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Hiatus 343 ch 3.8
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My Cell Can Infinitely Evolve
381.3K views 1231 Readers 27 reviews Mar 07, 2022 at 00:56

Luo Fan donated his organs before he died, but accidentally regained consciousness on his eyeballs and gained the ability to infinitely evolve cells. [Absorb 1000 joules of energy and evolve level 2 cells] [Intestinal evolution is completed, enabling ore transformation ability] [Transform the crystal of space to obtain the ability to float in the void] [Fusing the.... Show more »

Completed 137 ch 5.0
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Abuse the Heroine To Be a School Tyrant
25.4K views 152 Readers 5 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 21:56

Pre-receive the little cutie you like in "Wake Up The Villain "Ex-Husband" Soars Ascension, and collect it, okay? This article is also known as: "Browsing technology in the world of abuse of literature", "I hand over technology to the country"... After entering V, the plot of high-tech power, there are cp, few emotional dramas, and if you feel pretentious and chatty,.... Show more »

Ongoing 803 ch 3.6
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I Eat Monsters In the Town Monster
207.9K views 573 Readers 17 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 18:57
Fantasy Xianxia

This is a world full of demons and dangers. Qin Shaoyou, who has traveled here, is a member of the Demon Suppression Division with the highest reincarnation rate. Looking at the weird painted skins, the cunning fox demons, the terrifying snake spirits, and the evil spirits posing as gods and Buddhas... Qin Shaoyou drooled that he wanted to eat. Close the door, boi.... Show more »

Completed 116 ch 3.9
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After the Rebirth, My Ex-wife Started Chasing Me
70.1K views 209 Readers 10 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 15:56

Yu Tian has been in love with Yuan Shu for eight years, from the second year of high school to the second year after their marriage. From delivering milk, going to the library, choosing the same university, to every breakfast and dinner after marriage, Yu Tian is doing his best to like Yuan Shu. It's a pity that Yuan Shu is a rock that doesn't get hot, and the respons.... Show more »

Completed 384 ch 3.0
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In This Way, I Became the Chat Group Owner
68.6K views 398 Readers 7 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 12:57
Fan-Fiction Fantasy

When he woke up, Su Han traveled to Changkong City. Just as he was about to run away, he encountered a dead man. pill. Fortunately, at this time, Su Han received an invitation from the chat group. With a flash of inspiration, he sent out the... dead man as a red envelope. The Seer of the Unknown has received your red envelope. The Fool's Feast: The group leader i.... Show more »

Completed 725 ch 4.3
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Hairpin Phoenix
210.1K views 164 Readers 3 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 09:57

Empress Lu's biggest regret during her lifetime was that she failed to successfully advance to become the queen mother. Open your eyes and return to the age of Shaohua. Of course, it was the man who kicked the flying dog, and had revenge. Unexpectedly, on the way of revenge, a pair of dark eyes stared at her...

Ongoing 207 ch 3.8
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I Can View Character Attributes
24.9K views 329 Readers 8 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 06:57

Travel through parallel worlds and gain the special ability to view attribute panels. At the first test of his skills, Xia Xu was almost blinded by the luxurious attributes of a little transparent girl in the class. 【Name】: Tang Youxin [Life Rating]: 1 [Fate Potential]: Allure Stunning (5 stars), Wangfu (5 stars) ... Well, it is said that love at first sight is .... Show more »

Completed 68 ch 4.8
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After Marrying the Wealthy Disabled Tyrant
195.7K views 1133 Readers 39 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 03:55
Drama Romance Shounen Ai

In order to save the family business, Wen Yuan had to marry a certain wealthy tyrant. Father: Don’t mention how rich his family is, they own more than half the high-end hotels in Wancheng… Wen Yuan: I’m not that superficial! Mother: Calmly opens the high-definition photo of a certain boss and hands it over. Wen Yuan: Unreal, is that still human? —————- When Wen .... Show more »

Ongoing 647 ch 3.0
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Clan Cultivation: I Transmigrated With My Smartphone
691.6K views 1068 Readers 41 reviews Mar 06, 2022 at 00:57
Fantasy Xianxia

Traveling through the Purple Mansion Realm, Lu Xuanji found that it was difficult to cultivate self-cultivation. The stronger the stronger, the weaker the weak. The resources were highly monopolized. The family was in a difficult situation. File management, store massive amounts of information, and store ten thousand volumes of exercises. Fate deduction, information.... Show more »

Completed 108 ch 4.8
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My Mind Goes Straight To the Sea
41.4K views 268 Readers 15 reviews Mar 05, 2022 at 21:56
Comedy Fantasy Romance Slice of Life

This is the story of a sea tribe living a low-key life on land. She comes and goes freely in the sea, and she talks about ideals and life with the ocean baby when she has something to do, and occasionally changes her attitude to study the big issue of how the sea clan and human beings thrive. She masters a kind of black technology, which can fuse the soul of the oce.... Show more »

Completed 517 ch 3.4
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The Troublesome Journey of the Chat Room Gentlemen
141.8K views 298 Readers 8 reviews Mar 05, 2022 at 18:57
Fan-Fiction Fantasy

Ye You traveled through "The Battle" to become a male elf, and the beautiful girl Shiori Wuhe wanted to attack him. At the same time, the dimensional chat room invited him to join. Everyone in the chat room is a very thoughtful person. Crown Assassin Megumi Kato: Wang Hassan said that as long as he kills the person he sees, it is a perfect stealth. I don't agree to.... Show more »

Completed 83 ch 4.5
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My Little Girlfriend is Too Possessive, What Should I Do?
26.4K views 147 Readers 13 reviews Mar 05, 2022 at 15:56

The face is warm, the heart is cold, the love is money, the money is attacked, the possessiveness is strong, the dumb, the 1V1, the perspectives of both sides are written, and they do not attack each other. Cheng Nan, a third-year high school student with heavy debts, met Shen Chenxi, a rich man who rented a house at a high price during the winter vacation, and forced.... Show more »