Because of this little leopard that sprayed Mars, the movie-watching thing was naturally thrown into the back of the head. When Rong Ming was holding a soft little fire leopard, he was expecting that the one in the freezer would hatch as soon as possible.

The little fire leopard in the palm of his hand is very lively. In the hands of Rong Ming, he probed his brain. From time to time, he called two voices, carrying small thick claws and looking at his palms to look around. The little ears turned around. Going to listen to the movement.

He will hold his fingertips and lick his little head with the curious cockroaches of the newly born white fangs. After playing for a while, it seems to be tired. He just turned around in his palm and hit. I yawned, holding my fluffy tail, my head squatting and leaning against the tiger's mouth at Rongming, I closed my eyes.

When Rong Ming was soft inside, he used his thumb to lick the back of the little fire leopard.

At this moment, Suga suddenly came close to his ear, and a warm breath poured into his ear, and a low-pitched voice rang in his ear. "Baby, the second egg is going to break."

When Rong Ming endured the numbness of the half body, he immediately looked at the freezer.

They had missed the situation before the small fire leopard broke the shell.

I saw the frosty white egg in the freezer swaying, faintly squeaking, a lightning crack on the white eggshell, straight to the bottom of the eggshell along the top .

Then, just listen to it, the top of the eggshell was broken, a black dragon's head smashed out, and there was a half-white eggshell on the top of the head, with some ignorance of the golden erect. Looking outside.

After a short while, the little black dragon opened his wings and carried the dragon paws. The neatly broke the eggshell that restricted his body and exposed the whole body. It was just a miniature version of the **** dragon. It’s just that there is some frost on the body of this little black dragon.

The little black dragon swayed twice in the body, smashed the frost hanging on his body, revealing the beautiful black scales, and then looked up at the two men outside the glass through the glass window of the freezer. Sending a tender low squat, in the minus 18 degrees of the freezer, even a small frost can be sprayed out, hit the glass window of the freezer, forming a beautiful ice flower. The broken glass window may still have some gap.

But still very powerful and domineering

After the smashing, the little black dragon fanned out the dragon wing and tried to fly, but the strength of the hatching was obviously insufficient, and the little dragon wing did not move his body.

So, this little black dragon licked his head and stepped forward on the eggshell, trying to get close to the two people who looked very close. I didn’t expect to be tripped by the raised eggshell, squatting small. Dragon wing and dragon tail, one fell down

When Rong Ming did not hold back, he smiled softly.

But he still held a small fire leopard in his hand, unable to open his hand to open the door of the freezer, only to see the shackles.

Zangjia stretched his hand to his head, opened the glass door of the freezer, and reached out to hold the dragon's dragon wing, which was struggling to climb up, and lifted the little black dragon out of it.

The little black dragon caught by the dragon wing struggled in midair, and the chubby belly was exposed, which looked a bit pitiful.

When Rong Ming’s mouth twitched, compared to the treatment of the little fire leopard, this little black dragon seems to be not a biological one.


The word turned around in the head of Rongming. When Rong Ming carefully watched the little black dragon that was licked by the dragon wing, he seriously thought about the appearance of this **** dragon, the fuzzy consciousness. To one thing.

This **** dragon has the original scorpion already

Who is the dragon mother who is the leopard mother?

When Rong Ming suddenly had a sense of guilt

When Suga was inexplicably condemned by Rong Ming, he looked at the little black dragon in his hand and immediately grasped the reason for this sight. He was a little bit stunned, but he had not waited for him to talk. The little black dragon of the wing opened his mouth with a frosty dragon and sprayed his face and then struggled to struggle, trying to pull his dragon wing out of his hand.

Zangjia put the little black dragon on the freezer and released the hand holding the little dragon wing.

The little black dragon stood there shaking the dragon wing, and it fluttered and swayed, and it slanted and fell on the wrist of the little leopard.

Like the little fire leopard, the small ice dragon comes out of the minus 18 degree freezer, but the touch is cool but not cold.

A pair of golden dragon eyes looked at Rong Ming very affectionately, and bowed his head, topping his wrist with his head.

However, at this time, the little fire leopard in the palm of his hand woke up, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the little ice dragon that was close at hand.

The little fire leopard was shocked, coughed and squirted a blue smoke with Mars.

Dreaming with my mother

The little ice dragon lifted the dragon wing, but it was blocked by a few chic, then bowed down to the small fire leopard, raised the dragon claws and patted the small fire leopard's head, when the younger brother had a few comforts as a brother. The meaning.

The little fire leopard screamed, and the little claws of the hair pushed the dragon paws, then clumsily lifted the claws and licked the head that he had been photographed, licking the fierce eyes of the leopard, opening The tender mouth, once again spurted a cigarette to the little black dragon, this time even a Mars did not have

The little black dragon fan fan dragon wings all the smoke, and stretched the dragon paws and patted the head of the small fire leopard again.

The little fire leopard screamed a few times, and when he saw that he couldn’t take a drive to grab the ground, he simply stretched his small claws and hugged the palm of his hand. The whole body spread out and posted, then Turned around and looked at the one that was lying on my mother's wrist.

The little black dragon hoe, the open dragon wings fell down, and then the whole black plaster like the same, squatting on the arm of Rong Ming.

The little fire leopard was relieved. He stretched out a small thick claw and patted the little black dragon's nose. His eyes slammed twice and he fell asleep again.

When the two tyrants who occupied the hands and wrists were inexplicably relieved, the two brothers squirted and squirted, and it was the best to be able to get along with each other.

Well, what is the mother’s mentality?

When I didn't wait for Rongming, I thought about it. Next to him, Sangha turned his shoulder and turned to sit at the table. Then, Sangha once again took some minced meat and added some milk to the wrist when stepping on Rongming. The little ice dragon is in front of him.

The little ice dragon on the wrist of Rong Ming turned his head quite a bit, and smashed a white gas from the nostrils.

When Rong Ming did not hold back, he laughed.

Sui Jia raised his eyebrows, "otherwise you still come to feed"

When Rong Ming nodded, he spread out his palms. Sui Jia gently removed the small claws of the sleeping little fire leopard inside and gently lifted it.

Once again witnessed the glory of the different treatments of the two monks, I couldn’t help but say, "Zha, do you know that raising a lot of children, especially raising twins?"


When Rong Ming said seriously, "I don’t want to see you after the eccentricity of the little ice dragon. If you are old, you will not give you old-age care."

Zangjia laughed and nodded. "You are right."

After that, Zangjia stretched out his hand and poked the head of Xiao Binglong. "Get up and eat."

Xiao Binglong didn't want to take care of him, and sprayed him another white gas.

Zangjia raised his eyebrows, and there was a small gold ingot between the fingers that he did not know where to come.

The little ice dragon, who was a plaster on his wrist when Rong Ming was raised, raised his head and held out the dragon paws and hugged the golden and heavy gadgets.

This scene is inexplicable, and when I was holding a small dish, I was almost not smiling.

Black Dragonfly gold hobby, is this born?

Xiao Binglong has a small gold ingot, a special obedient, consciously coming down from the wrist of Rongming, and moving himself to eat.

The little ice dragon who had enough to eat and drink also yawned, holding his golden gadgets, and the group fell asleep at the hand of Rong Ming.

When Rong Ming, his fingers gently licked the black dragon scales of Xiao Binglong, and whispered to the next side of the sang, "Let them sleep at night"

After the little fire leopard was placed in his hand again in Suijia, Rong Ming watched him take a ceramic soup pot out of the cupboard, opened the freezer and took out a box of ice from the inside, and poured all the ice into the soup pot. Then I took a towel and stacked it twice and put it in. Finally I put the little ice dragon that was sleeping on the table and put it in.

Then Rong Ming saw the small ice dragon in the soup pot turned over comfortably, opened the little dragon wing, and the dragon tail hit a circle around him, revealing a small belly that was bulging.

Rong Ming was silent for a while.

Are aliens hatching eggs and raising their children so rough?

A pot of a towel with a little ice cube is solved.

When he left the soup pot, he said, "It’s not too early today. I will make him a pure gold nest tomorrow."

He is wrong, this child is not rough at all.

When you are in Rongming, you can imagine the situation where this black little ice dragon is shining.

"What about this?"

There is nothing hot charcoal and red iron here.

Is it going to go to the steel factory to order some hot metal tomorrow?

Sui Jia took up the soup pot and said, "Go, go to the bedroom."

When Rong Ming went all the way curiously, he went to the bedroom.

Then, watching Zangjia put the soup pot with the little ice dragon on the bedside table, then cleaned up the bed he had slept before and said, "Let's sleep."

Energy wine is an urgent task, and he also needs to find materials that can replace the energy stone on this planet. He and his baby have energy stone carvings, don't worry about mania, but the two little guys don't have If they stay here for too long, in case of mania, the destructive power is estimated to be not small.

Rong Ming was puzzled for a while.

Ms. Jia looked at the little woolen leopard who was sleeping in his hand and said, "Put him on the pillow and sleep."

When Rong Ming suddenly felt that the **** dragon was eccentric, the ice dragon

Give Xiao Binglong a pure gold nest to sleep, this little fire leopard can only pitiful sleep pillow?

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