After properly arranging two eggs, Zangjia looked at the people around the freezer and the oven, turned and went to the living room, directly slammed a single sofa in the living room and placed it in a large Inside the kitchen, then stretched out and pulled the snow leopard that turned around, and sat down on the sofa.

When Rong Ming was sitting down, he leaned on the soft sofa, but did not relax at all, but continued to observe the two eggs.

Patience and worry are a very grueling thing.

After five minutes, Rong Ming finally couldn’t sit still...

The surface inside the freezer looks frosted!

The one inside the oven looks black, red and red!

He reached out and grabbed the arm of the **** dragon that was using the light brain. He asked extremely solemnly, "Is it a scientific basis for you to hatch in this?"

This time, the singer is quickly gaining more information through the planet's virtual network, and is also considering one thing.

When he was originally in the world of the beast, he had some doubts, that is, the amazing engraving talent displayed by the little leopard. After all, the life record of the little leopard stored in the housekeeper does not have the practice of engraving. The content, plus the words of the little leopard aliens and the Earth, and the self-proclaimed self on the planet.

There was an idea that came out of the head of Sangha. Perhaps his snow leopard really came home this time.........

At this moment, when he heard the unconscious feelings of their eggs in his snow leopard tone, he immediately pulled back his thoughts, reached out and took his baby's hand and pulled him up from the sofa. Walk over to see the two eggs.

As soon as he recalled the light brain data, he said, "The incubation equipment is working well and the life data will be checked soon."

Rong Ming took a look at the freezer and oven that had been raised to hatch replacement equipment.... Continue to scratch the heart and wait for the liver.

After a while, the voice of Sangha suddenly sounded, "Yes."

When Rong Ming immediately turned his head and looked at the light brain of Zangjia, "Where?"

Zangjia refers to the two lines on the interface displayed by the light brain.

When Rong Ming looked at the two lively lines, he jumped joyfully. His absolute vitality was very active. He slowly breathed a sigh of relief and smiled unconsciously. He returned to the sofa again, took off his shoes and sat cross-legged. In the above.

............He is here staring at the two eggs hatching!

There was a smile in the eyes of Suijia, standing on the sofa, continuing to learn the information of the planet, and gradually purchasing some materials that seem to be suitable for brewing energy wine, as well as various wines of the world.

However, not much later, Sui Jia felt that the person sitting on the side of the sofa sitting cross-legged slightly squatted down, and Ji Jia immediately reached out and held it. Looking down, his baby had closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Suijia mobilized the light brain and checked him again. After confirming that he was only slightly mentally tired, he leaned over and gently hugged the person.

At this time, the people in their arms whispered, "Oh..."

The movement of Sangha was slightly stunned, looking down at the clean face of Rong Ming, gently kissing his hair and whispering, "I am."

The person in his sleep did not consciously lean against his chest, and he held him firmly, went all the way to the bedroom, put the man on the bed, took off his clothes, and covered the quilt.

Although I really wanted to sleep with his baby in the bedroom, it was imperative to brew energy wine. Therefore, after standing for a while, Zangjia quietly left the room.

When Rong Ming was sleeping, he felt very heavy. When he woke up, it was already late. He stumbled and got up from the bed. For a moment, he thought he had a dream. There was an evil in his dream. The majestic **** dragon hugged him over half of the B city! He saw two strange eggs that need to be hatched in the freezer and oven!

When the thoughts arrived here, Rong Ming suddenly woke up, got out of bed, put on clothes, put on the soft slippers placed on the bed, and hurriedly went to see the two eggs.

When he had just left the door, he was stepped back by a heavy alcoholic scent. The consciousness was so embarrassing, and then he took a deep breath in the subconscious, and then his body quickly jumped out. Numerous pictures, finally settled in a black dress with a **** dragon, swearing in an old and difficult language, serious and solemn, just like a wedding oath.

Rong Ming was 懵X.

............He seems to have forgotten something extremely important!

Then I heard a few steps from the bedroom and walked over, "Rong Rong?"

The tall, handsome and imposing person suddenly coincides with the people in the picture he just saw. When Rong Ming slowly returns to God, he unconsciously comes up with a sentence, "Let's go to the movies at night?"

"Okay, have dinner and go." Jaggar raised his hand and rubbed his hair.

When Rong Ming was stunned, he went to the kitchen with a dizzy look, and then saw a plate of golden and scrambled eggs on the table!

When Rongming was poked in the nerves, he rushed to the freezer a few steps, and determined that the white frosted egg was in good condition, and immediately turned to look at the oven, which was already black and red. It turned into a red fire, and the burning red charcoal stood inside.

After confirming that the scrambled eggs on the table were not these two, he turned and saw the smile of the smile.

When Rong Ming suddenly became angry, "I will not eat eggs in the future!"

"it is good."

Cooking for the control of the fire is very simple, it is just right for every thing, the taste is super beautiful, and the mouth is fragrant when eating glory.

And just as he was eating very well, Suga suddenly stopped moving and looked in the direction of the oven.

Rongming, who was eating Jiaoxiang's small ribs, looked subconsciously along his line of sight. Then he saw a small claw in the oven holding the door of the oven and a small head. Carrying a pair of pitiful eyes, looking at them through the high temperature glass door of the oven.

And when they found their sights turned, the little guy in the oven opened his mouth and made a sound of innocence, "Hey, hey..."

When the glory was in the chopsticks, the fragrant ribs caught in the chopsticks suddenly fell on the plate.

This awkward voice is not familiar!

Not......... Isn't this a dinosaur egg? How can it hatch a cat in the inside? !

At this moment, Jiajia stood up and stretched out the door of the oven. Then, the fist-sized leopard inside, in the oven of 200 degrees, looked at him for a while, then carried the soft hair. The claws, swaying his fingers, climbed into his palm.

Sui Jia opened the light brain and inspected the little leopard that had hatched first.

Although slightly smaller, it is definitely a healthy little leopard.

So, Sangha turned and put the little thing in front of his beast and said, "The body is very healthy. Come and hug him."

When Rong Ming looked down at the little leopard, he looked up and looked at the expression of Suga.

…………hold? Is this a serious one? !

However, the little leopard of the white-haired black flower in the palm of his hand was very awkward, licking the blue eyes of the water, and sticking out his soft little claws to his mouth, and his mouth opened with tenderness. The screaming voice.

For a time, Rongming felt that his heart was going to be changed!

I was too busy to throw away the chopsticks and spread my palm to the palm of the hand.

The little leopard in the palm of his hand moved to the palm of his hand as he stepped on the claws of the meat. Although he had just come out of the two Baidu ovens, the little leopard was not hot, but warm, and probably Because of the baking of the oven, the hair of this little leopard is extremely fluffy and soft.

When Rong Ming cautiously held the little leopard, he said nervously, "What do you want to eat, what do you want to eat? Are we going to prepare milk powder?"

Zhao Jia patted his shoulder and comforted him to let him relax. "Although he was born, he is very strong and doesn't have to be so careful."

When holding the little leopard's glory, I couldn't help but question the words of this **** dragon.

This little leopard is so small, the claws are soft, and where is the strong?

Zangjia lost his smile and turned to take a small dish, put a bit of minced meat inside, and poured in some milk.

When Rong Ming carefully held the little leopard close to the small dish that was held by Suga, Baba looked at the little leopard and buried it.

After the minced meat of the small dish was eaten with milk, the little leopard squatted on his palm, satisfied with a fullness, and squirted from the mouth a stream of smoke mixed with Mars.

When witnessing the glory of this situation, "........."

I don't know if it is an illusion. Although it is a fist-sized mini snow leopard, the skill of the fire-breathing seems to be the same as that of the **** dragon.

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