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Ongoing 2091 ch 3.1
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The Exorcism Inspector in Marvel World
257.9K views 521 Readers 27 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 18:48
Fan-Fiction Urban Life

The origin of the earth, the infamous Zakang, traveled to the Marvel universe. I heard that the rich here rely on technology, and the hanging wire depends on mutation, but I don't take the usual path, I rely on magic. Hey~! Spider-Man swinging there, would you like to form a team? I swear I won't pit you anymore. Iron Man, good boy, I like local tyrants! Hey,.... Show more »

Completed 64 ch 4.4
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The Childhood Friends That I Love Secretly For Ten Years Suddenly Ask Me To Come Out
60.2K views 317 Readers 5 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 16:53
Drama Romance Slice of Life Yaoi

Gu Yu has been in love with his childhood friend secretly for ten years, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because there is a white moonlight* in the other’s heart that he has been yearning for so many years but unable to get. Until on a certain day, the childhood friend suddenly comes and asks him to come out of the closet. Jiang Rongye: Let’s come out. Gu Yu: .... Show more »

Completed 2441 ch 1.3
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Infinite: The Protagonist Must Die
53.6K views 149 Readers 7 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 14:53
Adventure Sci-fi

In order to avenge the team leader, patrol officer Gao Xianda killed a mysterious man and obtained a strange watch, and he returned to the day before! He found himself living in a plot world called "Grand Theft Auto". Here, as long as the protagonist in the plot dies, the time will be reset! As a low-level NPC, Gao Xianda's enemies are not only the protagonists .... Show more »

Completed 121 ch 4.9
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Did The Affectionate Love Interest Collapse Today?
242.3K views 725 Readers 23 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 12:52
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Romance Sci-fi Yaoi

Within almost every melodramatic novel, there’s an affectionate male supporting role who is infatuated with the shou protagonist. To be there when the shou is being attacked by the gong, to offer love when the gong abandons the shou protagonist, fighting for justice when the gong betrays the shou ….. As a catalyst between the romantic love of the shou and gong, he .... Show more »

Dropped 783 ch 2.7
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Inhumane Urbanity
247.6K views 399 Readers 33 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 10:54
Action Harem Sci-fi Seinen Urban Life

Xie An traversed to become the son of the richest man, but unexpectedly obtained a trenchless system "The host has a quota of 100,000 per day." "The bottle of wine on my table is 130,000." System······ "You change the system host." System······ "System you are a dog..."

Completed 102 ch 5.0
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49.8K views 230 Readers 9 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 08:53
Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Slice of Life

Cheng Ke quit his job, moved away from his rich family in pursuit of arts. He is a sand painter who creates stunning pieces of art using sand. He becomes Jiang Yu’s tenant who’s a gang leader and takes care of his sister’s apartments. Their worlds collide as they move from mutual rejection to mutual understanding. Through hard work and struggles, they each achieve suc.... Show more »

Completed 1701 ch 4.5
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Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife
1.9M views 1352 Readers 14 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 06:54
Comedy Josei Romance School Life

Huo Yanqing: The powerful and famous successor of the Huo family in Fangcheng. Rumors say that he is temperamental and ruthless and doesn’t like females. Once, an actress wanted to touch his cheek. He got rid of her arm on the spot. The rumors say that he is so handsome that he is not of this world. He is an enticing male god with self-restraint. It’s a pity that he i.... Show more »

Ongoing 711 ch 2.5
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I Really Didn’t Want to be a Savior
76.5K views 142 Readers 8 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 04:50
Action Adventure Sci-fi

The ordinary born Chen Feng appeared in his sleep after a thousand years and saw the end of humanity. Waking up from the nightmare of ruining everything and returning to reality, everything remains the same. He stood at a fork in his life and wandered blankly. Do you want to be a shameless porter, bury yourself in mediocrity and wait for death? Or to be a .... Show more »

Completed 839 ch 3.3
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Superhero Comic – Overlord’s Path
101.2K views 344 Readers 9 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 02:53
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Sci-fi Supernatural

In the dark mist of chaotic gotham, he’s the crimson devil bring the blood,he is sin! For lost mutants, his new force rise, he is stubborn! In the conflict of shield and hydra, he is the sword cut in the war, he is firm! Admired, detested, praised, cursed, some love him, other hate him. His heart is just like trenchant blade he held, never hesitate, never vacillate, .... Show more »

Ongoing 2372 ch 3.0
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29.8K views 116 Readers 2 reviews Jun 22, 2020 at 00:50
Action Fantasy Martial Arts

Between the heavens and the worlds, there is a world called Luofu, which is born for 100,000 years, destroyed for 100,000 years, and all things in the world are destroyed by the trillions of births and deaths. One year, a teenager who died tens of thousands of years ago woke up in the Tibetan sword pavilion...

Ongoing 680 ch 3.0
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Salted Fish Learn to Play Technology
282.8K views 479 Readers 42 reviews Jun 21, 2020 at 22:53
Urban Life

Hello everyone, I am the strongest super theological tyrant system in the universe from unknown time and space. Once I wandered the universe, assisting countless hosts to reach the peak of life, and are the objects of worship by countless colleagues. Until I met the current host. When other systems mention their past, they all help their hosts become the hege.... Show more »

Ongoing 673 ch 4.9
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Eldest Senior Brother is Ordinary
282.1K views 535 Readers 27 reviews Jun 21, 2020 at 20:46
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xianxia Xuanhuan

Lu Changsheng felt quite unwell. After transmigrating into a XianXia world, he came to possess a protagonist's face. His temperament was extraordinary, creating many fanatics in all forms of life. Whenever he broke through to the next realm, it would create a "Heaven-Earth Phenomenon". Whenever he read aloud a poem, it would alarm all scholars under the he.... Show more »