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Ongoing 466 ch 2.9
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Returning From Level 900
142K views 681 Readers 26 reviews Aug 04, 2022 at 06:57

The World Tower has unimaginable wealth and treasures. Once a week, as long as you rush high enough, you can surpass ordinary people and enjoy a brilliant and glorious life. A thousand floors are capped, and some people say that reaching the thousand floors can get the wealth of the whole world; some people say that above the thousand floors is a beautiful new world .... Show more »

Completed 96 ch 4.8
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My Omega Superior Has a Tail
44.1K views 396 Readers 11 reviews Aug 04, 2022 at 03:57
Action Adult Fantasy Mature Mecha Mystery Romance Supernatural Yaoi

Ping Mo has been transferred from the Special Forces to the Alliance University, and the whole university is in an uproar. The new instructor, Ping Mo, is said to be a top alpha, with a lean waist, long legs, a nice ass, and a great sense of humor. The little sweet omegas get weak at the sight of him. Pei Yutu disdains: What’s so good about this f*cking little white.... Show more »

Ongoing 1088 ch 4.2
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Ke Yan People In the World of Ke Xue
48.5K views 107 Readers 5 reviews Aug 04, 2022 at 00:54
Comedy Fan-Fiction Urban Life

When the research and development of various black technologies in the winery fell on Ye Genyi, he said that his position was a bit crooked. Gin: "icewine..." "Hey, this is the latest tracking software, it only takes 20 seconds to find the target..." ps: This book is easy + crime solving + daily type

Completed 61 ch 5.0
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The Attack of Little Red Riding Hood
15.8K views 172 Readers 9 reviews Aug 03, 2022 at 21:57
Comedy Fantasy Romance

Little Red Riding Hood is ill and has only one more month to live, so she decides to live in a hospice. The attitude of the staff here is very unsatisfactory. “What kind of service attitude do you have here?” Little Red Riding Hood was angry. “You’re a dying person, do you still need to care about our attitude?” The Dean. “What happened to serving the dying people?.... Show more »

Ongoing 236 ch 3.2
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Different Dimension Game
49.4K views 252 Readers 13 reviews Aug 03, 2022 at 18:57
Action Fantasy Sci-fi Urban Life

Accidentally got a game, the script in it is colorful: demons, ghosts, weirdness, demons... let Wang Hao embark on an unexpected path. [This is a journey across dimensions, we explore the unknown, but get more unknowns; we resist fear, but get more fear. 】 [When humans lose their way in the dark, I will be their pioneer, burn my heart and light the way forward! 】.... Show more »

Completed 71 ch 5.0
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The County Magistrate is Not Slag Very A
32K views 136 Readers 14 reviews Aug 03, 2022 at 15:57

Also known as: Modern Alpha dressed as an ancient scumbag Song Boxue woke up and read an ancient sadomasochistic text. The original hostess disguised herself as a man and cheated money and sex. She was the cannon fodder fiancé of the hostess Jiang Fanyin, and she was a small county magistrate who was corrupt. When Jiang Fanyin was most helpless, the small magistrate n.... Show more »

Completed 465 ch 3.8
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Druid’s Marvel Travels
334.4K views 514 Readers 24 reviews Aug 03, 2022 at 12:57
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

Oaks Lin was favored by the force of nature and was reborn in the Marvel world. But this world is at stake... The three avenues against fate— Technology, mutation, magic. So be a scientist who looks like mutants actually use magic? "Just hit De! Just hit De!" In the face of the army led by the Avengers, Thanos was furious: "Why did the one who was hacked to dea.... Show more »

Ongoing 212 ch 5.0
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The Moon In My Arms
49.7K views 234 Readers 3 reviews Aug 03, 2022 at 09:57

After quitting the national team, Qi Yue devoted herself to agronomy. At a certain party, someone was booing, and whoever lost the shooting game would be kissed by Qi Yue. Looking at Qi Yue, who was planting potatoes with a hoe with a sloppy face and a muddy face, in the experimental field, the big guy's face turned green. Everyone scrambled to target the bullseye .... Show more »

Completed 177 ch 4.6
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Dressed As a Villain’s Little Trick
31.9K views 210 Readers 8 reviews Aug 02, 2022 at 21:56
Comedy Drama Fantasy Josei Xianxia

The pond fish crossed. Dressed as the only daughter of the once beautiful city master of Baicheng, now the male protagonist is going to be his wife. There are appalling criminal records such as poisoning the heroine, assassinating the villain Bai Yueguang, and humiliating the flawed and sick villain. In the opening situation of this hell mode, the first task released .... Show more »

Completed 777 ch 3.2
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This is How the Heavens and the Worlds Come
166.6K views 245 Readers 15 reviews Aug 02, 2022 at 18:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Who, in the ancient mythology, held an artifact and killed the first emperor of the human race? Who, at the beginning of ancient times, closed the gate of the God Realm, Jedi Tiantong? Who set a lifespan limit of only one hundred and thirty years for the people, and even the Great Emperor was not spared? Who, turned into a black hand that covers the sky for eternit.... Show more »

Completed 162 ch 4.0
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All Over the World To Save My Wife
19.2K views 104 Readers 2 reviews Aug 02, 2022 at 15:56

Gentle and infatuated serious old cadre X natural tease and slice rogue Pippi After Gu Zhong's soul flew away and scattered, the fragments of his soul were scattered in the heavens and all walks of life, and each life would not end well because of unclear knowledge of people. Being robbed of the country, being riddled with black material, being framed by climbing, b.... Show more »

Ongoing 640 ch 2.4
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Shenhao’s Salted Fish Life
149.4K views 481 Readers 23 reviews Aug 02, 2022 at 12:58
Urban Life

No sign in, no punch card. Do not rely on breathing, do not rely on walking, do not rely on heartbeat. The system is produced in one step