Thousands of **** emperors finally couldn't bear it. If Ye Feng didn't die, they would die.

Ye Feng sneered, and moved into the crowd, aiming at the saint of the Saint Xuan clan.

"Come here!"

After tens of thousands of years of cultivation, Ye Feng's realm has reached an unbelievable level. The saint did not escape this time and was imprisoned by Ye Feng alive.

"With your body, you can help me perfect the law!"

Among the nine imperial magic cauldrons, Ye Feng's clone began to spend a weekend with the saint. The Saint Xuan clan has the purest blood, and the laws in their bodies are the first in the three thousand worlds.

The law in the saint's body continuously blended with Ye Feng, and that kind of harmonious mood made Ye Feng infinitely close to the nine-tier **** emperor.

Once they broke through the Ninth Rank Divine Emperor, these people could no longer kill themselves.

A **** emperor exploded, turned into flesh and blood, and was smashed by Ye Feng with a punch. Thousands of **** emperors had already penetrated the sky, and there was darkness everywhere.

After absorbing the law of the Saint Xuan clan, Ye Feng's strength greatly increased, and Ye Feng did not release the saint. From then on, he could only do his forbidding and supply Ye Feng's absorption law day and night.

Ding Feiyang took out several imperial artifacts and kept suppressing them. No one on both sides could do anything about it. It was not that simple for Ye Feng to kill Ding Feiyang.


The gate of eternal life suddenly fell, and everyone felt the suffocating power, and stopped their hands one after another. In just a short time, hundreds of **** emperors died.

The four figures slowly walked out of it, Ye Feng's eyes shrank, and the fate technique on his body seemed to have undergone some changes, and his destiny began to slowly become clear.

"Ye Feng, long time no see!"

With a faint smile, Emperor Huangquan actually walked out of the gate of eternal life.

Then came Emperor Xianglong, Emperor Moro, and Emperor Xingyu.

The four of them represent the pinnacle of the three thousand worlds, the most extreme of mankind. It is said that they had already comprehended the realm above the Ninth-Rank God Emperor. As for what it was, no one knew.

"long time no see?"

Ye Feng looked puzzled, as if it was the first time he saw the four of them. For a long time, the four of them had been living in Ye Feng's memory and had never appeared before.

"Of course, we met before you were ten!"

Emperor Huangquan had a faint smile, but behind this smile, countless people's backs were chilled. In that battle, countless people were killed and injured.

Especially Emperor Moro, his appearance shocked Ding Feiyang. He killed and injured countless people in the past, but only beheaded one of his clones, and his true body has entered the gate of eternal life.

"Sure enough, you sent me to the earth!"

Ye Feng's eyes suddenly became extremely gloomy. It's no wonder that all his memories before the age of ten disappeared and he was blocked by the four great emperors.

"Yes, we set you up for your destiny track!"

Emperor Moro spoke suddenly, and everything was planned by the four of them in advance.

To comprehend the seven forms of killing the sky, or the nine changes of gods and demons, these are the meanings of Emperor Moro and inherited his mantle.

Obtained the book of life and death, this is the inheritance of Emperor Huangquan.

Enlightenment of Fudao inherited the inheritance of Emperor Xingyu.

Wanlong True Body inherited the inheritance of Xianglong Emperor, and everything was inseparable from the Four Great God Emperors.

The humans around were a little dumbfounded. The four great **** emperors actually appeared in the legend.

"I want to know, what happened that year?"

Ye Feng asked Ding Feiyang this time, the four great gods appeared, Ding Feiyang should be able to say.

"Unfortunately everything is too late!"

Ding Feiyang gave a wry smile. Now, what is the point of saying it?

"Let me do it!"

The king spoke. The three thousand worlds killed the four of them, only the clone of Moro the Great was killed by humans.

The king is the highest dragon emperor of the dragon clan, but now there is no trace of arrogance.

"In order to break through the supreme realm, the four great **** emperors intend to use the power of the gate of eternal life to break through the realm. With the power of three thousand worlds, they cannot complete the reversal. The only way is to kill everyone and absorb the laws in their bodies. Complete the conversion."

The laws of heaven and earth have boundaries. The Ninth-Rank God Emperor is the pinnacle and cannot go further. The only way is to gather the power of heaven and earth to break through.

"Sacrifice to heaven!"

In Ye Feng's mind, two words suddenly appeared, as if they had already existed in his memory.

"Yes, it is to sacrifice to the heavens, use the power of the heavens and the earth to open the doors of the universe, and you can enter a new heaven and earth, so that you can live forever."

Emperor Moro spoke, offering sacrifices to the heavens is like burying the immortals, but offering sacrifices to the heavens is even more cruel, requiring three thousand whole beings in the world. No wonder Ding Feiyang wants Ye Feng to abolish his cultivation base to save them all.

"You are also a generation of **** emperors, and both are human beings, why do you do such a cruel thing!"

Ye Feng was puzzled. In order to immortalize himself, countless people were buried with him. Ye Feng could not do it.

"If we found you early, we wouldn't do it, but now there is no need to sacrifice to the heavens!"

The Great Emperor Xingyu has spoken, and all problems are not problems. In the gate of eternal life, they have been comprehending for countless years, they have already comprehended that state, and they have also seen another world.

"Speak clearly!"

Ye Feng became more and more confused about what he was and what the four great emperors wanted to do.

"Ye Feng, now you must be very curious about what you exist, where are the memories before ten years old, and why the four of us joined forces to create you."

Emperor Moro said with a smile, but there was no trace of emotion in their eyes. They had cultivated for countless years, and they had become insensitive. Their only hope was immortality.

"Ye Feng, now I know why I want you to abolish the purpose of the cultivation base. Back then, the four great **** emperors wanted to destroy three thousand worlds and help them complete the transformation of realm. For this reason, our three thousand worlds united and killed four. The Great God Emperor saved countless creatures."

Ding Feiyang spoke. It turned out to be to save the common people before beheading Emperor Moro. Everything was a conspiracy.

Ye Feng finally understood that the four great divine emperors had deteriorated. For their own purposes, it was their constant pursuit to break the shackles of the nine-tier divine emperor by any means.

"Ding Feiyang, you are such a disciple in my life, you dare to go against me, all of you are going to die today!"

The heaven and the earth are depleting faster and faster. The four great **** emperors have already lived for two epochs. If they don't break through the legendary realm, they will die in this epoch.

"Listen, everyone, the four great **** emperors are back and want to start the sacrifice mode and kill all of us. Now I declare that the three thousand worlds will unite and deal with the four great **** emperors!"

Ye Feng originally thought that Ding Feiyang was his greatest enemy, but he didn't expect that his greatest enemy would be the four great **** emperors who created him.

Back then, if Ding Feiyang had not led the three thousand worlds to stop the four great emperors, they would not have created Ye Feng, they would have detached from this world and achieved supreme status.

Thousands of **** emperors gathered together, ready to take action against the four great **** emperors. Just as in the past, beheading one can prevent the sacrificial event from happening.

"Ding Feiyang, do you think I will give you another chance?"

When Emperor Huangquan waved his hand, two auras of black and white appeared. The **** emperors who were close to him died unexpectedly and turned into nourishment for heaven.

Ye Feng's eyes narrowed. When things came to this point, how to choose, he already knew, although the four great divine emperors created themselves, depending on the situation, the four great divine emperors seemed to kill all of them.

"Seven Slayers of Heaven!"

Ye Feng performed the seven slaying styles and began to attack the four great **** emperors. Even if they detached from this world, Ye Feng would kill them.

"Ye Feng, it's useless, I taught you your seven slaying styles. No one knows the power of this martial skill better than me!"

When Emperor Moruo waved his hand, a giant axe appeared in his hand, even hundreds of times stronger than Ye Feng.


The two giant axes collided, and the surrounding space began to collapse, and countless low-level warriors instantly turned into a pile of fly ash and disappeared.

And Ye Feng's body was directly shaken away for tens of thousands of miles, and the gap between the two was so big, could it be that the four of them had surpassed the Ninth Rank God Emperor.

Among so many **** emperors, only Ye Feng is the strongest. If Ye Feng is not an opponent, it is estimated that everyone will die.

"Ye Feng, don't make fearless sacrifices, you have the marks left by the four of us on you, you can take your life at any time!"

The Emperor Xianglong spoke, and before he took a shot, the tyrannical aura appeared, and everyone on the scene could not get close.

The dragon king showed anger on his face, thinking that killing Ye Feng would prevent the four great divine emperors from returning, but unfortunately they still had a wrong idea. Even if Ye Feng was killed, it would not be able to stop the development of things.

"Just try and you will find out!"

Ye Feng continued to take action, all kinds of Taoism were displayed, three thousand avenues, squeezed by hand, everything is the supreme way, full of the mystery of heaven and earth.

It's a pity that in front of the four great **** emperors, they can only be ruthlessly resolved, and they can't hurt them at all.

"Ye Feng, this is a heaven and earth talisman, it can help you rise to the Ninth Rank God Emperor!"

A magic rune suddenly appeared from Ding Feiyang. This seventh rune was actually on his body. It was already known that Ye Feng inherited many runes. With the help of the seventh one, he hoped to break through the Ninth-Rank God Emperor.

"Thank you!"

The magic rune in Ye Feng's primordial spirit suddenly merged with this heaven and earth rune, and in an instant the golden light was flourishing, and Ye Feng successfully broke through to the Ninth Rank God Emperor.

After the breakthrough, the strength greatly increased, more than doubled, but dozens or even hundreds of times.

"Great Slaughter Technique!"

Ye Feng used a big killing technique and arrested the Great Emperor Moruo. As long as one person was killed, everything would stop.

Emperor Moruo narrowed his eyes, as if he felt a crisis, while in other areas, the dragon clan began to attack the Xianglong Emperor, the demons attacked the Huangquan Emperor, and the God Realm began to attack the Xingyu Emperor.

Tens of thousands of people are constantly shooting in the air to destroy the sky. Even if they win, the world will no longer exist. Their battle is about who can survive from this world.

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