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Completed 240 ch 3.8
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Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding
486.1K views 748 Readers 9 reviews Sep 03, 2023 at 09:16
Urban Life

Su Xuan traveled across the parallel world and became a policeman! At the ex-girlfriend's wedding scene, Su Xuan took out a silver bracelet in front of her, and gave the groom a three-day trip to the police station! Ex-girlfriend: Su Xuan, are you crazy? If you want to rob a marriage, shouldn't you rob me? What's the matter with arresting my husband? Bind the god-l.... Show more »

Ongoing 440 ch 4.2
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Cataclysm King
346.3K views 717 Readers 23 reviews Aug 13, 2023 at 12:57

"Doctor, there seems to be something wrong with my mood." "There is a clown in the West Side Circus, he can make everyone laugh, I think he can help you." "But, doctor... I'm the clown." "..." This is a fantasy world after the cataclysm, where countless underground cities left over from ancient times are buried under the misty land. There are traps, monsters, and.... Show more »

Ongoing 5294 ch 3.6
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Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!
5.7M views 2372 Readers 47 reviews Aug 13, 2023 at 06:57

After the death of her grandfather, Lu Xiaoxiao, a girl who lived in the 23rd century, lived alone in the villa left by her grandfather regardless of the dislike of relatives. Suddenly, she found that her grandfather left her a space in Yu Peili. She likes to read novels, fearing that the end of the world will come, and she starts hoarding things desperately. In the.... Show more »

Completed 644 ch 3.4
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I Became the Ancestor of the Villain
1.2M views 888 Readers 32 reviews Aug 13, 2023 at 00:58
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Monster! Internet writer Mo Fan is traveling through time! Not dressed as a protagonist, not dressed as a villain, not dressed as an unrivaled powerhouse. He actually became the ancestor of a miscellaneous fish villain in his book who only lived less than ten chapters, and became the grandfather in his ring. Looking at his illusory soul body, he thought about the o.... Show more »

Hiatus 233 ch 2.3
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Pirate: I Open Susanoo with the Barrier Fruit
262.7K views 442 Readers 21 reviews Aug 12, 2023 at 12:57

As a creation-type devil fruit, the Superman Barrier Fruit is not too much to use it to open Susanoo, right? Katakuri's glutinous fruit can have countless fists, can't my barrier fruit do it? The biscuit fruit of the cracker can have a biscuit army, but can't I have a barrier fruit? Brother Ming's thread fruit can have a shadow riding thread clone, but can't my barri.... Show more »

Completed 1082 ch 4.2
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After Retiring the Engagement, Master Si Chased His Wife To the Crematorium!
6.7M views 3173 Readers 64 reviews Aug 12, 2023 at 06:57

After staying in the Bai family for eighteen years, Ou Yan realized that she was a fake daughter. The real daughter came back, she was abandoned, and she was about to be sent back to the poor mountain valley... Unexpectedly, the so-called poor mountain valley was actually the most expensive villa area for rich people in the whole country! Overnight, she changed from .... Show more »

Ongoing 1248 ch 3.4
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Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation
2M views 2113 Readers 32 reviews Aug 12, 2023 at 04:23
Fantasy Xuanhuan

In the future blue star, a beam of red light suddenly descends, animals and plants evolve wildly, ten cosmic monsters appear out of thin air, and human beings fall into endless disasters. Wang Ye came across time, relying on the talent (cheats) that can add points infinitely, he rose from the grassroots in the crisis, and broke the deadlock step by step... Start a l.... Show more »

Ongoing 313 ch 2.8
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Simulation: Starting From Strange Creatures
90.3K views 359 Readers 13 reviews Aug 11, 2023 at 12:57

The simulation is over, and the entry is obtained: a showdown! Looking at this entry, Zhao Meng was stunned. "How should this term be used?" "Hey! Here's a wounded fox!" ... A few years later, a woman who looked like a fairy appeared in front of him, and said: "My lord, I'm here to repay my favor!" This book is also called "Starting from Transforming Monsters"

Ongoing 436 ch 4.4
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Ci Jinzhi
246.8K views 464 Readers 7 reviews Aug 11, 2023 at 06:57

Xin You was born with a pair of different pupils, and can occasionally see the bad things that are about to happen to others. This is her trouble, but also her confidence. The people who eat melons in the capital suddenly realized that the cousin girl in Shaoqing's mansion who was under the fence became hardened!

Completed 632 ch 2.8
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As a Magnate, I Started Checking in at a Convenience Store
864.1K views 1012 Readers 16 reviews Aug 11, 2023 at 00:57
Urban Life

Go home after graduation and inherit the commissary left by your parents, and get a sign-in system Ding, get novice gift pack x1 Is it open? "Open the novice gift package," Zhou Chao said while lying on the chair. Open the novice gift package to get Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, 10,000 yuan in cash.....

Dropped 559 ch 3.0
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Pokemon Simulation: Cut Hu Chance To Kill the Destiny Heroine
271.6K views 272 Readers 6 reviews Aug 10, 2023 at 12:57

What? Your future wife is a peerless killer, an underground queen? Sorry, just killed her the other day. ... I heard that your girlfriend is the famous champion of China, the dream lover of countless people? Um, she was too tired and fell asleep at night, you can come to her tomorrow. ... I remember that the abandoned store of the second uncle seemed to be bough.... Show more »

Completed 982 ch 4.8
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Ma’am, Your Little Dragon Cub is Four and a Half Years Old
655K views 751 Readers 5 reviews Aug 10, 2023 at 06:58

Five years ago, she left an egg and said, "This is the son I gave birth to you. When he grows up, it's my return date." He thought she was joking, but the son broke out of the egg a few months later. She looks like a baby, but there are two shiny, cute and cute little dragon horns on her head, but she has no return date. * Later, she disappeared for five years, and .... Show more »