can let them see that monster die with their own eyes."

He lowered his head, pleading.

"That can be considered as giving them revenge."

The extraordinary died fighting to protect the city.

As the lord of the city, he naturally has an unshirkable responsibility.

It was also at that time that the city lord realized his insignificance.

if it is possible.

He even wanted to see the death of those monsters with his own eyes.

It's just that he can't leave the city.

Lin Fei looked at this man in surprise.

"You really interesting."

It was completely different from the few city lords I had encountered before.

"You are not afraid, am I talking nonsense?"

"For example, I am not an opponent of those monsters at all, I may not be able to hold up even a single move."

"Not only will I die, but they will also die."

Lin Fei said with a smile.

The city lord was silent for a moment.

After a long time, he continued: "No, I believe you."

"And even if they die, it's their fate. I won't blame you."

Those children always wanted to challenge the monster.

Without Lin Fei, one day they would leave the city and die in the hands of monsters.

Now follow Lin Fei away.

It's nothing more than living a few years less.

"This world is not a rich and interesting place. Living here is very tiring."

The city lord said slowly.

"If they die, I only hope that they can go to a place where they can go out with their family all night."

To this end, he also specially built an ancestral hall.

Those who died will be sent to the ancestral hall for cremation.

And bless them to be reincarnated into a happy world.

The city lord smiled bitterly: "Here, being alive is a torture."

Humans are just prey.

And those lights are just the fence that encloses them.

Lin Fei looked at the city lord, reading his mind completely and thoroughly.

"I understand."

He smiled and said, "I promise you."

"Give you one day to prepare, and we will set off tomorrow morning."

"Thank you."

The city lord said excitedly: "I will arrange a place to rest for you."

He immediately opened the door, called someone, and took Lin Fei and Ye Yuxue to rest.

"Go and call some extraordinary people." The city lord said the names of those extraordinary people.

The subordinate ran away in a hurry.

The city lord quietly looked at Lin Fei's back.

I thought silently in my heart, if all this is true, how good would it be?

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