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Completed 224 ch 3.9
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Shock! The Real Daughter Made the Transmigrator Girl Cry
585.5K views 1142 Readers 26 reviews Jan 24, 2023 at 09:57
Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy

In her last life, Jiang Changning discovered that she was a fake daughter when the real daughter she had never met came to meet the family. Because of Jiang Luojin’s schemes, everyone’s treatment towards her in Hou’s mansion turned bad. Mother Jiang: You are the one who caused my A Luo to suffer so much! Brother: A Luo is your younger sister, what’s wrong with leavi.... Show more »

Completed 999 ch 1.7
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King of Industry
280.7K views 410 Readers 7 reviews Jan 24, 2023 at 06:58
Urban Life

Known as the youngest academician-level senior engineer, Zhao Guoyang was reborn in the 1990s. In this era of economic globalization, with his extraordinary wisdom and extraordinary insights, he created one miracle after another and became a name that shocked the world! Wisdom is condensed every bit, brilliance is created by sweat, and witness the rise of a great pow.... Show more »

Completed 115 ch 3.9
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The Paranoid Protagonist is Addicted To My Stickers
237.5K views 1038 Readers 17 reviews Jan 24, 2023 at 03:57

Xia Zhinian has transmigrated into the book, and the original owner is a disgusting cannon fodder villain, determined to and the protagonist were robbed by Yan Ci, and finally had an accidental car accident, and Liang Liang went offline. Others want to change their destiny by transmigrating into a book, but his young master Xia is different, he just wants to transmigr.... Show more »

Ongoing 463 ch 3.2
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After Being Sold Out By The Empire, I Decide To Assist The Demon King
45.7K views 248 Readers 5 reviews Jan 24, 2023 at 00:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Yila, who had served the empire for half her life, was decisively sold. He was almost beaten to death when he wanted to go to other countries, and was rescued by the Dragon Lady Demon King. After crossing over, Ira, who had killed monsters for half her life, was a little guilty, but... 【Those who fight against the evil dragon should be careful not to become the husb.... Show more »

Completed 76 ch 4.2
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If You Don’t Farm, You’ll Die
121.5K views 633 Readers 19 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 21:56
Drama Fantasy Romance Slice of Life

It is said that all illegitimate children recognized by the boss can inherit a mountain! The difference is that other people inherit the golden and silver mountains, Li Guoguo inherited the real mountains. Fortunately, there are several. At the same time, heaven gave her a farming system. If you don’t farm, you’ll die! One day, a video introducing the tourist scen.... Show more »

Ongoing 3092 ch 3.6
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Three Kingdoms
534.1K views 328 Readers 7 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 18:58

There is no system, no grandpa, no bulldozers, no philately, only a small employee, no wealth, no power, no power, step by step in the Three Kingdoms! A hero is still a hero, a beauty is still a country, a conspiracy is still a plot, a king is still a domineering? Slowly walk all the way through the Three Kingdoms, you will find that Cao Cao did not offer swords, Liu.... Show more »

Completed 120 ch 4.5
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She is the Third Kind of Stunning
75.9K views 276 Readers 13 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 15:56
Drama Romance Yuri

When the new snow begins, the full moon will be in the sky The shadows are tiled below Shining silver on it And you walked towards me with a smile Between the moon and snow You are the third stunning color ——Yu Guangzhong “Stunning Color”

Completed 973 ch 2.9
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Code Farmer Comprehension
256K views 759 Readers 17 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 12:57
Fantasy Sci-fi

Zhang Deming has traversed, but why do other people traverse with their own system cheats, various lucky draws, bonus points, and experience from killing people. Why is it just a code editing tool when I come to him, and everything has to be coded out by myself? When he activated his golden finger, he saw the familiar code: if () {Cloud and Rain Technique cast succe.... Show more »

Completed 847 ch 4.7
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After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me
1.8M views 1930 Readers 33 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 09:58

In the wealthy circle of the third district of the Federal Empire, everyone knows that Su Wan, the daughter of the Su family, has loved Huo Yichang for many years. The two families are rightly matched, and they were childhood sweethearts, but they got married today, but the groom ran away! Everyone was sympathetic or waiting to see the joke, but the bride Su Wan was.... Show more »

Ongoing 731 ch 2.9
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City: From Inheriting a Courtyard To a Giant
722.6K views 1041 Readers 14 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 06:58
Urban Life

Pretending to be Jiang Lai's boyfriend to meet her parents, but was given a house and a car by routine, and she wanted to do the fake show for real? Never expected to encounter a gun battle, a close call, awakening the infinite inheritance system. [A set of courtyard houses at the foot of the imperial city, is it inherited? 】 [LV5 pistol arc shooting, is it inherit.... Show more »

Completed 172 ch 4.2
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A Happy Life Across the Beastman Continent
308.2K views 950 Readers 29 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 03:57

On the night before graduating from university, Wu Xiaoyin's children's shoes lost consciousness amidst the sound of big sales from his classmates, accompanied by the expectation of a new life. Unexpectedly, what I saw when I woke up the next day was a colorful giant tiger. What's more, this beautiful giant tiger has a scene of turning a living person into a living pe.... Show more »

Dropped 194 ch 4.4
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I Do Daily Quests In Wizard World
360.5K views 1139 Readers 36 reviews Jan 23, 2023 at 00:58
Fantasy Xuanhuan

This is a vast and powerful wizarding world community. Powerful wizards willfully capture gods, conquer planes, and transform civilizations. Lin En came to this world and after being exposed to the power of wizards, he gradually realized that knowledge is power and power is truth. On the road of pursuing the truth, I will always be a humble apprentice. -----------.... Show more »