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He Always Wanted to Kill Me After Saving the Sick Girl
219 views 0 Reader 0 review 47 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance

Bai Zhi wore a book, turned into a devouring evil spirit Raksha, and easily saved a dying beautiful boy. After saving it, it was discovered that the boy turned out to be the most brutal villain in the original book, Jiyue. Bai Zhi: Fuck? Am I the light that illuminates the villain's life? In order to save his life, Bai Zhi cautiously accompanied him, just to let hi.... Show more »

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3.2K views 0 Reader 0 review 3 hours ago
Urban Life

On a certain year, month and day, the Foreign Affairs Reception Hall of the Space-Time Administration. Fan Wubing stood stupidly at the window of the Exit-Entry Administration Department, waiting for the clerk to review his visa. "Reborn?" The clerk looked through the information and asked without raising his eyes. "Yeah." Fan Wubing nodded. "Are there any advanta.... Show more »

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Will You Die if You Don’t Pretend to be Forced?
2.4K views 28 Readers 4 reviews 6 hours ago
Adventure Comedy Romance Shoujo Ai Slice of Life Supernatural Yuri

I heard that recently the Underworld has opened a new “present life” business— Jiang Yuyan, as a salesperson in the emotional unit, started her helper business on Earth. “I have a commission! I want to retaliate against those scum men and women!” “The Underworld’s self-service system has accepted your request.” “I have a request! Please bring my ex-boyfriend down .... Show more »

Completed 562 ch 3.3
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I Have a Good Impression on Marvel
90.5K views 395 Readers 10 reviews 9 hours ago

I, Leon Coleson, the nephew of Coleson, the cutest S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in history. This is the story of my good feelings everywhere in the Marvel world and gradually become stronger. PS: The timeline is dominated by the MCU universe.

Ongoing 1335 ch 5.0
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The Host is Getting Beautiful Every Day
21.2K views 255 Readers 3 reviews 12 hours ago
Romance Sci-fi

[Quickly pass through] Su Qinghuan, the No. 1 disaster in the Six Realms, jumped off the cliff and died. Everyone shouted happy! But I don't know that the little fox is only bound to the quick-through system after disfigurement! System: "Do you want to restore your stunning face and reach the pinnacle of life?" Su Qinghuan: "...I refuse." System: "No! This system wi.... Show more »

Ongoing 84 ch 3.2
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Sage of Humanity
8.3K views 53 Readers 5 reviews 15 hours ago
Action Fantasy Martial Arts Mature Xuanhuan

The weak are hoarse, and no one cares, the strong whisper softly, but it can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. A flaming talent tree, each leaf carrying a different spirit pattern, the sect was destroyed, and Lu Ye, who was reduced to a mine slave, became a monk and stirred up the situation in Kyushu.

Completed 103 ch 4.0
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The Whole Entertainment Circle Begs Me To Shut Up
10.4K views 208 Readers 7 reviews 18 hours ago

There is a man in the entertainment circle and fan circle. Every time he mentions his ID, he is bloody. Not a debut star, but there are countless pairs of eyes staring at his dynamics. When found that this person is online. All star fans from all walks of life have only one voice-- quick! Stop his mouth! ! ! Hurry up! ! ! Without him, just because this person will cu.... Show more »

Completed 866 ch 2.7
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Alien Otaku Summoner
28.9K views 180 Readers 9 reviews 21 hours ago
Fan-Fiction Sci-fi

"Huh, scum," Mu Xiaoxiao glanced at the dragon-mother god on the ground with disdain, "Even you want to fight us? Black Rabbit, come over and tell him what the declaration of our Sky City is?" "Okay," the black rabbit stepped forward, "our declaration is: every second, every second!" "Well, that's right!" Mu Xiaoxiao didn't notice that the corner of her mouth twitch.... Show more »

Completed 54 ch 3.6
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His One Love
17.7K views 205 Readers 5 reviews Oct 19, 2021 at 21:57
Drama Josei Psychological Romance Tragedy

Lu Wanwan transmigrated inside a melodramatic and rich-businessman-type novel called The Rich Young Master’s Gentle Love. In the original novel, the eldest young miss of the Lu family was a one-hundred percent white lotus, she despised the male lead Shen Yi for having neither money nor influence, she forced him to divorce her and after their divorce, she cruelly crush.... Show more »

Completed 5756 ch 4.1
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My Entertainment Circle
46.5K views 299 Readers 10 reviews Oct 19, 2021 at 18:56
Urban Life

The work includes celebrities from China, Japan, and South Korea, as well as an online platform.

Completed 87 ch 3.0
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Great Detective, Your Wife is Jealous Again!
3.7K views 40 Readers 2 reviews Oct 19, 2021 at 15:55
Mystery Shoujo Ai Yuri

There is an old detective office that has been passed down since the period of the Republic of China in the alley of H City. It is called Cross Detective Office! I heard that the long white hair/beautiful girl who often wears a peaked cap with a cigarette in his mouth is the owner of that detective agency! In summer, I often wrap myself up tightly, looking depressed!.... Show more »

Completed 370 ch 2.4
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Lord of Riders
25.3K views 136 Readers 7 reviews Oct 19, 2021 at 12:57
Fantasy Game

In the world of riding and cutting, there is no fighting spirit flying, no cultivating immortality crossing the catastrophe, only the bloody blade, the sky of war, and the loud horse hiss. This is a cruel world, sword is the truth, killing is the rule, recruiting soldiers and horses, conquering the land, breaking the dark noble rule, Shao Yu step by step towards his g.... Show more »