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The Whip of the God of Basketball
15.8K views 23 Readers 2 reviews Jul 29, 2020 at 06:49

He is a cunning fox, he is a brave lion, he is a shrewd barbarian who suddenly rushed into the basketball world, he is the new monarch of the old dynasty in the east, he is the basketball emperor who stepped on the old era to open the new century, he is the NBA Attila, he is the whip in the hands of God. He is Fox Leon, the whip of the gods in basketball.

Completed 54 ch 5.0
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Hey, Don’t Act Unruly!
4K views 82 Readers 1 review Jul 29, 2020 at 05:53
Comedy Josei Romance

This is a story about an unemployed woman trying hard to find herself a man. However, she accidentally found a wolf instead. Gao Yu Lan was framed by a colleague of being a lesbian. With photographs as evidence. As a result, she was dismissed by the company. The priority now is to quickly find a man to prove her innocence. Unexpectedly, she met a rogue called Yin Z.... Show more »

Completed 337 ch 5.0
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The Bowl of Seven Emotions
15.7K views 59 Readers 1 review Jul 29, 2020 at 03:57
Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo Supernatural

It is said that a sage once took water from the Yellow Spring, soil from the Netherworld and fire from Purgatory, and made a bowl in which he sealed the souls of the divine beast and called it the Bowl of Seven Emotions. Afterward, the bowl of seven emotions entered into the mortal world and tossed and turned in the world until it fell into Tang Susu’s hands. The .... Show more »

Ongoing 2915 ch 4.4
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The Super Soldier King in the City
85.1K views 99 Readers 9 reviews Jul 29, 2020 at 00:54
Urban Life

Three years ago, he caused a catastrophe for a woman and was forced to serve for three years. Three years later, when his king returned, the woman had already turned to the arms of her enemies, and her best brother was ruined. This life is very simple. The sky is above and the earth is below, the brother is in the heart, and the lover is in the arms. This lif.... Show more »

Completed 2247 ch 3.0
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Imperial CEO Sweet Sweet Love
142.9K views 224 Readers 2 reviews Jul 28, 2020 at 22:49

Su Anan, 19, was forced to marry Gu Mocheng, 31, by his father. That night, she was squeezed exhausted by Gu Mocheng, who had turned into a hungry wolf. "Didn't you say no?" "They are all thirty-something old men and don't know about temperance." Su An'an supported her fast-breaking waist and expressed her dissatisfaction. Mr. Gu was angry and pressed it ove.... Show more »

Ongoing 2340 ch 3.3
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One Eyed Monster
6K views 75 Readers 4 reviews Jul 28, 2020 at 20:52
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

In the magical Uvern continent, the ignorant guy pursues the explorer's secrets. Witches, politicians, careerists and other people of all colors have squeezed into the guy's wonderful journey because of a rock. But none of these have anything to do with monsters... The monster, the one-eyed monster broke into the boy's journey like a lightning, and he was con.... Show more »

Completed 565 ch 3.3
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The Top Villainess Wants to Whitewash
28.7K views 150 Readers 3 reviews Jul 28, 2020 at 18:51
Romance Tragedy

A thousand-lifetime ultimate boss, having dyed her hand with too much blood, reincarnated in her last lifetime. With the vicious curses of the souls from the previous generations in the body, subdued the heavens, the earth, the parents, and all luck. Fortunately, she met with the top villain whitewashing system, allowing access to transmigrate, and reverse history..... Show more »

Completed 338 ch 0.0
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Ask The Dao
6.8K views 54 Readers 0 review Jul 28, 2020 at 16:53

Rebirth through crossing, and the protagonist's life properly? The way of the seal carver is to take the heaven and earth in the square inch, and make the Dao pattern in the palm! Let's see what kind of excitement will the young Duan Yu live his life?

Completed 135 ch 4.5
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Forcefully Doting On You
81K views 328 Readers 22 reviews Jul 28, 2020 at 14:57
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Romance Supernatural Wuxia Yaoi

Mu Cai was a novice transmigrator who traveled around different worlds. He played the role of cannon fodder in each world. As we all know, cannon fodders get slapped in the face, abused, and ridiculed by the protagonists. Mu Cai worked conscientiously and made all the preparations he needed thanks to his seniors’ advice. However, he never expected that the plot .... Show more »

Completed 503 ch 3.0
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Reincarnation Master
20.1K views 86 Readers 2 reviews Jul 28, 2020 at 12:50

Is death a new beginning? In the world of warriors, it is invincible. In the world of Xianxia, a sword flies to the immortal, cutting all cause and effect. ... This is the story of a traveler, an endless world of reincarnation.

Completed 2000 ch 4.7
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My Husband, Warm The Bed
74.4K views 198 Readers 3 reviews Jul 28, 2020 at 10:54

Jian Ran thought that she was married to an ordinary man. Unexpectedly, this man changed and became the president of her company. Not only that, he is also the most mysterious successor of Asia's richest empire. In front of people, he is the helm of a resolute, cold-blooded business empire. Empress, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, gnawing her so that there are.... Show more »

Ongoing 1022 ch 4.0
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Holding the Sword of the Multiverse
7.9K views 80 Readers 1 review Jul 28, 2020 at 08:49
Fantasy Xuanhuan

This is the story of a confused teenager who thinks he has traveled to another world. This is a story of Jian Xiu walking in the Western Continent and the multiverse. This is an adventure story without a goal to hold the sword and seek happiness... It's very long, very long.