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Ongoing 402 ch 4.2
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Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End
93.1K views 352 Readers 11 reviews Jan 08, 2021 at 02:41
Action Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance Shounen Supernatural

The moment the little tyrant of the nobles, Roel Ascart, saw his stepsister, he recalled his memories. He realized that he was in the world of a gal game he played in his previous life. To make things worse, he was the greatest villain in the common route of the game! “I’ll be killed by the main character and the four capture targets ten years from now. Is there st.... Show more »

Completed 262 ch 5.0
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Yu Ren
6.3K views 98 Readers 1 review Jan 08, 2021 at 00:50
Fantasy Romance Xuanhuan

Where would be useful talents and tons of oxen and horses without human trafficking? How to revive economy and upgrade employment rate without corruption? How to support small and weak ones and defeat every ruthless character in the way without being black-belly? Being an honorable maiden with ideals, who pursues three views[1], uprightness and successful car.... Show more »

Ongoing 344 ch 4.2
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I Have a Research Support System
58.9K views 365 Readers 12 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 21:55
Urban Life

Xu Qiu, a 985 college student, unexpectedly obtained a scientific research assistance system after applying for a research guarantee. Since then, a new star has risen in academia. PS: This article is a daily scientific research article, not a black technical article. I want to show a real scientific research circle, and the pace is relatively slow.

Ongoing 99 ch 4.9
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O Pretends to be B For The Violent Admiral
96.9K views 396 Readers 25 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 18:54
Mecha Romance Yaoi

The imperial Admiral Lucas dispatched his army, it is said to find someone in the hotel last night! The reporter asked passionately: what if they were found? Lucas’ eyes were cold: kill. Public: ? ? how come it’s different from what they thought? Attack perspective →The grumpy Admiral Lucas despised the weeping Omega most in his life. Looking for a p.... Show more »

Completed 3630 ch 2.5
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Heavenly God Mnemonic
85.4K views 190 Readers 4 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 15:53
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

A drop of demonic blood shone through thousands of mountains and rivers. An ancient scripture annihilates the cycle of sun and moon. A god tactic, bury the supreme heavens. Yang Qingxuan inherited the destiny, cultivated the invincible law, and opened a road to crush the countless geniuses of the world and lead to the immortal powerhouse! "I always persuad.... Show more »

Completed 130 ch 4.3
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The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband
35.7K views 424 Readers 3 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 12:52
Action Adult Drama Historical Josei Martial Arts Mature Romance Slice of Life

The first time they met, all the other noble women scurried away in an attempt to distance themselves from him as much as possible. Only Ye Huaiyang remained rooted to the spot, unable to tear her gaze away from Chu Jinglan. The third time they met, he threatened to take her life away; and yet, she fearlessly shifted herself closer to him; easily succeeding in plan.... Show more »

Ongoing 504 ch 2.5
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All Heavens Check in from Douluo
392.9K views 480 Readers 27 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 09:52
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

Yunfeng obtains the master system of the heavens and changes the world process to obtain opportunities. In the world of Douluo, he is the prince of the empire. In the world of Zhuxian, he is an overseas hermit, on the Tongtian Peak, the sword breaks Zhuxian; Covering the world, he is the sacrament of the human race, rebellious and becoming immortal, and the t.... Show more »

Completed 456 ch 3.7
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This Lord is Too Cruel
18.9K views 95 Readers 3 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 07:51
Action Drama Gender Bender Harem Martial Arts Romance Wuxia

When the savage and coldblooded wolf girl transmigrated into the brutal and bloodthirsty regent, she just wanted to say, “this Lord” is cruel, but also very gentle. However, no matter how gentle the wolf, it will not change its carnivorous nature….. The beautiful male harem——they are courteous and flattering, yet hide murderous intent….. The Emperor is young—.... Show more »

Completed 122 ch 4.4
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The Struggles of Being A Mother of Villains
178.3K views 601 Readers 32 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 05:54
Josei Romance

After Xiao Yu died, the system said it would give her a second chance at life. Xiao Yu smiled brightly and accepted the offer. After she transmigrated, she just wanted to point her middle finger at the system. It didn’t mention that the original host was nearly paralyzed. It didn’t mention that the original host was a mother. It didn’t even mention anythin.... Show more »

Ongoing 667 ch 3.0
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18.8K views 96 Readers 2 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 03:53
Action Adventure Martial Arts

In this world, there is: Confucianism; Taoism; Buddhism, Demons, and Magicians. Xu Qi’an, a graduate from the police academy, suddenly finds himself waking up in prison. Three days later, he is exiled to the border… His goal is only to protect himself in this world with no laws, and be able to live a leisurely life as a rich man.. Many years later, Xu Qi’an look.... Show more »

Completed 31 ch 3.5
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I Love You as Much as You Do
10.1K views 208 Readers 2 reviews Jan 07, 2021 at 01:57

1. A friend asked Chen Yao, “When did you like Jinxiu?” Chen Yao looked at Jinxiu’s back and smiled knowingly, “Because of a bowl of dumplings.” The friend suddenly realized, “It turns out that you found a potential wife!” Chen Yao lowered his head, his dark eyes warmed a bit. Because in his hunger and despair, Jinxiu brought him a ray of sunshine, warm and f.... Show more »

Completed 146 ch 5.0
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Marchioness Brothel
18.2K views 160 Readers 4 reviews Jan 06, 2021 at 23:53

There was an old saying, in a woman’s sudden growth, a scumbag would forever be involved. The childhood fiancé, Qin Si to cling to the higher ups, tied her up and sent her in a carriage to be Marquis Zi Yi’s concubine. Marquis Zi Yi, Xiao Guan Xue who had enjoyed all sort of beauties, to entertain his guest, gifted her as a toy to the poker face general as a s*a.... Show more »