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Completed 2662 ch 3.0
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This Guy is Wrong
111.8K views 212 Readers 4 reviews Sep 02, 2022 at 09:57
Romance Sci-fi

After Chu Zheng was inexplicably judged to be dead, the only trouble was - spending money. Since the binding of this system, her waist has not been sore, her legs have not hurt, and she is not even breathing. She lives in fear of spending money every day. System: Let's set a small goal and defeat it by 100 million... Miss, stop! Don't just turn on the invincible mod.... Show more »

Ongoing 692 ch 3.2
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The Ninja War is Too Dangerous, Run Away and Become a Pirate
990K views 930 Readers 40 reviews Sep 02, 2022 at 06:58

Soul Piercing Konoha, born as a civilian, will go to the battlefield of the Third Ninja World War tomorrow. Just graduated from "Ninja School", Yangtai, who only knows three body techniques and a D-level hemostasis technique, looked at the full of energy, and finally made up his mind - "The battlefield is too dangerous, I'd better go to other worlds to hide. !"

Completed 99 ch 4.5
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The Omega Can’t Pretend to Be a Beta After Accidentally Witnessing the Major General’s Susceptible Period
71.4K views 474 Readers 17 reviews Sep 02, 2022 at 03:57
Action Comedy Fantasy Mecha Romance Shounen Ai Supernatural

The top alpha, Major General Ji Cheying, disguises himself as a down-on-his-luck beta in order to carry out a secret mission. One day, when he goes out to take out the garbage, while wearing a pair of torn socks, he comes across the poor nephew of his landlord, Xie Quan, a good-looking beta who was staying in the dirty and terrible basement. The two look at each othe.... Show more »

Hiatus 121 ch 3.6
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Lord of Souls
42.1K views 209 Readers 7 reviews Sep 02, 2022 at 00:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Nine soul pets, nine fetters. A hall of robbery souls, a bizarre adventure. I looked down at them and they called me by my name. I look up to the sky and write my legend. "My name is Xia Lin, and I am the Lord of the Soul of Myriad Tribulations!"

Completed 346 ch 2.6
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Allure of the World
45.6K views 124 Readers 7 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 21:56
Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Romance

In her previous life, she loved a prince who didn’t love her back. She was framed and her heart was torn out. After rebirth, she wanted to live unrestrainedly, but accidentally married Ling Chen, the Fourth Prince who was calculating, manipulative, and had bad reputation. Conspiracy, hypocrisy, greed, framing, blackmail, she took them all one by one. Getting a big pa.... Show more »

Completed 2597 ch 3.7
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The Best Small Farm
120K views 327 Readers 6 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 18:57
Urban Life

In a foreign country, a leisurely little farmer. Beer, side dishes, beef and sheep barbecue, small pond, three or five fish and shrimp, a pot of soup. There are hundreds of flowers in spring, the moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer, snow in winter, and a hut in the woods.

Completed 191 ch 4.0
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Quick Transmigation and Doted on His Wife
56.8K views 183 Readers 6 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 15:57

Q: How to prevent the blackening of female supporting roles? Passerby: Crush her in terms of IQ, humiliate her in terms of force, and then correct her three views! Chen Rong: The first choice is to get rid of the female supporting role The second option is to kill the male protagonist The third option... Crush the male protagonist, and then Jinwu Zangjiao! —— Chen Ron.... Show more »

Ongoing 227 ch 4.0
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Pirates: Famous Teacher Kaido, Online Teaching
217.4K views 369 Readers 28 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 12:57

fake good teacher "Lay the foundation" "Experience Yourself" "Practical Comprehension" "Flower Sakura? Bullying? Cough, you are still..." really good teacher "Learn the flow of cherry blossoms with one stick! 》 "Two sticks realize the hegemony! 》 "Three Sticks Awakens! 》 "What famous teacher Rayleigh? Bah, that's called a misunderstood child! Preaching and te.... Show more »

Completed 577 ch 5.0
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Almighty Little Secretary, She is Flirtatious and Arrogant
91.3K views 310 Readers 2 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 09:57

(1V1, Shuang Jie, Two-way Secret Love, Chasing His Wife Long, Banning Cookies) (Cold and dumb elite secretary VS paranoid and fierce loyal dog president) Jiang Mingyu, a well-known all-round secretary in City A, is low-key and humble, with outstanding strength, and is a top talent that no one in the industry does not covet. But no one knows that she has lost a memo.... Show more »

Hiatus 161 ch 3.4
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Sign In From the Handyman For Ninety-eight Years
267.7K views 528 Readers 18 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 06:58
Fantasy Xuanhuan

In the territory of Zhao State, there are Liuxuanmen of the martial arts sect of Jianghu. Su Yu became a handyman disciple who was just getting started. Having obtained the sign-in system, he signs in at different places every day, and there will be various rewards. Sign in at the center of the training ground and get the reward [Jiuyang Zhenjing]! Sign in on the .... Show more »

Completed 85 ch 4.4
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Insectoids: The Job of the Males
38.9K views 236 Readers 11 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 03:57
Action Comedy Mecha Sci-fi Shounen Ai Slice of Life

After three days of working nonstop, Cheng Zhaoci has transmigrated (read: had a stroke) as is everyone’s wish. What does it feel like to transmigrate into a male, the rarer s*x of the insectoid race? Cheng Zhaoci would reply, ‘yeah never mind that, there is still work that is my job to do.’ One day, the internet of the insectoids that had a sore lack of entertainm.... Show more »

Ongoing 465 ch 2.0
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Live Broadcast: One Sentence At The Beginning Of The School Flower Crying
88.1K views 188 Readers 12 reviews Sep 01, 2022 at 00:30
Urban Life

[Live broadcast + funny + no heroine + annoying + bamboo shoots] After binding the hatred system, Xu Muge was no longer a human being. In the military training of the university, she robbed the school flower drink at the beginning, and one sentence made her cry. During the live broadcast, he will crit the yin and yang strange audience at every turn. Writing a nove.... Show more »