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I exist in the darkness, disappear under the bright light, and will eventually devour the sun and turn into the shadow of all things… Known by people as the indescribable terror of darkness; the king of shadows; the dark day; the existence of the shadow of the world , is still just a somewhat special high school student, facing a weird death game…

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Short Title:OC
Alternate Title:旧日篇章
Author:virtual sound
Weekly Rank:#1978
Monthly Rank:#1722
All Time Rank:#6236
Tags:Evil God, Evil Protagonist, Evil Religions, Fantasy World, God Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Multiple POV, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist,
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21 Comments on “Old Chapters
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  1. Lmaooo so this guy is the reason behind many anime worlds. Now it finally makes sense🤣🤣 This mf legit created another one piece world.

  2. Vol 7 Chapter 2 . i read a comment that the author is the same as the ‘soul of negary’, but the author seems to be making remarks about europeans in the middle ages, im sure life was very bad in europe in the middle ages, but why is he fixated on europeans, im positive china was as bad in their bad times lmao, how many masssacres and bad shit they did to their own people, the author is being dumb, yet he never said anything bad about Dayue country which is chinas equalivent

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