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Ongoing 723 ch 4.3
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Immortality Begins with the Master of Alchemy
163K views 303 Readers 6 reviews Jun 13, 2024 at 00:57
Fantasy Martial Arts Xianxia

The mountain people are immortals who travel to and from Qingyun Peak. Refined in the furnace of yin and yang, the great road is in the heart. Luo Chen traveled through the world of immortality, using a proficiency panel to refine elixirs, practice methods and techniques, and step by step towards the road to immortality. (Skip the mortal world and start directly.... Show more »

Completed 1437 ch 3.5
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Rebirth of the Entertainment Circle: Return of the Queen
110.4K views 255 Readers 4 reviews Jun 12, 2024 at 12:56

[The new book "Infinite Mermaid Game" has been released. 】 She was the top diva in the music industry, and she died unjustly in her most glorious years. Once reborn, he becomes a useless trainee who can be bullied by everyone. Lost your stunning appearance? It doesn't matter, her natural singing voice is beyond the reach of all female stars Being teased about .... Show more »

Ongoing 458 ch 4.8
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I Ascend To the Throne of God with Arcane Magic
335K views 439 Readers 8 reviews Jun 12, 2024 at 00:59

Li Si, a great power leveling player, woke up and found that he had traveled through time in the game "Shenqi" and became a viscount addicted to magic. He knew that what he was about to face was an all-out war on the continent filled with gunfire, a magnificent expedition to another world, the inexplicable decay of the World Tree, and the invasion of the abyssal dem.... Show more »

Completed 798 ch 3.3
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Rebirth 90s: The Sweet Wife is the Richest Woman
475.2K views 612 Readers 8 reviews Jun 11, 2024 at 12:54

She is the most mysterious female mercenary soldier, codenamed Black Fox, who wields long spears, has fighting and hypnosis skills, has a way of thinking, and loves money extremely. She was the only daughter in the family in the 1990s, with a well-behaved personality, sweet appearance, and a heart for good. When the killer turns into a good girl, will she still be.... Show more »

Ongoing 1525 ch 0.0
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Rise From Eight Hundred
49.7K views 31 Readers 0 review Jun 11, 2024 at 00:55
Historical Military

The special forces Tang Dao unexpectedly returned to the eve of the Battle of Sihang Warehouse in the Battle of Songhu in 1937. The Eight Hundreds once fought bloody battles for the last dignity of Chinese soldiers. But what will happen this time with the addition of Tang Dao? I wish to be a ghost on the battlefield after death and not be a native of my hometown dur.... Show more »

Completed 895 ch 4.6
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The Brave Life of a Space Peasant Girl
570.2K views 724 Readers 10 reviews Jun 10, 2024 at 12:58

Oops, time traveled! Oh, why is the previous owner a fellow countryman? Oh, how come the poor previous owner fell into the trap? Why did you trick me? ah! Fortunately, Golden Finger was not taken away. Dizzy! Still the best of the family! Tsk, tsk, tsk, there are so many top quality products, it’s a pity that I specialize in top quality products, and I don.... Show more »

Ongoing 280 ch 4.7
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Greece Brings Evildoers
49.1K views 126 Readers 3 reviews Jun 10, 2024 at 00:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

If you had a golden apple, who would you give it to? Lorne, who was invited to the banquet, saw the golden apple with the words "Dedicated to the most beautiful goddess" engraved on the plate and the three goddesses in dispute in front of him. He smiled and picked up the knife. The first step is to peel it and give the peel to Aphrodite. "One thing I have to .... Show more »

Completed 300 ch 3.6
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The Actor’s Ex-wife
254.7K views 287 Readers 8 reviews Jun 09, 2024 at 12:57

They got married by contract, gave birth to children in a secret marriage, and finally the mistress took over and left the house. Jian You entered such a bloody romance novel, and she was the unlucky female supporting character. But fortunately, she got married earlier, so she didn't have to give birth to a child, and she could get divorced slowly. Hey, so what if h.... Show more »

Ongoing 475 ch 4.8
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Across America, Starting with the Boxing Champion
213.7K views 147 Readers 11 reviews Jun 09, 2024 at 00:51
Urban Life

Traveling through the United States in 2008, Link became the savior of the boxing industry, and also saved the music world and movies. "Before I appeared, boxing matches were not profitable at all. It was I who single-handedly promoted the development of the boxing industry. It can be said that without me, there would be no booming boxing industry now. I am the savi.... Show more »

Completed 1688 ch 3.6
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The Return of the National Goddess
272.9K views 359 Readers 5 reviews Jun 08, 2024 at 12:52

In her previous life, she was a national goddess, a daughter of a wealthy family, with a god-given voice and countless fans. She was framed by a scumbag and bitch and returned to high school again. In this life, she not only wants to regain her own glory, but also lives a wonderful life that everyone envies. When he became a top student, he abused a scumbag and slap.... Show more »

Completed 448 ch 2.8
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All Heavens: Pick Up Cards Starting From Naruto
256.3K views 232 Readers 10 reviews Jun 08, 2024 at 00:57

Chentian traveled through the world of Naruto and became an orphan from three wars. Fortunately, the card pickup system was activated. Cards will drop when others fight, and you will become stronger if you pick them up! "I've learned Flying Thunder God a long time ago!" "Is Wood Release difficult? Don't make fun of me, okay!" "Can Nine-Tails kill people?" Chen T.... Show more »

Completed 1654 ch 3.0
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After the Flash Marriage, the Character Collapsed
207.1K views 245 Readers 2 reviews Jun 07, 2024 at 12:58

"I am pregnant!" The first time they met, he was flirting and poor. The second time they met, they obtained a certificate from the People's Political Bureau for a flash marriage. Only after the marriage did she realize that she had been deceived. She had been deceived into getting married! Her husband suddenly transformed into a business emperor who was extremel.... Show more »