Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World

After transmigrating into a beast world, Rong Mingshi discovered that the people of this world experienced widespread mania. For example, when their emotions were abnormally agitated, they would become destructive beasts. If their emotions were abnormally low, they would shrink i.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 89 Fanwai - Earth Raising Daily 7 Chapter 88 Fanwai - Earth Raising Daily 6 Chapter 87 Fanwai-Earth Raising Daily 5

Chapter 86 Fanwai - Earth Raising Daily 4 Chapter 85 Fanwai - Earth Raising Daily (3) Chapter 84 Fanwai - Earth Raising Daily (2) Chapter 83 Fanwai - Earth Raising Daily (1) Chapter 82 First gentleman Chapter 81 Mercenary attack Chapter 80 Wedding wedding Chapter 79 I am a dragon knight! Chapter 78 Virus son (this

Chapter 77 His blood is just right! Chapter 76 Golden egg is good Chapter 75 Come back and get married!

Chapter 74 Leopard paws are a bit soft Chapter 73 Fire on the national banquet Chapter 72 Missing into illness Chapter 71 Eye claw Chapter 70 Have big money flowers Chapter 69 There must be something! Chapter 68 There is a gold nest here. Chapter 67 De Gao Wangzhong Chapter 66 Parcel too big

Chapter 65 Cute silly leopard Chapter 64 Stupid little black dragon Chapter 63 Wine leopard Chapter 62 What are you arresting? Chapter 61 Oversized whale! Chapter 60 Cleaned Chapter 59 Take mom out Chapter 58 Related to the little leopard Chapter 57 Beware of being deceived Chapter 56 They are all liars Chapter 55 Our apprentice? Chapter 54 Competitor 2 in 1

Chapter 53 Healer Chapter 52 Visual inspection can be over thousand Chapter 51 Gas into puffer fish! Chapter 50 Military uniform leopard Chapter 49 Tiger shaped energy stone Chapter 48 Shadow Emperor Chapter 47 Giant stone inscription 2 in 1 Chapter 46 Giving money is too vulgar Chapter 45 Unmarried beast Chapter 44 Not good at learning Chapter 43 No fire! Chapter 42 Is it emotional?

Chapter 41 Custom auction Chapter 40 There is only one knife Chapter 39 Money is not enough Chapter 38 Big black dragon considerations Chapter 37 Peacock opening Chapter 36 Housekeeper Chapter 35 Too exciting Chapter 34 Broken out Chapter 33 Second order Chapter 32 Eggshell and little leopard Chapter 31 Customized shooting is coming Chapter 30 Big shopkeeper

Chapter 29 triple Chapter 28 best gift Chapter 27 The mighty explosion (two more) Chapter 26 Little leopard head hurts Chapter 25 Drunk little leopard Chapter 24 Together? Chapter 23 Sorry, the owner is very busy. Chapter 22 Big black dragon stagnation Chapter 21 Time Craftsman's House Chapter 20 Marshal is not at home Chapter 19 The housekeeper is very popular. Chapter 18 Good night, Sangha.

Chapter 17 Pet collar? ! Chapter 16 a leopard paw print Chapter 15 "The marshal please sit down." Chapter 14 Who is this? Chapter 13 Not at all simple Chapter 12 Black Dragon's plan Chapter 11 Focused little leopard Chapter 10 Exclusive leopard claw tool Chapter 9 Leopard's energy stone Chapter 8 Going to the original stone field Chapter 7 Grandmaster skill Chapter 6 What about my cooked eggs?

Chapter 5 Not afraid, I have mine Chapter 4 Lonely little leopard Chapter 3 Tired work Chapter 2 Delicious bird eggs Chapter 1 Hungry little leopard

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