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On the Eve of Lili, She Turned Into a Mushroom

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Taoist Xie Wuwang has a peerless appearance, the first cultivation base in the world, the power of the three realms, and he is known as the co-lord of the world.
The number of beauties who admire him is uncountable.

Everyone knows that he and Taoist companion Ning Qingqing have no feelings, and keep her, but because she has been with him for many years, like his sword and his magic weapon, there is no need to abandon it.

Ning Qingqing thinks so too.

No matter how much she pays, there will never be any waves in his eyes.

Until that day, he raised her mushrooms to death.

That was the only gift he gave her, and it was the last warmth in her heart.

She gave up completely and decided to let go.

On this night, she was so emotional and confused, she regarded herself as the dead mushroom.

It was not the first time to threaten him by breaking up.

Xie Wuwang thought that after calming down for a night, Ning Qingqing would regret as before, and find a step down by herself, only if the things of yesterday never happened.

Unexpectedly, instead of looking for steps, she found a moist soil and buried herself with nothing but her head…

Xie Wuwang: “??!!!”

# Go to his love brain, this fairy mushroom just wants to eat soil. #
# The Taoist couple doesn’t love me, what should she do if she reproduces by herself. #
# My wife chasing crematorium seems to be different from others.#

[Reading Guide]
1. Since it is a crematorium chasing wives, the male owner must have a dog
2. The growth and love story of the little heroine, everything serves love
3. Stream of consciousness, sluggish rhythm, no change of male lead, 1V1 mind and body, sweet HE
4. The male protagonist has no white moonlight, is not a stand-in stalk, the female protagonist is not reincarnated, there is no male second, no female second
5. Please do not mention me or my articles under other wives’ articles, thank you angels

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Short Title:OELSTIM
Alternate Title:和离前夜,她变成了蘑菇
Author:Blue and white burning
Weekly Rank:#8314
Monthly Rank:#8915
All Time Rank:#8398
Tags:Amnesia, Ancient China, Cold Love Interests, Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Identity Crisis, Josei, Martial arts, R-15,
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14 Comments on “On the Eve of Lili, She Turned Into a Mushroom
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  1. Does anyone know this novel? I don't know her name. I found a promotion for her in one of the novels without a name In the last life, after the fall of the Hou Mansion, Wanwan was given to the third prince by his second uncle. She has since become his caged sparrow, allowing her to insult and play. When she returned from rebirth, she returned to the day she was given away. It was too late to be pleasantly surprised. When she faced the face of the third prince, she was already terrified, and she tremblingly threw herself into the arms of King Yu. The beauty has tears in her eyes, her eyebrows are slender, and her trembling appearance is like a small beast falling into a trap. It is the king of Yu who has always been cold-blooded and cold. When she was planning to find a good home for her, she threw herself into his arms again without fear of death, begging him not to drive her with tears in her eyes.

  2. Actually at first the ML was quite jerk anyway. But it's this way the story plot is building nicely and many reasons were needed to build the plot from the first half of story. I can't say ML is good but the growth is quite good and it's kind of logical. The story was bittersweet and a bit tragedy. Anyway it's enjoyable

  3. This is so painful I’m crying. I need to take a break from this, I feel so bad for the fl. I know that in the end the ml will be the same guy but I dunno. It’s cheap for him. Our fl is so precious. If she’s gonna end up with someone, it would’ve been better if it’s a man who’ll cherish her. But yeah so the ml would change blah blah. But I’m just not convinced. 300 hundred years of love/pain is just wow.

  4. Seriously speaking, I think a lot of bad reviews came from ppl who just didn’t like the male lead at first which is awfully ridiculous and a terribly insensitive thing to do! Nobody is perfect—this novel highlights so many real insecurities very well. Don’t give bad ratings bc you don’t like a character sheesh Especially when this novel is very moving and I feel a lot more people could really learn from fl in self-love and communicating in relationships

  5. um, that is a totally legitimate reason to give a bad review. People read stories foremost for the characters, secondary for the story. If one of the lead characters is trash it is totally fair to criticize it.

  6. If you didn’t read this full novel and don’t even know the character then don’t bother assuming those reviews are holy and righteous. Those are very biased reviews in this case, like saying just because I hate Sakura’s character then Naruto should be a ultra negative 1/10 stars due to my dislike for Sakura all is fair in the selfish negative review world pshhh go preach your entitlement bias elsewhere

  7. I am not sure if you are aware of what a review is, BUT it is an OPINION by a human. An opinion by it's very nature of being an OPINION is always biased. BTW, are you just throwing buzzwords around? "entitlement" for example. WTF is "entitlement bias"? A Review will always have an element of "entitlement". It will always have an element of "bias" to it. A reviews will always have an element of selfishness in it. Because a reviews is ultimately an OPINION by a human. And opinions contain bias, they contain selfishness, entitlement, & judgement.

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