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Completed 1776 ch 4.0
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Rebirth Daughter Against the World
262.4K views 372 Readers 3 reviews Jan 22, 2023 at 15:56
Gender Bender Romance

The body of a thousand gold, upon waking up, became the "illegitimate child" despised by everyone in the imperial capital Leng's Group. Since then, she has been disguised as a boy since she was a child, and it has become her routine to abuse scum and face. The teacher said she was a scumbag, so she changed it! Classmates said she was ugly, she changed! The family sai.... Show more »

Completed 484 ch 3.3
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God-level Sign-in Game Design Master
111K views 382 Readers 7 reviews Jan 22, 2023 at 12:58
Urban Life

He holds a god-level sign-in system in his hand, punches the goose factory, and steps on the pig factory. Do you think there is no good game? First feed you two mouthfuls of tainted milk powder, and then send you the legend of the dragon and the Hearthstone gold cartoon for free. What? Still not satisfied? League of Kings out-of-print skin, give away! Satisfied? Tch, .... Show more »

Ongoing 258 ch 3.8
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I Deliver Food In a Lamborghini
34.8K views 200 Readers 4 reviews Jan 22, 2023 at 09:58

(Playful, cute and naive young lady x gentle and abstinent financial giant) Nan Ge has been wanting to replace his Lamborghini recently, but he is short of tens of thousands of yuan. Under her hard work, her brother found her a good job with a sense of mission—Galaxy Stomach Guard Team, referred to as food delivery. On the first day of work, she was physically and m.... Show more »

Dropped 110 ch 4.1
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American Comic: Create An Oasis at the Beginning, and the Rise of Mutants
199.2K views 660 Readers 20 reviews Jan 22, 2023 at 06:58

In the beautiful comic world, superheroes are infinitely beautiful. Mutants who also have super powers are extremely sad. Lynn came across time and became a student of the Academy of Mutants with the ability to create magic. Apparatus, Avada Kedavra... Glacier Spikes, Ember Storms... God Slayer Magic of Fire, Dragon Slayer Magic of Thunder... True mirror image, .... Show more »

Completed 78 ch 4.7
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Dear Mr. Lu
44.3K views 208 Readers 11 reviews Jan 22, 2023 at 03:57
Drama Psychological Romance Shounen Ai Supernatural

Luo Wencheng made a deal with a certain existence and went back in time to ten years ago, when he had just been released from prison, still young and healthy, not yet pushed to the breaking point by Luo Wenjun and not yet used by him as a prop to test drugs for profit until his tragic death. This time he was going to trample Luo Wenjun underfoot. The first priority .... Show more »

Completed 219 ch 3.5
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Getting Simulated By The Empress Is Not My Intention
84.6K views 238 Readers 10 reviews Jan 22, 2023 at 00:58
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Zhang Beichen downloaded a game called "The Empress of the Warring States Period". He needs to play the role of a famous minister to help his monarch rule the world and become emperor. He thought it was an ordinary game. In the game, Zhang Beichen tried his best to make friends with the empress, help her unify the seven kingdoms, and achieve different endings. Until.... Show more »

Dropped 85 ch 4.3
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President White Moonlight
66.5K views 325 Readers 7 reviews Jan 21, 2023 at 21:57
Drama Fantasy Romance

Every overbearing president will always have a coquettish, pure, or lively white moonlight in their hearts. They are the vicious female partners in the novel, the stepping stones of the heroine, and the tool to promote the feelings of the hero and heroine. In the end, because of jealousy, run-down and decay she became a coquettish bit*h that everyone hated. However, o.... Show more »

Completed 354 ch 2.8
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Game Designers: You Don’t Understand Charity
122.2K views 301 Readers 8 reviews Jan 21, 2023 at 18:58
Urban Life

This is an era of rapid iteration of game technology. From the red and white machine to the computer, and then to the advent of VR technology, but a generation of time flies. In a state of abnormal development, the game industry in this world is loyal to technology and ignores content. A large number of VR games occupy the market, but most of them are based on simu.... Show more »

Completed 91 ch 5.0
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Be a Salted Fish In the Harem Text
33.6K views 140 Readers 3 reviews Jan 21, 2023 at 15:57

Mu Sheng transmigrated into a male harem article, and became a member who was about to be included in the harem by the male lead. In this article, the male protagonist fell off a cliff and met the old man with a white beard, and from then on he began to kill the Quartet and dominate the road. Of course, there are beauties everywhere you go. The master of Taiyi sect, t.... Show more »

Ongoing 297 ch 2.3
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Worldwide Survival: Begins As An Island Owner
279.8K views 823 Readers 14 reviews Jan 21, 2023 at 12:58

[The world dies, and everything returns to its ruins. 】 Su Yu's soul traveled to Shuilanxing, and once again encountered the survival event of collectively crossing to the sea of ​​returning ruins, so he had two talents at the beginning. [SSS level insight talent] Talent introduction: Insight into all things, spy on more secret information. [Double Happiness for U.... Show more »

Completed 413 ch 2.3
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The Quick Transmigrator of the Female Supporting Role Always Wants to Kill the Male Lead
46.4K views 254 Readers 3 reviews Jan 21, 2023 at 09:58
Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Tragedy

System 003 of the quick transmigration system bureau accidentally bound with a lonely soul. It thought the soul was a poor little girl who knew nothing, but every time she slaps the face, it hurts more and more. … “Host, what did you do, why are they lying on the ground?” “They want to touch the pitiful me! They want to blackmail me! They want my little money!” Sy.... Show more »

Ongoing 198 ch 3.3
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Douluo: Sell Ning Rongrong Task Card, She Dropped Out of School
302.7K views 533 Readers 28 reviews Jan 21, 2023 at 06:58

"Douluo: Sell Ning Rongrong mission card, she quits Shrek" Li Haiyun traveled to the Douluo Continent and bound the system of selling mission cards to get 1 to 100 times the reward. As long as someone buys his mission card and completes the mission, he can get one to a hundred times the mission reward! It's just that the content on this task card is a bit indecent?.... Show more »