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Completed 161 ch 4.6
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Grab the Heroine and Run Away Hee Hee Hee (entertainment Circle)
39.2K views 146 Readers 7 reviews Jan 16, 2023 at 15:58

Xu Heran stood in the dark warehouse. The woman in front of her who is more beautiful than moonlight is the heroine of this book. In the following time, she will humiliate, fight, and insult the heroine. She will be faithfully shown to the audience by the camera in the live broadcast at the door, and then withdraw from the draft after being boycotted by the whole netw.... Show more »

Completed 1266 ch 3.7
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Rise Recovery Era
583.6K views 426 Readers 20 reviews Jan 16, 2023 at 12:57
Action Adventure Fantasy Urban Life

With the revival of spiritual energy and the breakdown of the order of species, it is a difficult test whether human beings can still stand at the top of the biological chain. (There is already an old book, The Strongest Descends in the City, you can read it.)

Completed 1784 ch 4.0
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The Nation’s Male God Fell In Love With Me
130.1K views 204 Readers 2 reviews Jan 16, 2023 at 09:58
Drama Romance

Qiao Xia, as TVE’s new entertainment reporter, had a good timing. She accidentally filmed her female cousin and her own fiancee’s scandal. And after one misfortune, a second misfortune got added ! When fighting helplessly alone, Qiao Xia, the pure and innocent little white rabbit, suddenly met the charming and arrogant male god – TVE’s crown prince Mu Liang. Male God.... Show more »

Ongoing 160 ch 2.7
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Martial Arts: Just Finished the Patrol, the Beginning is Ruthless
41.9K views 259 Readers 6 reviews Jan 16, 2023 at 06:58

Traveling through the world of comprehensive martial arts, Xia An awakens the god-level corpse-touching system, as long as he touches the corpse, he can get various rewards! I wanted to develop wretchedly, but I just became a six-door patrol, and I was ruthless at the beginning! Ruthless: "The pervert will die!" Xia An: "Obviously you rushed up by yourself, so can .... Show more »

Completed 98 ch 4.8
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Traveling Through Ancient Times To Be a Shopkeeper
143.2K views 499 Readers 26 reviews Jan 16, 2023 at 03:57

Wei Cheng dressed up as the second child of the Wei family, with a dull and dull personality. The original owner's family lived outside the county seat, while the original owner lived alone in the countryside and helped the family farm. His family eats spicy food, and he eats rice with bran. The original owner was twenty years old and didn't say he was married. His .... Show more »

Completed 1349 ch 4.7
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There is a Fairy Tower In Baiyun’s Birth Place
36.5K views 235 Readers 3 reviews Jan 16, 2023 at 00:59
Fantasy Xianxia

An ordinary academy boy, Baiyunlou, had to meet the opportunity to embark on the road of self-cultivation. It is Baiyunlou's lifelong wish to sit in the small building and watch the clouds and clouds, and wander around the world to taste the red dust and fireworks. However, the catastrophe is approaching, and the only way to rise up is to draw out the sword, for the.... Show more »

Completed 152 ch 5.0
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Do You Know How to Capture a Villain?
43.1K views 267 Readers 8 reviews Jan 15, 2023 at 21:57
Comedy Romance Xianxia

Ji Qingzhou was anthropophobic and foolish. She had no redeeming qualities, except for her face. Once she transmigrated, she was bound to a Guide System to save the world. She was tasked with capturing Shen Rongyu, the sinister, beautiful, mighty, gloomy villain and Great Shixiong of Xuanyun Sect, and to prevent him from destroying the immortal cultivation world in t.... Show more »

Ongoing 477 ch 2.3
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Eighteen Years of Cheating, I Entered the Horror Game
28.3K views 132 Readers 3 reviews Jan 15, 2023 at 18:58

[Inappropriate person] [Technical flow] [Reckless man] [Abusive tricks] [Funny] [Hot blood] [Black belly] [Not the Virgin] Traveling to another blue star, Lin Chen awakened the "Crafting and Selling System". You can capture strangeness, sell it to the black mine for mining, and exchange for strangeness It's a pity that there are too few weirdnesses in this peaceful .... Show more »

Completed 184 ch 4.6
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Welcome To the World of Strength [Unlimited Stream]
19.9K views 127 Readers 9 reviews Jan 15, 2023 at 15:56

Inexplicably, there was an app on Jiang Yu's phone that couldn't be uninstalled. After a suggestive opening animation loaded, a sentence appeared on the screen: ... What is your wish that you most want to realize? Jiang Yu, who doesn't believe in ghosts and gods, couldn't hold back after all, and made a wish for her parents to be resurrected. Then the screen restarted.... Show more »

Completed 1410 ch 2.3
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Supreme Little Fisherman
143.9K views 312 Readers 8 reviews Jan 15, 2023 at 12:58
Urban Life

Tired of the intrigue in the big city and the face of the boss, tired of working overtime every day and earning thousands of dollars, Zhou An returned from the big city to the small fishing village where he was raised, and lived a leisurely life! Plant vegetables, grow flowers, and thousands of acres of fruit trees! Walk the dog, feed the cows, the ranch is thousand.... Show more »

Completed 166 ch 4.5
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Help! The Seductive Villain Chases Me Everyday to Expose My Other Identities!
398K views 878 Readers 53 reviews Jan 15, 2023 at 09:57

[Entertainment circle + cool text + vest + real and fake daughter + double strong sweet pet] Suddenly, she encountered an accident, and once she passed through the book, she became an 18th-line cannon fodder female supporting role that is popular on the Internet, and she is still a fake daughter who is not as good as the heroine in the book. Black fan: Our Feifei's .... Show more »

Ongoing 402 ch 3.1
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Comprehensive: Joan of Arc Came To the Door, Begging Me To Go To the Holy Grail War
86.8K views 269 Readers 7 reviews Jan 15, 2023 at 06:58

Jiang Shang travels through the Zongman world, but the first world is Fuyuki City? Joan of Arc, who was not supposed to be alive, came to her door and begged him to participate in the Holy Grail War? I thought it was the beginning of hell. At the critical moment, the system awakens! Just make choices, or rewrite the plot, to get amazing rewards! "Ally with Joan, .... Show more »