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Completed 102 ch 3.8
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As the White Lotus Female Match In the Infinite Stream
72.7K views 121 Readers 11 reviews May 19, 2022 at 21:57
Drama Game Horror Josei Mystery Supernatural

Chao Su accidentally opened the diary that his grandfather left to him, and learned that three days later, the world had changed, and the spiritual energy had recovered, entering the beginning of the so-called "Infinite Flow" article. In the book, Chaosu is a pitiful white lotus. And the real Chaosu... Awakened the succubus talent, charming and charming. · The male pr.... Show more »

Ongoing 511 ch 2.5
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Sniper Track
41K views 18 Readers 12 reviews May 19, 2022 at 18:56

Firearms change swords, firearms release magic, and firearms are now in the field! In the year 2700, the world is catastrophic, and the fittest survives. The Sky-Covering Giant Peng and the Silver-Winged Goshawk Demon Lord tore apart the sky, proud of the sky. Under the magic whirlpool of Jueyuan, the nine-headed king snake and the deep-sea blood shark fought bloodth.... Show more »

Completed 839 ch 3.9
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Reborn National Male God: Seventh Master, Keep Teasing!
462.2K views 189 Readers 14 reviews May 19, 2022 at 15:57
Action Drama Gender Bender Military Romance

Once reborn, she became a wealthy young man who disguised herself as a man and was spurned by everyone. Transformed, the young man rose up, entered the military camp, was ashamed before the snow, and counterattacked in the face in minutes! The filthy ruffian, no matter whether she is picking up girls or flirting with men, she is able to capture even the commander-in.... Show more »

Completed 885 ch 3.6
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Escape From Konoha
1.5M views 392 Readers 77 reviews May 19, 2022 at 12:56
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction

Everything has to be studied to understand its meaning. The traveler Chiba Shiroishi picked up a book called "The Will of Fire". When I opened it, the things on it had no nourishment, and the history of Konoha Village had no age, but the words 'Will of Fire' were written on every slanted page. Shiraishi couldn't sleep, so he took out the book "The Will of Fire" and.... Show more »

Completed 151 ch 3.6
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The Delicate Beauty In the Hegemony Essay
79.6K views 49 Readers 8 reviews May 19, 2022 at 09:57
Josei Romance

Shu Ning started to wear books, It's all about the hegemony of the male-frequency bigwigs who meet the gods and kill the gods and shake the world. In the hegemony essay, no matter how glamorous the queen is, she will eventually be put into bed by men. Weak beauties are only worthy of the dodder vassals of the bosses. Shu Ning wears those weak beauties, The male protag.... Show more »

Completed 1294 ch 3.6
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Deadly Covenant: The Strongest Grim Reaper
200.3K views 99 Readers 18 reviews May 19, 2022 at 06:57
Urban Life

Su Jing traveled to the world of "I Have a Date with a Zombie" to obtain the Death System. Zanpakutō, ghost way, showing his power to become the strongest god of death. Slowly, he discovered that this world is not simple, female celestial masters in the south and north, beautiful female zombies, female vampires in black leather... Friendly reminder: The old driver .... Show more »

Completed 102 ch 4.8
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I Was Raised After Being a Mermaid
378.9K views 503 Readers 59 reviews May 19, 2022 at 03:56
Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Shounen Ai

An Jin, who had an water ability from the apocalypse, transmigrates to an interstellar world and becomes a mermaid captured by His Majesty, the Emperor Norman, on the planet Siao. He is careful to play the role of a pet, but finds that the interstellar humans are extremely obedient toward the mermaids, not like a pet, but more like a mermaid master. His Majesty Norma.... Show more »

Completed 284 ch 2.5
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I Have a Dimension Street In Marvel
292.8K views 186 Readers 21 reviews May 19, 2022 at 00:57
Fan-Fiction Urban Life

"I have a dimension street in Marvel, this street, what I say!" Travel through the Suyue bound dimensional street system in the Marvel world, summon full-dimensional characters, and extract full-dimensional abilities. The legend of Dimension Street started from the moment when Captain Marvel fell from the sky in 1995... ... PS0: The world background of this book - .... Show more »

Completed 79 ch 4.6
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Green Tea Goes Viral After Being Forced To Tell the Truth
264.5K views 304 Readers 44 reviews May 18, 2022 at 21:56

Ning Chuchu - A well-known green tea in the entertainment industry, he is the best at lying and seducing people, and his popularity is extremely poor. One day, everyone suddenly discovered that green tea had changed... In love variety show, The scumbag said affectionately: Chu Chu, you look so beautiful when you cook. But be careful not to tire yourself out. Ning Chuc.... Show more »

Completed 550 ch 3.3
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Pirate System
193.7K views 116 Readers 18 reviews May 18, 2022 at 18:56

Sailing far and wide in the turbulent waves, Drinking and laughing amid the fire, This is the hymn of pirates! After Tangke found out that he was in another world, he had a pirate system in his mind. He could use the system to recruit elf sailors, buy ghost ships, install magic cannons, and even form tuna death squads. This is the age of great sailing in another w.... Show more »

Completed 143 ch 4.3
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The Vicious Female Partner Must Die [Wear the Book]
64.1K views 90 Readers 8 reviews May 18, 2022 at 15:55

Lu Zhiyu is a well-known malicious female supporting user in the circle. The white lotus is vicious, the green tea table is vicious, and the black lotus is vicious. All of her performances are hated to the bone. Suddenly one day her phone beeped and she received a text message from hell. Welcome to the world of quests where the villainous female partner must die. Acco.... Show more »

Hiatus 711 ch 2.2
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Bringing Beauty To Infinity
104.3K views 116 Readers 9 reviews May 18, 2022 at 12:56
Fan-Fiction Sci-fi

Infinite space, a reincarnation space set in a different movie or anime world. It exists to help the Contractors in space evolve. Our protagonist Lin Yufei entered this infinite space by chance. This article is to tell the legendary stories that happened after he entered the space. Among them are love, hate, laughter, tears, courage, cowardice, and all manners of hu.... Show more »