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Ongoing 90 ch 5.0
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Son, Mom Will Back You
49.6K views 489 Readers 6 reviews Dec 22, 2020 at 08:57
Comedy Drama Josei Romance Shoujo

Little screenwriter Gu Nian has a secret. She was a big fan of an 18th-tier actor by the name of Luo Xiu. Luo Xiu was good looking but his acting was god awful. He had no work for 2 years, the one time that he was on a show, he was mocked to the point that even his own mother wouldn’t admit that he was her son. As such, he dropped straight to 180th-tier. Gu N.... Show more »

Ongoing 434 ch 3.3
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Mystic Wizard in Azeroth
191.9K views 288 Readers 19 reviews Dec 22, 2020 at 04:58

Trying to tell the story of a half-elf searching for knowledge in different fantasy planes, and then growing into a god of order.

Completed 1986 ch 3.3
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Edge of the Apocalypse
154.4K views 322 Readers 15 reviews Dec 22, 2020 at 00:57
Action Adult Adventure Harem Mature Sci-fi Tragedy Xuanhuan

After the Battle of Dawn, earth entered the age of wars. The collision of different planets and civilisations led to unending colonisations and expeditions of the unknown. Ambitions and desires grew as time progressed, but as they continued to pillage and destroy, they were unaware that paradise of yesterday was already at the edge of the apocalypse.

Incomplete 22 ch 5.0
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Pampered Consort’s Acting Awards
18.1K views 210 Readers 3 reviews Dec 21, 2020 at 20:56
Drama Historical Josei Romance

In her last life, everyone said that Su Ling had a good life, a matchless beauty born from a high family. Her father was the Great General of Zhen and her elder brother was a high official of the Supreme Court. She was married to Prince Jin as his consort and two years later she became the empress of Great Zhou. Nobody can compete with someone so honorable. L.... Show more »

Ongoing 212 ch 4.5
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Douluo Dalu: Attacking to Loot Attribute
574.4K views 755 Readers 78 reviews Dec 21, 2020 at 16:56
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

Travel across the Douluo Dalu, obtain the explosive attribute system, awaken the twin martial souls, and properly pass the standard equipment. However, one is an ordinary beast spirit black tiger, the other is an ordinary weapon spirit black iron rod, with only three levels of innate spirit power.

Ongoing 1856 ch 3.4
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I Can See the Combat Prowess
120.1K views 382 Readers 17 reviews Dec 21, 2020 at 12:55
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

The unlucky young man was taken away by a wave of meteors and reborn in another world. Was born in a wealthy Xiling family? Overjoyed. In this life, I can finally feel the days of raising a few wicked servants to take to the streets and molesting the good girls. Huh, wait? Is this world all practising martial arts? Then I have to exercise hard and feel anothe.... Show more »

Completed 289 ch 3.8
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The Law of Hunting a Wife
59.2K views 207 Readers 8 reviews Dec 21, 2020 at 08:54
Adventure Comedy Martial Arts Mature Romance Shoujo Supernatural

Known as the “Perfect Gene”, Yang QiQi and her mortal enemy, DongFang Yu both ended up crossing over to a strange beastmen world. After turning into a 10 year old loli, Yang QiQi was picked up by the beastmen. Thus began her life in a foreign land. Beastmen: Grow up quickly, we want to eat some delicious meat. Yang Qiqi: I want to upgrade. Women should strive fo.... Show more »

Ongoing 807 ch 4.4
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Be a Superstar With the System
590.5K views 743 Readers 51 reviews Dec 21, 2020 at 04:51
Urban Life

What? Crossing into a male god? Or is it the second generation of the super-rich domestic actors who want to escape marriage? What? Is there a system? Ha ha ha, at a glance, it is the path of the new mountain ghost!

Completed 114 ch 4.3
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Witch, Open Your Eyes
19.4K views 160 Readers 12 reviews Dec 21, 2020 at 00:53
Action Horror Mystery Yaoi

The story of a lesser known martial arts actor who accidentally barges into a game of Werewolf, seducing and riding on the Adonis’ coattails to survive. With much difficulty, a lesser known martial arts actor Fang Daichuan managed to receive news from the variety show “Werewolf”. He had hoped to grasp the opportunity to make a comeback, but unexpectedly crashed a g.... Show more »

Ongoing 919 ch 3.4
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The Rebirth Magister of Online Games
184K views 567 Readers 18 reviews Dec 20, 2020 at 20:49

Lin Mo, with the memory of the 190th-level Magister, returned to the time when the game just started the open beta twelve years ago. This time, I vowed to regain everything I lost. The splendor and magnificence of spells, the power and mystery of attendants, boss-level pets, and loyal and reliable allies. Now, I hold it tightly in my hands.

Completed 613 ch 3.5
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The Insane and Good-For-Nothing Madam
72.9K views 321 Readers 2 reviews Dec 20, 2020 at 16:52
Fantasy Romance

The daughter of the Xiangfu family was born stupid and was bullied. Her ex-husband retired, her concubine was insidious, her aunt abused her, her father abandoned her, and eventually died at the hands of the tribe. Once back, he was an amazing and talented almighty Talisman Master. Fight with me? Yibai Ling sends you to kneel and stand upright! Quarrel with m.... Show more »

Ongoing 4296 ch 3.8
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Arrow Demon
166.6K views 247 Readers 17 reviews Dec 20, 2020 at 12:57
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

This is a legend that belongs to the archer. The only archer in the history of the Immortal Throne fell unexpectedly and landed in Kyushu, opening an unprecedented road of arrows. Arrows in the eyes of the world are small skills, difficult to make a great way? I do not believe! My arrow can break the sun and the moon and forge a road to heaven, because I am an arro.... Show more »