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Completed 422 ch 3.2
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Becoming Immortal Through Getting Married
621.9K views 631 Readers 31 reviews Jul 22, 2023 at 00:57
Fantasy Martial Arts

Chen An traveled to the world of cultivating immortals, and his cultivation talent was extremely poor. He was stuck in the third level of Qi refining for many years and could not make further progress. Seeing that there is no hope of cultivating immortality, he chooses to return to ordinary life, and marries a wife to enjoy the ordinary happiness. As a result, on th.... Show more »

Ongoing 667 ch 2.8
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Magnate Uncle: Starting from Supermarket Shopping with Ten Nephews
1M views 1026 Readers 23 reviews Jul 19, 2023 at 12:57
Fantasy Urban Life

During the summer vacation, sixteen nieces came to Luo Feng's house to play together, but they couldn't go back when the city was closed. He silently calculated that the 16 nieces had to eat 16 catties of rice, 8 catties of meat and 20 eggs a day. Total other consumption, need 3000 yuan per day. Just when he was trembling, Uncle Shenhao's system descended! Just pe.... Show more »

Completed 1275 ch 3.5
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1.5 Million Dollar Child Custody Contract
324.8K views 269 Readers 6 reviews Jul 19, 2023 at 06:57

He said coolly: "One million a month, stay with me!" She raised her eyebrows and smiled: "Pay a 30% deposit first, no credit!" Show no mercy. When the contract expired, she turned around gracefully, and when he chased after her, she found that there was already a kid the size of a kid beside her...

Completed 779 ch 4.5
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The Counterattack System is Only Available In the Mahayana Period
397K views 663 Readers 17 reviews Jul 19, 2023 at 00:57
Fantasy Martial Arts

My name is Jiang Li. I didn’t see Goldfinger when I crossed over. I have worked hard to reach the Mahayana stage. Now a system pops up, saying that it can help me counterattack, and let me counterattack from a small Qi training stage to become the number one in the cultivation world. one person. Brother System, you came out late. I, Jiang Li, the contemporary Emperor.... Show more »

Completed 1216 ch 4.6
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Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities
4M views 2056 Readers 72 reviews Jul 18, 2023 at 06:57

[1v1 Shuangjie, hypnotism, koi, group pet] Gu Yang, who had just inherited hundreds of millions of fortune, passed through the book, and became a fake daughter in the book who occupied the magpie's nest and ended up miserable. At the beginning, he framed the real daughter-in-law and forced the villain to be a blood bank. The decent villain offended all over again. .... Show more »

Completed 607 ch 3.9
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This Sandbox Game is Unreliable
106K views 357 Readers 8 reviews Jul 18, 2023 at 00:57
Game Sci-fi

As a sandbox game player who loves peace and farming, Chen Xiyi said that he is not the kind of fourth natural disaster that will bring chaos to the world, and he is good at influencing the enemy with truth and justice. "If you have something to say, put away the weapons of mass destruction in your hands first, and you can discuss anything."--The last words of a famo.... Show more »

Ongoing 300 ch 4.4
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Legendary FBI Detective
356.8K views 656 Readers 19 reviews Jul 17, 2023 at 12:57
Urban Life

Roan crossed over and became an FBI agent. Several years later, when interviewing the world-renowned detective Roan Greenwood, the reporter asked: "Excuse me, what made you persevere on the road of solving the case?" Roan tilted his head and glanced at the sports car beside him, the villa behind him, and the beauties in the villa, and smiled slightly: "Of course i.... Show more »

Completed 701 ch 2.3
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Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce
764.5K views 560 Readers 14 reviews Jul 17, 2023 at 06:57

Yu Anwan backhanded the divorce agreement and disappeared without a trace. Six years later, Yu Anwan came back gorgeously with her cute baby. Wen Jin looked at him anxiously: "I am Daddy." Yu Dabao, Yu Xiaobao: "Mummy said, Daddy is dead!" Wen Jin: "..."

Ongoing 582 ch 3.0
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Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice
469.3K views 354 Readers 22 reviews Jul 17, 2023 at 00:56
Fantasy Xuanhuan

People say, follow the destiny. Traveling through time to become the despised descendant of the Shen family, the royal family gave him the proud daughter of heaven. The proud daughter of heaven is pleased with the son of the Shen family, and the Shen family does not want to marry such a fairy. Everyone said that this down-and-out young man should accept his fate, h.... Show more »

Ongoing 482 ch 3.0
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People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World
521.2K views 552 Readers 13 reviews Jul 16, 2023 at 12:57

After crossing, I also got the superhuman... twisted fruit. This devil fruit was brought into full play by him. Distort gravity, distort space, distort time. Fight for hegemony in the new world and become the new emperor. The top war choice is to completely evolve this epic battle into his stage. Luo Chen declared to the world: My time has come! !

Hiatus 277 ch 4.1
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Adorable Twins: A Hunter’s Wife Has Space
723.9K views 1043 Readers 24 reviews Jul 16, 2023 at 06:57

Su Li had an accident on the way to redeem the prize, and when she opened her eyes again, she became the fat lady of the Orion in Hejia Village, not to mention a cheap husband, and a pair of twin sons! The husband looks good, but he doesn't like to see himself! Moreover, the conditions of this family are worrying. Although the family is separated, there is still a m.... Show more »

Ongoing 649 ch 2.0
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Arrival of the Alternate World: My Identity as the Holy Emperor Got Exposed by My Daughter
460.3K views 679 Readers 25 reviews Jul 16, 2023 at 00:57
Fantasy Urban Life

The five different worlds of demons, demons, ghosts, monsters, and beasts descended on Blue Star in the form of dungeons. Human beings will be randomly selected by the Heavenly Dao system and enter the dungeon in another world. Su Qianqian, a cute baby in the senior class, was accidentally selected. When Su Yang learned that her daughter was going to enter a dungeo.... Show more »