The city owner stared at these two people in a daze.

He also somewhat understood what the devil was.

It's just that he has never seen such a powerful existence, or even heard of it.

So he shook his head.

Lin Fei was silent.

This was indeed unexpected, and thought that the city lord would know where the devil was.

But still under control.

At the beginning, before meeting the emperor, he did not know the existence of the emperor.

In other words, no one knows the existence of the Heavenly Emperor.

It wasn't until later that a few powerful monsters ran out, that led to the Emperor of Heaven.

This king does not know the devil.

However, several monster news flashed in his mind just now.

Those are not weak.

It is similar to the few Heavenly Emperor's men I have seen before.

Perhaps, the whereabouts of the devil can be obtained from those monsters.

Thought of this.

Lin Fei immediately asked, "Do you know any powerful monsters?"

The problem arises.

The city owner immediately thought of many monsters subconsciously.

There are even ways to find these monsters.

He opened his mouth, wanting to answer Lin Fei.

But Lin Fei smiled slightly, and said, "I see, thank you, the lord."

He got news about three monsters.

The three monsters have not said their names, but the strongest ones are already known.

The city owner stunned suddenly.

What's happening here?

He didn't say anything, why did Lin Fei begin to thank him?

The city owner felt a little big head.

Is this the transcendent?

"Are you going to challenge those monsters?" the city lord asked after recovering.

Lin Fei nodded.

"You will die."

The city lord said seriously: "Those monsters are existences that kill countless people."

"You two may be very powerful, but you can't compare to those monsters."

"Go to them, you will definitely be killed."

He can receive news every three to five.

Which town was destroyed again, which city was destroyed again?

Those three monsters are not afraid of light at all.

Even if I walked to the beam of light.

There won't be any problem, you can directly remove the beam of light.

Several cities have been destroyed.

Among the extraordinary, all died, and no one was spared.

The city owner knew very well that in the eyes of those monsters, his city was a breeding base.

When to wait.

They will come here if they can't find food.

Find some people to eat.

The city lord just wanted to stop, and there was no way.

"Thanks for caring."

Lin Fei smiled and said, "But I have done this dangerous thing many times."

"And this time we come here, it is specifically to solve this matter."

The words made the city master's eyes widened.

"Are you gods?"

Ye Yuxue immediately covered her mouth and laughed.

Although Lin Fei has always denied that he is a god, everyone who has seen him will say that he is a god.

Lin Fei didn't want to explain either.

"You think I am, then treat it as me." Lin Fei said.

The city lord fell silent.

He slowly stood up and looked at Lin Fei seriously.

"What do you think is your chance of winning?" he asked.

"I've seen your memory. If those monsters are similar to yours, it's okay."

These words shocked the city lord.

Mind reading!

He had guessed before, in this world, is there any way to read what other people think?

He also asked many transcendents.

But they were all denied by shaking their heads, light energy gave them strength.

It is not to give them abilities.

They can manipulate the elements of nature, but they cannot see through the human heart.

The man in front of me.

There is such a way!

"You really are a god!"

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