In the 17th time of Rongming's failure to track the prey, the little figure lying on the rock looked at the rabbit that had gone far into the grass and disappeared.

Nothing to eat today, he is estimated to be starved to death, and then weathered into a leopard on this stone...

Rebirth after death is naturally the most fortunate thing, but if it is regenerated into animals, this luck will be reduced by half. If there is no lonely young body in the care of the mother, then it will be more than half.

In Rongming, this kitten-sized juvenile snow leopard, lying on the stone, looked up at the leopard's head and looked at a bird flying over the sky. The claws held his head, slightly protruding his tongue and rubbing his lips, then single paws. Covered in my stomach, hungry...

But hunting for something, for a young leopard who is not stable, it is really difficult.

After the 17th attempt of Rong Ming, he planned to abandon this kind of physical pursuit of hunting.

When there was no strength in Rongming, he fell on the stone and squinted his eyes. During the process of refueling and concentrating, he thought about waiting for the simple traps he had done before, hoping to gain something.

When Rong Ming moved the soft claws down from the stone, he walked slowly toward the stream.

The clear water surface can reflect the white young leopard form at the time of Rongming. However, Rongming did not have time to look at his current state of ecstasy, and at this time, as an extremely rare protected wild animal, the hollow space can only be used. Drink plenty of water as a self-comforting way to fill.

After drinking the water, Rong Ming’s thick and thick paws, licking a wet face, turned to see his hard-working traps, looking forward to catching one or two prey, Suddenly, he was shocked by the sudden explosion of the explosion. When Rong Ming was eagerly plunged into the grass, after a while, he raised his head and looked at the direction of the bang.

In a place far from Rongming's location, something hit the top of the mountain. There was already a flame in the flames, and some explosions were heard from time to time.

Is the plane crashing?

When Rong Ming thought about it, suddenly a black behemoth came out of the smoke.


When Rong Ming was stunned, he was surprised to see his own leopard paws and touch his own leopard ears.

When Rong Ming blinked, he raised a paw to hold his head and wondered if he was hungry. Otherwise, how could he see a black dragon flying in the sky?

The black dragon fanned the huge dragon wing and plunged into the sky, then paused there, the sharp claws began to tear the scales on his body, and at the same time, the faint snoring and low snoring sounded, and the obsidian scales mixed with blood falling from the sky. The powerful tail swayed and blew.

Was pulled down and the black scales were opened by the dragon claws and smashed to the ground. The unlucky little leopard couldn’t respond, and was stunned by a dragon scale. When the pain was glory, he took a breath and hugged his tail, eyes. There are suspicious water marks in the water.

This is to let Rong Ming determine that he really saw a black dragon that is nervous in the sky?

After the black dragon self-tortured tearing for a while, suddenly it was difficult to suppress the whistling, turning a head to the direction of the mountain to spray a flame, the hot high temperature instantly burned the plants on the mountain into ashes, even the stones have to The signs of melting, the fire also spread quickly.

The black dragon that spurted the flame stagnate for a moment, then stretched the dragon claws to tear off their scales more severely.

Until the exhaustion, the dragon claws fell, the black dragon figure flipped uncontrollably and fell straight from the air.

The huge shape of the black dragon gradually approached the ground. At this time, when he looked up at the glory of the black dragon's nerves (the gods), he realized that the situation seemed a bit bad. The direction of the black dragon came to him, and it seemed to be facing his position. Come.

The little leopard ran out of the grass and ran out in one direction, and the black dragon blocked the shadow cast by the sun almost on the top of his head.

Then, the shadow suddenly shrank, and at the same time, behind Rongming, there was a sound of landing.

The sound is not too big, even because of the distance when Rong Ming ran out of these distances, it was not light, it was not the horror of the giant beast that imagined to the ground.

When the glory of the crisis was lifted, the claws were soft, and they fell to the ground. They all took Venus in their eyes. They gasped for a while before they stood up and turned to look at the place where the objects were dropped.

There is no black dragon.

When Rong Ming shook his head slightly, he was puzzled. He slowly lifted his thick claws and walked quietly toward the position where the sound was falling.

Then he saw a black silver-colored uniform lying near the grass near the creek.

When Rong Ming stopped his paws, the leopard eyes that were generally clear in the sky suddenly flashed a shrewd light.

This should be considered... prey? !

When Rong Ming looked at the prey there, he stepped on the soft claws and walked over and walked on the side to carry out psychological construction.

He is now a leopard, a beast, or a beast that has been hungry for a few days. In the eyes of the beast, any non-conformity should be used as a prey. The world of beasts has no human social view, and the weak meat is strong, and filling the stomach is the key!

After the gradual approach, Rong Ming slightly leaned over, still dexterously fluttering around the dragon, squinting.

Very good, self-torture is so powerful, already dizzy.

Then, when Rong Ming began to pull the black uniform of this seemingly strong person, carefully look for the place to mouth.

The clothes worn by the dragon people must be special materials. They have just been torn by the dragon claws for a long time. Although they are ruined, almost all of them are broken by the dragon claws, and there is no place to break because of the change of body shape. This person switched between Black Dragon and the human, and did not change the body.

But the exposed skin is also blurred by the flesh and blood of his own dragon claws.

If it is a normal beast, it should immediately provoke appetite, but in the eyes of Rongming, it is really difficult to get a mouthful, even if a little snow leopard has been hungry for a long time.

Then, the sight of Rong Ming’s patrol was on the hands of the dragon.

The man's hand is very large, slender, with clear knuckles and no bloodstains. He is slightly distorted toward the palm of his hand. When he was wise, he smashed it into the arch, licking his head and opening his leopard's mouth, forcing himself to open his mouth. The finger of this person.

He always wants to live is not...

After a while, Rong Ming was brewing for a while.

No big deal, as long as he closes his mouth, the sharp leopard teeth must be able to puncture the meat.

As a beast, Ru Mao drinking is inevitable! It is uncertain that this dragon will wake up and eat himself.

at last……

When Rong Ming was discouraged, he was squatting on the arm of the dragon, and he pulled his head and looked at the man's arm.

Although he is now a beast, he is still a young leopard who can't catch his own prey, but let him eat people really can't go.

When Rong Ming didn't find it, at this time, the semi-lying person suddenly opened his eyes, and the violent golden erect patrol after a lap, then steadily fell on the licking hair, hanging his head. The little snow leopard on the hair.

Black Dragon Chaga is in a state of madness at this time, and there is some confusion in his consciousness, but he still feels that this beast has just licked his fingers, and the sharp deciduous teeth are stuck on his knuckles.

This little beast wants to wake him up?

Such a small one, at most, has a paw that is big when he is in the shape of an animal, and looks very pitiful.

Is it a minor, or is it a young child with emotional frustration?

There is a mania in the orcs of the entire empire. This mania can cause the orcs to present two extreme conditions.

One is that when you are emotional, especially during estrus, you will become an adult animal. Under this state, your consciousness will be uncontrollable, and you will destroy and destroy everything around you.

Another situation is that the mood is abnormally low and frustrated, and the orcs become young, very fragile and helpless.

Even the self-controlling singer, it is difficult to avoid the emergence of this mania. When he realized that he might enter a manic state, Sangha tried to suppress it and ran to the star on the star map. The little planet is coming up.

So, what kind of situation is this little beast?

This thought was just overwhelmed by the mania of Suga in the blink of an eye. The clearness in the golden shackles of the Sangha was gradually lost, and the consciousness gradually became chaotic. He knew that he was gradually losing self-control.

This little beast is by his side, very dangerous!

Therefore, Zangjia stretched out his palm and landed on the head of the little leopard.

The touch is warm and soft, and the fine fluff is very comfortable. The wide palm of the stun, which is slightly shivering, suppresses the mania, licks the head of a small leopard, and then slides along his head to the back neck of the little leopard. At the sub-part, he firmly grasped the fur at the back of the little leopard and threw the little leopard out.

Snow leopard... belongs to the cat orc... the body is the most flexible...

This strength and height throw him out... shouldn't it hurt?

In the moment before the mania broke out again, the idea inside the black dragon's head flashed, and then completely lost self-control, once again turned into a black dragon behemoth, waving the dragon wing to the air, continue to tear Dragon scales suppress the desire to spurt the dragon.

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