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Legend has it that there is a place called “No. 8 Pawnshop” in the fourth dimension of space, where you can pawn gold and silver jewelry, land deeds, property deeds, even your limbs, internal organs, or luck, intelligence, reason, happiness, happiness, Love, even expensive souls, to fulfill all your desires.

Pawnshop No. 8, there is only code entry, no redemption.

That’s the road of no return.

Those who go there, when they come back, will become without hands, feet, liver, stomach, and heart, and even lose the mutation of their souls.
One day, they will become less human because of the pawn.

In the pawnshop No. 8, smiles are fake, sincerity is fake, pity is fake, everything is only a means of deception and seduction.

This article has no CP

Because of the problems of adding V to the list, the first story needs to be greatly changed. Therefore, the author apologizes for the trouble caused to readers, and has already started a separate chapter.

Content tags: Travel through time and space, infinite flow, martial arts, Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas

Search keywords: Protagonist: Ye Li ┃ Supporting roles: Ye Zhilan, Hei Ying, Lao Bai, Ye Chenyang, Shen Yue ┃ Others:

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Short Title:N8P
Alternate Title:[综]八号当铺.
Author:I was too late
Weekly Rank:#5156
Monthly Rank:#5318
All Time Rank:#9680
Tags:Female Protagonist, No Cp, No romance, Store Owner,
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  1. there is a novel i want its name ,PLS? the mc reborn in world where he can invest in anime ,tv,comics characters and he invest in naruto and sasuke in Naruto world and become even their teachers and he own this world afterwards he is in world fill in this

  2. if im remember correctly mc will investmen on chara novel and get return god currency, and if your chara get will of world you can summon chara to real wolrd Invesment God or something idk bcus im also lost my bookmark

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