The shackled singer smirked into a human form, dressed and dressed up, took the little ice dragon from the hands of Rong Ming, and patted the small head of Xiao Binglong with his fingers, which was also comforting. Then I put it on my shoulder.

The little ice dragon screamed all the way to his head and climbed over the top of his head, squatting over the head of Sangha, licking his hair.

Zangjia then pulled up with a small ice dragon and reached the glory of the pool.

When Rong Ming looked at the little ice dragon on the top of the head of the donkey, it seemed to be very happy. Then he went to the other side of the pool and fished the small fire leopard who was amazed by the big dragon claw.

The family returned to the room and went around with the little fire leopard in the glory of the singer's coat, while the singer was dressed in clothes that had been steamed by himself, and went to the kitchen with his little ice dragon to prepare breakfast.

The cockroach first opened the refrigerator and pulled out a few boxes of ice from the frozen layer, and all of them fell on the table.

Although the ice was not big enough, but the number was enough, Xiao Binglong instantly forgave the dragon dad who destroyed his hard-working ice. He threw away his claws and flew down from the dragon’s head and landed. There was a good thump in the ice heap.

When Rong Ming changed his clothes and brought a small fire leopard to come over, he saw the two dragon claws of the small ice dragon on the table of the kitchen, while stepping on an ice block and skating on the table. Spinning, while sliding, excited and fanning the dragon wing.

When I was worried about the glory of a big one, two small black dragons, I was relieved.

At the same time, the little fire leopard in his hand, along his arm, stepped on the table with his small claws, and ran to the pile of ice.

Then the little fire leopard learned the little dragon brother's appearance, one paw stepped on an ice cube, but before he even slipped, the ice cubes quickly melted into water and spread out.

The little fire leopard bowed his own wet paws, and the two eyes looked at the little black dragon that continued to circle on the table. After watching it for a while, he continued to pull out from the heap of ice. Ice cubes, finally four claws finally stepped on, just turned on the table without a half circle, the ice is scattered into a water fire is too busy is also an annoyance.

The little fire leopard simply steamed and dried up the small claws, followed by the little ice dragon running behind, while running and screaming.

The little ice dragon glides smoothly in the circle on the table, and from time to time, the dragon wings are unfolded, and the gorgeous place turns around, and the small flamingo that follows is swaying and showing off the head, full of an indescribable The momentum of Yaowu Yangwei.

Rongming ""

Inexplicable has a sense of vicissitudes of time.

Here, the sorghum had a good meal of minced meat and milk, and placed two small dishes on the table. The small fire leopard smelled it, and immediately turned around and ran over.

The little ice dragon that stepped on the ice also turned and slid over, but on the table there was the water that had melted from the small fire leopard. The ice slid onto the water, it was not well controlled, it was full of piles. The small dish of minced meat and milk was knocked out by the ice cubes at the foot of the little ice dragon. When he saw it, he fell down. Xiao Binglong looked at the empty table and his heart was so desolate.

At this time, Dalong’s father held his small dish steady from the table, and the speed of the sangha was super fast and stable. When the small dish was knocked down, it was caught, not only the minced meat inside. No spills, no milk.

Xiao Binglong was happy, and he was holding a little dragon wing there, shaking his head and shaking his head.

When Rong Ming looked at the little ice dragon's charming look, he laughed and tapped his finger on the little black dragon's head.

Sui Jia put the small dish in front of the little black dragon, so one dragon and one leopard two small and boring heads.

In such a beautiful atmosphere, Rong Ming reached out and grabbed the neck of his **** dragon, and went to kiss him. "Dragon dad worked hard."

Sui Jia raised his eyebrows. "The leopard dad is also working hard."

Reaching out his waist, holding his head, came a long, long kiss.

The adults in the warm kiss were too invested, did not notice the subtle sounds on the table, and when the two were slightly separated, they inexplicably felt two strange sights, so the two turned their heads to the table at the same time. .

For a time, four pairs of eyes silently looked at each other.

After a while, the two equally soft little dolls sitting on the table opened their hands and hugged.

I don’t know how to reach out and hold the glory when I say a word, "Alaska, do you have a baby stroller?"

The answer is no, the Marshal Black Dragon arrived on the planet, the time is tight, the main energy is tossing energy wine, it is good to be able to prepare a good hatching environment and living environment for the two small ones.

So it is normal to have some things that are not good enough.

So, there was no such thing as how to hold the child's troubles, and he took the two small ones on the table and strode to the bedroom.

When Rong Ming immediately followed, he saw that the two dolls were placed on the quilt, shaking their hands and wrapping them all with quilts. They turned and said to him, "This planet is delivered too slowly, I go out. Buy, look at them at home."

As the glory of the indigenous people of the earth, the corner of the mouth moved, "You are sure"

"This planet is slightly different from our world. I may need to check it, but it won't be long, rest assured."

As he talked about it, he opened his brain and decisively filtered all kinds of information.

When Rong Ming reached out and grabbed his hand, he said earnestly, "I am more familiar here than you, you are waiting at home."

Sangha decided decisively, "Let's go together."

Turning to look at the restless burrs, the two bulging drums that were bulging in the quilt, and reaching out to open the quilt, said, "You both get back and take you out to play."

Seeing that the two little dolls became the glory of the Xiaolong Xiaobao

Actually can be like this

Suga pacing his back. "You are unique."

Hard work and hard work can change the glory of people"

The two sons are not like him in this respect, it is a good thing.

So, after eating a simple breakfast quickly, after the chasing of the war preparations in his space, the two men flew out of the villa yard.

When Rong Ming was sitting firmly on the back of the **** dragon, to be honest, he still had a little fear. This is not the same as sitting in a floating car. There is nothing to stop around. I always feel like I want to fall, so my hands are always firmly fixed. Grabbing the **** dragon dark gold two-color armor.

I want to compare the two small ones, it is completely different.

Excited like what, can be run on the back of the **** dragon.

At the beginning, Rongming was naturally not allowed. If it was accidentally dropped, it could not be broken.

However, when the little ice dragon had a dragon wing and the singer took them to fly, Xiao Binglong tried hard to fan the dragon wing and flew along the airflow from the dragon wing of the **** dragon.

Under this circumstance, the small fire leopard is naturally super envious.

And a dragon dad turned his head and saw his family beast nervously grabbing the armor, and the envy of his family's leopard son said, "Baby, don't be so nervous, you can take your sons on the armor casually. activity."

Rong Ming refused, "will fall"

A **** dragon laughed and shook the man on his back. "I won't let you fall."

When Rong Ming bowed his head and looked at the poor old son, he looked up and solemnly fanned the dragon dad of the dragon wing. "Then you must be optimistic about your son."

So, when Rong Ming carefully moved his son out of his arms and put it on the armor, he just wanted to smother the little fire leopard not too close to the edge. He didn’t expect the small fire leopard to slip out and step on the dragon’s armor. Run around.

A leopard dad was very nervous, until he watched the two little ones turn on the back of the dragon dad for several laps, and he had to admit that it seemed to be very fun and soon released, from the back of the **** dragon. Stand up and step on the dragon body and open his arms.

Sui Jia turned his head and glanced at it. There was a smile in the huge longan. So, with such a family entertainment dragon dad, hovering in the air for several laps, no need to worry about buying things.

After waiting for a big two or two to play, Sangha found a secluded and unsupervised place, put the person down, and he became a human figure. He raised his hand and took it out of the space. The egg's backpack, let the two small ones get in and pick it up.

However, the two small ones went out for the first time, and they were curious about everything. They looked at the backpack and looked out.

Since coming out, Rong Ming naturally wants to make his sons happy.

So, when Rong Ming thought about it a little, he simply grabbed the arm of Sangha and turned the two small ones out of the boat, letting them reveal more than half of their body shape, and the front paws covered the backpack. The edge, then he sighed, "If you don't want to be stuffy in the backpack, you two will be here and don't move."

Two small eyes nodded and squatted on the backpack, except for the movement of the eyes, the rest of the body was completely settled.

Ever since, the tall, cold-stricken Yan Jia, dressed in military uniform, carrying a marching backpack with two super-realistic dolls behind him, went into the mall.

Coupled with a young man with a refreshing face and a clean, sunny and handsome face, the rate of returning is super high.

In fact, even without these two super-looking realistic dolls, the looks and temperament of the two men is enough to make people look.

However, just two people, after entering the mall, one person pushed a supermarket cart and went straight to the infant area.

People who witnessed this situation instantly realized that these two are not only famous, but even the children have it. No wonder they will carry two dolls.

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