The sound of nails scratching the door woke Lin Fei who was sleeping.

"Who, let people sleep in the morning?"

Lin Fei sat up on the bed, walked to the door a few steps, and pulled hard.


A cold wind blew on his face, and Lin Fei paused.

Standing in front of him is not his parents or neighbors, but monsters!

Its eyes are red, and black meridians appear on its face, seeming to be blood vessels?

Tousled hair and broken clothes made people feel sympathy.

But now, Lin Fei can't sympathize.

In front of this thing, mouth full of fangs, and green viscous liquid dripping, it is clearly a humanoid monster!

If it is an ordinary person, there may be no way to avoid this sudden attack.


At this moment, he heard a crisp sound in his ear.

"The modifier started successfully."

"Invincible, automatic activation is successful."

"One hit kills, and it automatically starts successfully."


As soon as the crisp voice fell, the zombie rushed to Lin Fei, his mouth full of fangs bite directly towards his neck, but it seemed like he had hit steel, and his teeth were all blown away.

Lin Fei punched subconsciously.


The whole zombies were turned into fragments and drifted away in the wind.

Lin Fei froze at the door, everything that just happened, but I saw it in the flashing light, the whole process took less than a second, and it took time to slow down.

At this time, he could see the world before him clearly.

What I saw in front of him was not his hall, but a street. There was no one on it, but there were dry blood stains on the ground and a lot of garbage.

Many vehicles are parked in a mess, it seems that what happened in the beginning, so that the owner has no way to drive the car away.

The weather was gloomy, the wind was a bit cold, it was a bitter cold.

"The function has been automatically turned off."

The tone of the modifier reminded him.

After a glance left and right, after confirming that there were no other dangers, he immediately closed the door.

"This doesn't seem to be my original world." He muttered, subconsciously thinking that he had crossed, and crossed into a dangerous world.

"Open the modifier." Lin Fei said silently.

Sure enough, an interface appeared before his eyes, with gray text on it.

"Function 1: Invincible. Status: Not activated."

"Function 2: Infinite life. Status: Not activated."

"Function 3: Unlimited physical strength. Status: Not activated."

"Function 4: Unlimited load. Status: Not activated."

"Function 5: Unlimited props and unlimited items. Status: Not activated."

"Function 6: Super speed. Status: Not activated."


Lin Fei could see clearly that there were dozens of functions on it, such as automatic aiming, no backseat, see-through through walls, and even one-shot destruction, one-shot kill.

"It's really a modifier." Lin Fei glanced at the name of the form.

Looking at the modifier in front of him, he can finally be sure that he has crossed.

After calming down, he tried to activate the function.

"Invincible, start." He said silently in his heart.

At the same time, a chill suddenly appeared on his body, which was a kind of coolness. Lin Fei felt that his ears and eyes were clear, and he was very energetic.

Pinch yourself hard, it doesn't hurt.

He punched the wall again. The hand didn't hurt, but the wall did not affect.

"The meaning of this invincibility should be to protect yourself from any harm." He immediately understood.

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