And as the **** dragon took him to fly longer and longer, they gradually left the mountain area where they were, close to the small city that the **** dragon said, and Rongming looked at the taller buildings that were getting closer and closer. Living in the claws of the **** dragon, silently took a breath, Mr. Big Black Dragon from outside time and space may have some errors in the size of the city and the Earth people, especially when seeing the familiar familiar landmarks in Rongming. When building.

And if the **** dragon flies like this again, it is estimated that millions of spectators will witness the spooky events in the daytime, or the real 3D performances will be madly transmitted on the Internet.

Worried about the glory of being photographed and videotaped, patted the **** dragon's claws and said loudly, "You will be discovered by the singer, we will find a place where no one will land."

The sound of the **** dragon's low and good voice is passed on. "The armor has a holographic camouflage that will not be detected and will not be seen."

So, Rong Ming was relieved, in the embrace of the dragon paws, overlooking the city where he had lived for many years. His head was often sore and faint, and he almost never came out, so these landmark buildings, he is really I haven’t seen it a few times.

At this time, Sangha flew in the air, and inquired about various information and handled various affairs.

When he was determined to be unable to contact Ruhr and the housekeeper for the time being, he immediately began to understand the planet, because he did not know how long he would stay on the planet, he needed to give his baby and two nephews a stable living environment.

Breaking through the virtual network of the world is very simple for his light brain, but out of principle, Sangha did not go to the black currency system to directly make money for himself, but created identity and took several mechanical designs. Figure.

Although he was a soldier, he was the best at not only fighting, but also designing and renovating various mechas. Therefore, it is easy for him to carry out some mechanical design according to the world's technological level.

After funding, the company bought a real-time property in the city, and then set up a company on the Internet with the remaining funds.

After flying over half of the city, Rongming was taken by a **** dragon to a newly built villa area and landed in the courtyard of one of the villas.

The **** dragon that turned into a human figure said on his shoulder. "It is here, we are here for the time being."

Although the time is rushed, it is good to have anything on the planet as long as there is money, everything in the whole house is brand new, and he has selected some household appliances that can be used to replace the incubator.

When Rong Ming followed Zhai Jia into the room, he only remembered one thing. The **** dragon said that the two dinosaur eggs could be hatched, so after entering the room, he took the backpack off and looked inside. The two eggs asked, "Where should this egg be placed? What kind of incubation conditions should be created?"

Zang Jia stretched out his hand and took a backpack and yelled, "Follow me."

Then, when Rong Ming was followed by Baba, he walked into the kitchen...?

It’s only a matter of an hour or so to eat something. When Rong Ming is not, I think that this is something to eat.

When I had a bad premonition, I really saw that the **** dragon opened a freezer, put the white cold egg in the empty freezer, and very skillfully adjusted the freezing temperature of the freezer. .........

"Are you sure that the egg will not be frozen inside?"

When Rong Ming was looking through the transparent sliding window of the freezer, he looked at the lonely white egg inside.

When he left the door of the freezer, he said, "Reassure, although the temperature is not low enough, it will not affect the final hatching of the egg, but it will extend some incubation time."


Is the temperature below zero at 18 degrees below zero?

The ordinary egg is put in, it is frozen into a stone!

When Rong Ming was tangled and worried, when he thought about whether to take out the egg, he turned to the former Suga, opened a large embedded oven next to it, and then put the black hot The egg was put in, and then the oven switch was turned on to adjust the baking temperature to 200 degrees.

When Rong Ming reached out and grabbed the arm of Sangha, he said anxiously, "It will be baked!"

Suga, who was caught in the arm, turned his head and held his arm in the backhand. His eyes were full of smiles. He jokingly said, "Want to eat baked eggs?"

When the two of them first met in the wild star, the little leopard was very attached to a roast bird.

"I don't have it, don't say it......even if there is, I won't eat dinosaur eggs!" Rong Ming said, then looked at the eggs inside through the transparent window of the oven, and more and more tangled, "You are sure this egg is not Will it be cooked?"

"will not."

Rong Ming turned a circle and looked at the white eggs inside the freezer. Then he turned to look at the black eggs in the oven. The more I saw it, the more I felt uncomfortable in my heart, and I felt a little bit of a turn around.

... obviously the egg that I just met, why does he feel so sad?

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