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Ongoing 229 ch 2.5
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I Recycle Corpses In Konoha
558.5K views 593 Readers 17 reviews Jul 13, 2023 at 12:57

Travel through the world of Naruto and become a member of the medical department of Konoha Village and the corpse disposal team. Uchiha Xia, with mediocre aptitude, originally thought that he would eat and wait for death for a lifetime, and then run away on the night of the genocide. Until one time when dealing with the corpse of an S-rank rebel, I found that the ba.... Show more »

Ongoing 732 ch 2.9
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Pass Through 80s: A Notoriety
488.5K views 481 Readers 9 reviews Jul 13, 2023 at 06:56

Ji Ling, who was transmigrated into the notorious body, after settling the foreign debts owed by the original owner, was persecuted by peach blossom debts before, and then had a mother who wanted to exchange her for money. Suddenly, in order to repay her kindness, Ji Ling married her benefactor's grandson, an elderly young man, in a flash marriage. In the days after.... Show more »

Ongoing 565 ch 4.3
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Special Forces: Starting With a Full-level Gun Technique
812.3K views 1070 Readers 24 reviews Jul 13, 2023 at 00:57
Military Urban Life

Journey through the combined world of the Special Forces series and become the acknowledged bad soldier of the Iron Fist? Don't panic! The "Strongest Individual Soldier System" is here to help. Every time you upgrade a level, not only will your body be strengthened, but you can also acquire super skills. At the beginning, you will activate the S-level shooting skills.... Show more »

Completed 246 ch 3.6
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I’m In Douluo, I Ate the Blue Silver Emperor
412.1K views 378 Readers 24 reviews Jul 12, 2023 at 12:57
Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

This book is also known as "I Eat Soul Beasts Raw", "I'm Really Not Twin Martial Souls", "Suck! The Blue Silver Emperor smells so good" "Tang San, I'm really sorry! "" Tang San, this is how the blue silver grass is used! "... Each soul master level can only absorb one soul ring? Find an ultra-small soul beast, can it still run if it eats the soul ring directly? Mo .... Show more »

Completed 337 ch 3.6
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Miss Wen, Make Your Heart Beat
353.3K views 543 Readers 12 reviews Jul 12, 2023 at 06:56

The new book "Being Coquettish in the Arms of His Ex-Uncle and Begging for a Hug" is here, fairies, bookmark it and go home! Cool and talented female painter VS dark-bellied and poisonous-tongued business boss When Wen Rui met Xie Yanqing for the first time, Mo Shang was like a jade, and his son was unparalleled in the world. When Xie Yanqing saw Wen Rui for the fi.... Show more »

Completed 490 ch 4.2
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Shocking the Whole Internet! You Are Not a Psychologist at All!
835K views 915 Readers 32 reviews Jul 12, 2023 at 00:57
Urban Life

Chen Yu got the heavenly book by accident, and helping others can even gain cultivation and become a fairy. To this end, Chen Yu started a live broadcast of psychological counseling. In the live broadcast room, the water friends were all dumbfounded. "Doctor Chen, are you sure this is psychological counseling?" "There is no one on the mic who does not break the de.... Show more »

Completed 868 ch 3.1
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Data Cultivation System
339.3K views 622 Readers 12 reviews Jul 11, 2023 at 12:57

Zhuge Xiang was originally a preparatory disciple of the Asura Sect, and worked hard to comprehend Qi Jin and become an official disciple of the Asura Sect. By chance, he got the "magic weapon" of the super game system. With this magic weapon in hand, with the improvement of Zhuge Xiang's strength, various magical functions will be revealed one by one. Character la.... Show more »

Ongoing 977 ch 3.8
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Back Off, Let Me Come
68.5K views 148 Readers 5 reviews Jul 11, 2023 at 06:57

Shen Tang woke up on the way to distribution, and found that the world was very unscientific. The divine stone descended from the sky, and a hundred kingdoms competed for each other. Wen condenses the heart, and the export comes true. Gathering martial arts and courage, splitting mountains and breaking seas. What she thought was a pretty boy, saying "Hold the gun .... Show more »

Ongoing 1192 ch 3.8
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The Rebirth of 88s Begins with a Carpenter
763.3K views 873 Readers 17 reviews Jul 11, 2023 at 00:57
Fantasy Urban Life

Wu Yuan was reborn to the eighth or eighth year when the carpenter had just graduated from school. The snobby wife who had only been with her for three months in her previous life was about to marry. It is impossible for Wu Yuanduan to jump into the same fire pit twice. It is impossible for him to take this hard-won chance of rebirth to cover that cold heart that d.... Show more »

Completed 384 ch 3.5
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Blind Date In Time and Space
131.6K views 264 Readers 6 reviews Jul 08, 2023 at 00:57
Fantasy Sci-fi Urban Life

After the 25th failed blind date, Chen Ji learned from the pain and decided to take the initiative to find a blind date on a public account in the same city. The official account is very powerful, and I recommended four girls to him: The first one, female, human, 28 years old, doctor, lived in the apocalypse four months after the sun went out. The second one, the N.... Show more »

Hiatus 1202 ch 3.3
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Death Benefit
134.9K views 625 Readers 18 reviews Jul 07, 2023 at 12:57
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Everything has changed since Earth became a collectible. Modules have become the source of all superpowers, and the adventure dimension has become the best way to obtain modules. Internal Force Module + Meridians + Acupoints + Flame + Knife = Burning Wood Knife Technique? Magic module + spell model + spiritual guidance + missile = magic missile? Internal force + b.... Show more »

Ongoing 530 ch 2.4
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The Ex-husband Wants to Get Power Every Day After the Divorce
567.9K views 529 Readers 16 reviews Jul 07, 2023 at 06:57

After three years of hidden marriage, she has always been well-behaved and obedient, and she never made a fuss when she saw him having an affair with others. On the day he Bai Yueguang returned to China, she silently handed over a divorce agreement. He asked in a cold voice, "Why, do you have someone you like?" She smiled lightly: "Yes, if you don't admit that I am.... Show more »