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Completed 311 ch 3.6
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My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences
655.7K views 1128 Readers 26 reviews Jan 30, 2023 at 12:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Qin Huai has traveled to a fantasy world where demons are rampant, and heroes coexist. He has no background and no qualifications for cultivation. Until that day he became an apprentice in a pharmacy and began to practice with his brothers. He discovered that experience balls fell out of his master and senior brothers. He followed the apprentice to grind the medicin.... Show more »

Completed 413 ch 4.0
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After the Divorce, I Was Entangled By the Sick and Charming Fifth Master
287.3K views 593 Readers 2 reviews Jan 30, 2023 at 09:58

[Shuangqiang, sweet pet, 1v1] A very distinguished person has come to the west city. The mysterious man Rong Wuye is ascetic and dignified, ruthless and crazy, unparalleled in power and wealth, but he is also a well-known and unfeminine flower in the business world. "Follow Fifth Master to keep you safe." "That mountain, and the three mountains connected to it, ar.... Show more »

Completed 112 ch 2.7
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Plutocrats From the Gold Rush
71.4K views 240 Readers 6 reviews Jan 30, 2023 at 06:58
Urban Life

Xie Jin is an international student studying in the United States. Because of an accident, he obtained a special ability that allows him to detect the attributes of all objects within a certain range. Because of this ability, he started from panning for gold and gradually went to the country of Bald Eagle. The pinnacle of wealth. (No abuse, no depression, logical, str.... Show more »

Completed 137 ch 4.8
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The Two Proud Sky Dragons’ Shura Fields
183.6K views 781 Readers 18 reviews Jan 30, 2023 at 03:57
Xuanhuan Yaoi

Yue Xiuzhi played the most hated villain in Q*dian for the sake of resurrection—— The master of the protagonist, who abused the protagonist in various ways in the early stage, was finally killed, but he couldn’t go back. In order to compensate, the system sent him to the second world of this book, where Little Protagonist was only five years old, and Yue Xiuzhi could.... Show more »

Completed 630 ch 3.2
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What If I Can’t Die?
637K views 760 Readers 29 reviews Jan 30, 2023 at 00:58
Fantasy Wuxia Xianxia

Song Shi came to a fairy world where demons and ghosts danced wildly. He thought he was going to walk a trembling road of cultivating immortals, but he awakened the death flow system, which gained power from death and became stronger every time he died. The style of painting suddenly changed. Others practice immortality to seek immortality, but he is not dead, so he .... Show more »

Completed 92 ch 4.9
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Taoist Master and the Cat
109.4K views 431 Readers 21 reviews Jan 29, 2023 at 21:58
Drama Fantasy Romance School Life

Xie Jingyuan, the master taoist of Qingxu Temple, was reborn into modern times together with the cat demon Su Miaomiao. Su Miaomiao: That classmate’s dried fish seems delicious. Xie Jingyuan: I’ll buy one for you, don’t steal it. Su Miaomiao: It’s raining, Taoist Priest, come here and pick me up. Xie Jingyuan: I’m busy. Su Miaomiao: It’s okay, a male classmate is.... Show more »

Dropped 439 ch 2.5
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The Holy Lord In the Comic World
98.3K views 411 Readers 12 reviews Jan 28, 2023 at 06:58

Holy Lord, possesses the ability of zodiac signs, dragon charm, can spray high-temperature flames, pig charm, emits laser light from both eyes, horse charm, heals all injuries, dog charm, immortality, rabbit charm, possesses light like or even surpasses light speed, chicken charm, suspended in the air, monkey charm, transform into any form, snake charm, transparency, .... Show more »

Completed 313 ch 4.3
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I Rely on Wilderness Survival Live Broadcast to Become Popular Across the Stars
646.6K views 1325 Readers 34 reviews Jan 28, 2023 at 03:58
Action Adventure Mature Romance Sci-fi Shounen Ai Supernatural

Lu Liran, the former deputy captain of the first federal mobile team, disappeared in a great war, and his life and death are unknown. Seriously injured in the war, lingering on his last breath and penniless, Lu Liran was luckily bound by the survival system. Under the tasks issued by the system—— The Giant at thirty degrees below zero, conquer the Arlok Glacier; In t.... Show more »

Ongoing 1146 ch 3.3
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Xiuxian: The Beginning Starts with the Drug Boy
641.3K views 567 Readers 19 reviews Jan 28, 2023 at 00:57
Fantasy Martial Arts

Black belly, online IQ Reborn in the magnificent world of cultivating immortals Everything is based on 'stability', and everything is settled before moving, and when moving, there is a thunderbolt, and after moving, there is no sound. Hidden cards, refining elixir, practicing escape, and practicing spells. Drugboy official group: 547741836

Ongoing 1128 ch 3.4
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My Animation Era
124.3K views 241 Readers 5 reviews Jan 27, 2023 at 18:58
Urban Life

Traveling to a parallel world, Gu Miao became a hard-working animation director. When he emerged from "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" and successively produced many phenomenal and explosive animations such as "Bear Infested", "Happy Baby", "Super Beast Armed", "Guobao Special Attack", the industry suddenly set off a sensation. There is an upsurge of "traversing them.... Show more »

Completed 109 ch 4.4
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The Whole World Knows She Loves Me
154.2K views 400 Readers 25 reviews Jan 27, 2023 at 15:57

The whole world knows that she loves me, but only I know that I am a substitute! When Jiang Liuyi was twenty-six years old, she caught up with the fashion and got married randomly. The flash marriage partner was a woman of her age, with a good personality and a good temper. What my friends envy the most is being obedient to her, Even knowing that she was a random sub.... Show more »

Ongoing 876 ch 4.4
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God Simulator
590.5K views 1255 Readers 51 reviews Jan 27, 2023 at 12:59

Lu Yao strayed into a small pixel game where he played the role of a god, but found that this game was connected to a world of different dimensions. The [sacrifice] in the game will enter reality, and the [gift] he gave can also reach the game world. As a trainee god, he can't do much except create various natural disasters. Until he gritted his teeth and revived a.... Show more »