Breaking through to the Ninth-Rank God Emperor, Ye Feng's strength greatly increased, getting stronger and stronger, and he became more brave as he fought, and gradually suppressed Emperor Moro.


Another great sky thunder technique appeared. This was not created by their four great **** emperors. This was the inheritance technique of the witch clan and could be aimed at them.


Emperor Moro was shocked and flew out, but was shocked by Ye Feng, and the humanity saw hope.

The other **** emperors gave up fighting other people and approached Ye Feng one after another. Only by beheading Ye Feng, could the sacrifice mode be activated.

Suddenly, the other three **** emperors trapped Ye Feng in the middle. With the power of one person, facing the four **** emperors, Ye Feng's pressure surged.

At this level of battle, Ding Feiyang couldn't get close. He spent tens of thousands of people before beheading a clone of Moro the Great. Now that he really came, it was impossible to even get close.

Those **** emperors surrounded them, watching Ye Feng fight the four **** emperors alone, they were very ashamed, if it weren't for Ye Feng, they would be dead now.

Thinking of the past, how absurd it is to unite three thousand worlds to kill Ye Feng together.

The battle situation gradually changed. Ye Feng became more and more courageous in the battle, and the power of the seven runes was gradually revealed. This was not calculated by the four **** emperors, and Ye Feng could gather seven runes.

There are also all kinds of witchcraft on him, and even the eyes of the sky witch appeared, which made the eyes of the four gods more and more cold.

"Ye Feng, give up, you have our mark on you, now I take it all back!"

Emperor Huangquan spoke suddenly, and with a stroke of his palm, the book of life and death was peeled out of Ye Feng's body and returned to Emperor Huangquan's hands.

Ye Feng froze in place, watching the book of life and death leave, but could do nothing. On all the artifacts, the marks of the four great gods were painted.

"Seven Slayers of Heaven, Deprivation!"

"Wanlong true body, deprived!"

"The Way of Runes, Deprivation!"

Under the gaze of all the people, Ye Feng's law disappeared little by little. After tens of thousands of years of cultivation, he fulfilled the four great **** emperors.

"Well, after absorbing these laws, I can comprehend that realm!"

Emperor Huangquan laughed loudly, his understanding of life and death is not yet thoroughly understood by Ye Feng. With the help of the laws in Ye Feng's body, he can successfully achieve the results he wants.

"It's a mellow law, but I have cultivated my own enchantment!"

The Great Emperor Moruo also made a sound of excitement, the Nine Prisons Devil Cauldron was deprived and left together, and Ye Feng's realm quickly slid down and instantly fell to the God Emperor realm.

The people in the Nine Stars Realm saw it cracking, especially Leng Bing and others, who tried to rush up several times, but were stopped by Tang Wu and others.

Going up now is undoubtedly looking for a dead end, the world is beginning to dry up, the world is like a purgatory, the fairy world is beginning to sink, and only the **** world has a quiet place for the time being.

Ye Feng was helpless, feeling that the law of the body was disappearing little by little, and his body was also changing. He quickly became a teenager, as time goes by, Ye Feng went back to the past.

After the four **** emperors absorbed Ye Feng's whole body law and essence, one by one they let out a deafening roar, and exploded more powerful aura from them.

"That's it, that's how it is, I finally realized that state!"

Emperor Moro screamed in excitement, like a child, got fresh toys and was very happy.

The same is true for the other three **** emperors. Everyone has a smile on their faces. No one knows what is inside the gate of eternal life.

Only the four of them knew that they must have seen another world before they knew that there was a supreme realm above the Ninth Rank Divine Emperor.

Ye Feng shrank a little bit, and quickly became the appearance of a ten-year-old child, exactly what Ye Feng looked like when he came to the earth, and his memories poured into Ye Feng's soul sea little by little.

"Ye Feng, do you remember now!"

With the color of playful abuse, Ye Feng lost the law, and now he is a mortal. They breathe out, and Ye Feng can be turned into ashes.

Ye Feng didn't speak, looking up at the sky, looking at the huge gate of eternal life, and finally knew where he came from.


Ye Feng was lost in thought, of course he knew, where he came from, and knew the past.

That kind of profound and profound meaning appeared in Ye Feng's heart, and the eyes of the sky witch slowly opened in the center of his eyebrows, the power of the witch god.

Although the four great **** emperors deprived Ye Feng of all the laws, they could not deprive Ye Feng of the power of the witch god. He is the descendant of the witch god, and the laws of his body still exist.

"You countless counts, take me out of it, as a stepping stone for you to become the Supreme Realm, you don't know that I have another identity, the descendant of the Wizard God!"

Ye Feng's realm returned little by little, and the Eye of the Sky Witch began to feed back its strength, and Ye Feng instantly returned to its peak state.

If the Four Great God Emperors didn't take away the laws in his body, Ye Feng would never know where he came from, and his memory would not be opened.

Now that everything is clear, Ye Feng was relieved, and his whole body became extremely relaxed.

Seeing Ye Feng's recovery, everyone in the God Realm cheered. Only Ye Feng could deal with the Four Great God Emperors.

"Do you think we don't know, even if you inherit the power of the witch god, you can't compete with the four of us!"

Ye Feng's actions were controlled by the four **** emperors, and he had known it for a long time.

But they couldn't laugh anymore soon, and Ye Feng's realm rose higher and higher, and he gradually had a tendency to rival them.

"kill him!"

The four of them no longer hesitate, and attacked together, beheading Ye Feng and becoming the overlord.

The heavens and the earth began to sink, and countless black air penetrated from the depths of the ground, full of eternal rotten breath, human beings caught it, and then died.

Everyone is powerless, the only way is to wait for Ye Feng to kill the four great **** emperors, take them into the gate of eternal life, and establish a new order when the world recovers.

A large number of people died, and in an instant, hundreds of millions of people died of the exhaustion of the heavens and the earth. Their bodies, contaminated by the rancid black air, turned into a pile of black water and flowed into the endless universe.

Ye Feng climbed to the peak of the Ninth Rank Divine Emperor, and still couldn't kill the four great divine emperors. They were too powerful and incredible.

At this moment, they were the shadow of Ye Feng. Ye Feng seemed to be fighting against him. Every kind of Dao intent on the four of them was taken away from Ye Feng.

If Ye Feng wants to defeat them, he needs to defeat himself. This is very difficult. It is possible to defeat others. To defeat himself, it requires not only courage, but also a strong heart.

One day and one night passed, and the Three Thousand Avenues took turns, but they still couldn't restrain the four of them. They also knew the little fate technique, and the power of death could not corrode them.

"Ye Feng, give up, you can't kill us!"

The Emperor Xianglong spoke, and Ye Feng wanted to kill them, it was almost impossible, because the four of them had exactly the same strength, how could it be possible to kill them.

More and more people are dying, and they are beginning to spread here, and the Nine-Star Realm is also in danger. No matter the victory or defeat, countless people will disappear with the world.


Ye Feng was shaken out, blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth, and the eyes of the sky witch opened, penetrating layers of space and infiltrating the gate of eternal life.

Then I closed my eyes, if it weren't for the inheritance of the wizard god, he had just become a teenager, and had been killed by the four great emperors. It was the wizard **** who helped Ye Feng.

A trace of destiny appeared, Ye Feng's soul left the body, and actually gave up the body, and the soul flew into the gate of eternal life.

This is his home and the place where Ye Feng was born. Back then, the four great **** emperors entered the gate of eternal life and discovered Ye Feng and brought it out.

"Behead his body!"

The four **** emperors did not hesitate, and Ye Feng's body instantly turned into powder and disappeared completely.

A vigorous battle finally disappeared, and the four great emperors won a complete victory.

Ye Feng disappeared except for a strand of remnant soul flying into the gate of immortality, even the Eye of the Sky Witch.

Ding Feiyang gave a wry smile, and mankind is still unavoidable of being sacrificed to heaven.

Who is Ye Feng, no one knows except the four great emperors, as if it were a mystery.

"The sacrifice to heaven begins!"

The four great **** emperors began to prepare to sacrifice to the sky, helping them to reach the last realm at night, and from then on, surpass the world.

One by one the strongmen died, even the Nine Star Realm could not be spared, and mankind suffered an unprecedented blow.

Three thousand worlds, countless creatures, human beings are just one of them.

Inside the gate of eternal life, Ye Feng's remnant soul kept wandering, still thinking, as if entering the boundless darkness.

Time passed by every minute, maybe a day, maybe a year, maybe hundreds of millions of years.

Ye Feng's soul seemed to have experienced countless years of insight, and he finally understood that he was just an instrumental spirit in this gate of eternal life, a medium leading to another world.

Countless flowers and human shadows appeared in front of them. They were flying back and forth in the air, emitting bursts of laughter.


The God Realm has been chaotic, and countless people have died at the hands of the Four Great God Emperors, and the realm of the four of them has continued to rise, and they have rushed out of the peak of the Ninth Rank God Emperor and reached another level, a new height.


With the sound of Tian Di Weng, some changes seemed to have occurred, the eyes of the four great **** emperors shrank, and the gate of eternal life was slowly shrinking, constantly changing, and then turned into a human appearance, exactly Ye Feng.

He is the instrumental spirit of the gate of eternal life, and he finally realized the ultimate meaning.

"Ye Feng, you are not dead!"

The face of the four great **** emperors showed incredible colors, and now even the gate of eternal life has disappeared, what should they do, lost the gate of eternal life, how do they survive the catastrophe of heaven and earth.

"Life is death, death is life, how can life and death be said!"

Ye Feng said that the ancient well did not wave, and there was no trace of fluctuation, as if there was no emotion in it, like the return of the ancient gods.

"Pretend to be a fool and kill him!"

The four great **** emperors will certainly not miss this opportunity to kill Ye Feng and gain immortality.


Nine stars exudes from the top of Ye Feng's head, shining thousands of miles, and the four **** emperors can't move, and they are restrained in place by Ye Feng.

The nine stars are in a row, forming a unique scene.

Like a killing god, Ye Feng's aura gradually awakened, and everything he had lost was slowly recovering.

"Great Destiny!"

The great destiny technique that had been lost for hundreds of thousands of years appeared. Ye Feng went from life to death, from death to life, and finally realized the great destiny technique.

Only if you die once can you truly understand what fate is.


Under the shining of nine stars, the four great **** emperors turned into green smoke, and they could not withstand Ye Feng's blow.

This is the Great Destiny Spell, the ruler of heaven and earth, the existence of eternal one.

The great destiny technique continued to extend, those who died recovered little by little, the nine-star realm returned to normal, and the dead people all came back to life. I don't know how many times stronger than the little destiny technique.

"Ye Feng, take us into the Nine Star Realm!"

In today's three thousand worlds, only the nine-star realm still has a pure land, and other places have become purgatory on earth.

Ding Feiyang led countless masters, knelt in front of Ye Feng, praying that Ye Feng would take them into the Nine Star Realm, and the world would soon sink.

"Heaven and earth change, Wushuang Jue, fate begins, and the gods return!"

The ninth portal was revealed, and Ye Feng understood the power of the gods and realized the realm above the Ninth Stage God Emperor.

The seven runes are closely linked together, he is the sky, he is the earth, he is the son of the heaven and the earth, a seed left over when the heaven and the earth were born.

The seven runes are like the placenta. They have conceived Ye Feng for countless years. Ye Feng doesn’t know what the gate of eternal life is. Every time the era changes, the gate of eternal life will eject a large amount of matter to form a new world. There is no new world!

The gate of eternal life appeared again, and Ye Feng stood at the gate of eternal life, looking at the entire starry sky, the world no longer existed.

"Everyone, follow me to find the real mystery of immortality!"

Countless people entered the Nine Stars Realm, Ye Feng rolled his hand, then disappeared, the gate of eternal life slowly closed, and Ye Feng was marching towards a new world.

What is waiting ahead, no one knows, the new chapter is continuing, and the nine-star world has ushered in a new beginning, the name of the nine-star killing **** will be passed on forever!

(End of the book)