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Ongoing 1276 ch 0.0
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Cicada Moving
944 views 4 Readers 0 review 11 hours ago
Historical Military

Private detective Zuo Chong went back to the past and fought in the heart of the enemy. He was nicknamed the Smiling Tiger. He was good at slashing in the back, and was proficient in the principles of the Golden Buddha on the Amyrlin Seat and Stypunk's formula.

Completed 647 ch 5.0
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Dressed Like a Pretty Daughter-in-law From the 1970s
32.2K views 119 Readers 1 review 23 hours ago

The new generation article "Dressed as Fubao and Her Evil Cousin" is being serialized~Please make me fatter~~~~~~ An Zhixia, the empress of Sanqiu, went to her best friend's supermarket in anger, turning herself into a young educated youth who had a stepmother and a stepfather, and was forced to follow her brother to the countryside. She also moved her best friend's.... Show more »

Completed 886 ch 4.5
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Farmer’s Stepmother’s Skillful Farming
75K views 208 Readers 2 reviews Jun 16, 2024 at 12:55

Traveling through an ancient farmhouse, the family is bare, the parents-in-law died early, the husband died, and there are only four carrot heads waiting to be fed. As a notorious stepmother who treated her children harshly, Su Mulan had no time to stare at the sky in silence. She calmly rolled up her sleeves and started to open up wasteland for farming, set up s.... Show more »

Ongoing 248 ch 5.0
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Beastmaster: I Am Invincible If I Can See the Evolutionary Path
26.8K views 92 Readers 1 review Jun 16, 2024 at 00:53
Urban Life

Qiao Bai woke up and was reborn? Time travel? The world of beast control? Extraordinary power? A weak pet? Ordinary evolutionary path? No no no! The talent [Eye of Insight] is activated! Many years later—— Qiao Bai stood on top of the world in confusion Qiao Bai: If I said that I really only planned to be an ordinary beast master at the beginning, woul.... Show more »

Completed 1473 ch 2.8
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Starting From Douluo, Glory is Invincible
28.9K views 52 Readers 4 reviews Jun 15, 2024 at 00:52

Lin Fan traveled to Douluo Continent and obtained the King of Glory lottery system. He started a secret room battle with Qian Jixun and rescued the goddess Bibi Dong, but was killed by the female Pope Bibi Dong... The future Qian Renxue actually became his daughter, and the story became extremely exciting. Draw a lottery to get anti-stab armor, shadow battle axe, .... Show more »

Completed 288 ch 3.6
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Doting the Concubines and Ignoring the Wife? I am the Cannon Fodder For This House-Fighting Article
128K views 182 Readers 5 reviews Jun 14, 2024 at 12:52

[The Crown Prince of Ji Fu Rituan Supervisor × the Daughter of the Marquis of Mingyan] 1V1 Shuang Jie Sweet Pet Article Dressed as the pampered and pampered daughter of the Hou family, Wei Hanzhang had no ambitions in life and only wanted to marry a little bamboo horse and live a happy life as a couple for the rest of his life. Unexpectedly, the little .... Show more »

Ongoing 210 ch 5.0
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It’s the End of the World, and the Perfect Life System is Here?
24.8K views 131 Readers 2 reviews Jun 14, 2024 at 00:57

When Meng Xu woke up, he found that he had activated the perfect life system and would be promoted and raised his salary immediately, reaching the pinnacle of his life. But when he opened the curtains, he was confused. The apocalypse is coming and zombies are everywhere! There is blood and fire everywhere, and darkness descends on the world. It’s the end of th.... Show more »

Completed 292 ch 0.0
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The Moon Over Tang Dynasty
7.1K views 23 Readers 0 review Jun 13, 2024 at 12:58

The original work of the hit drama "The Wind Rises in Xizhou"! This is the most prosperous era: bright clothes, angry horses, orchids like flowers; This is the cruelest era: flesh and blood kill each other, and human lives are like mustard; Reborn in this era, Kudi Liuli's goal is: to live to old age and death without cavities... I waved my pen among the sple.... Show more »

Ongoing 700 ch 4.3
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Immortality Begins with the Master of Alchemy
65.9K views 195 Readers 6 reviews Jun 13, 2024 at 00:57
Fantasy Martial Arts Xianxia

The mountain people are immortals who travel to and from Qingyun Peak. Refined in the furnace of yin and yang, the great road is in the heart. Luo Chen traveled through the world of immortality, using a proficiency panel to refine elixirs, practice methods and techniques, and step by step towards the road to immortality. (Skip the mortal world and start directly.... Show more »

Completed 1437 ch 3.0
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Rebirth of the Entertainment Circle: Return of the Queen
63.2K views 192 Readers 3 reviews Jun 12, 2024 at 12:56

[The new book "Infinite Mermaid Game" has been released. 】 She was the top diva in the music industry, and she died unjustly in her most glorious years. Once reborn, he becomes a useless trainee who can be bullied by everyone. Lost your stunning appearance? It doesn't matter, her natural singing voice is beyond the reach of all female stars Being teased about .... Show more »