After spending thousands of years, Ye Feng basically figured out the origin of the gate of eternal life.

It seems that since the first era, the gate of eternal life has always existed, and every time the epoch changes, the gate of eternal life will appear.

It is said that as long as you enter the gate of eternal life, you can enter the next era and understand the mystery of immortality. Back then, the four great **** emperors entered the gate of eternal life together, hoping to understand the destiny of eternal life.

There are also legends that inside the gate of eternal life is another world. When you enter it, you can see things that are three thousand away. These spurted treasures came from that world.

Various versions, but did not affect Ye Feng's judgment, this gate of eternal life is definitely a key to the rise and fall of heaven and earth, the four great **** emperors are definitely not dead, if they die, the gods will not have such a big reaction.

Ye Feng killed many **** emperor masters. Some things in the past were somewhat heard, so he was worried.

After more than 10,000 years of development, the God Realm has entered a new world. It is no longer the top ten sects. More and more **** emperors appear, and the gate of eternal life gradually emerges, sometimes without disappearing for a few days.

Nine Star Realm!

Several strange figures appeared, visiting this enchantment for the first time.

"Ding Feiyang, what are you doing in our Nine Star Realm!"

In the depths of the nine-star realm, Ye Feng made a sound of contempt, did not open the nine-star realm, and no one could step in without Ye Feng's permission, and a unique enchantment had formed here.

"Ye Feng, there are many misunderstandings between us. For example, today's five decays have begun, we should discuss how to survive this catastrophe, instead of fighting each other!"

Ding Feiyang's voice was not hurried or slow, and said slowly.

Regardless of any grudges and grievances in the past, it seemed insignificant in terms of heaven and earth exhaustion.

Ye Feng moved his eyebrows and opened the Nine Star Realm. With his current power, Ding Feiyang and others could no longer threaten him.

In the small world, Ye Feng sat on a lotus flower, pinched his hands, as if a **** descended.

Feeling the terrifying aura on Ye Feng's body, several **** emperors including Ding Feiyang showed horror.

They have been practicing for tens of thousands of years, but compared with Ye Feng, the gap between them is getting farther and farther.

"sit down!"

As soon as Ye Feng waved, several lotus flowers appeared and asked them to sit on it. Since the visitors were guests, Ye Feng's etiquette should be no less.

"Ye Feng, it is estimated that within five hundred years, the heavens and the earth will enter exhaustion in the true sense. It will also be the day when mankind is extinct. Except for us **** emperors, I am afraid that countless people will die. This is a disaster for our mankind. Come, I hope to discuss with you how to get through this catastrophe."

Ding Feiyang has gone through a change of epoch. Last time, Emperor Moro was still there and helped him through it successfully, but this time he didn't know.

"If I didn't guess wrong, you have lived for two epochs and you should know better than me. Why do you want to discuss it with me?"

Ye Feng was very curious. An epoch was hundreds of millions of years or even longer. This Ding Feiyang didn't know how many years he had lived. In the last epoch, he reached the level of a fifth-rank **** emperor.

"It is precisely because I have experienced it that I know the horror of the era change, the five decay of heaven and man, as long as it is a living creature, it will slowly decay and eventually become a pile of withered bones."

Ding Feiyang gave a wry smile. Last time the era changed, he watched his family members, relatives and friends die one by one, but was powerless, so in this era, Ding Feiyang is still alone.

After speaking, Ding Feiyang took out a picture scroll, which was portrayed in the last era and displayed it in front of Ye Feng little by little.

The sky and the earth began to collapse. From the depths of the ground, jet black gas was ejected. Whether it was a human or something else, it would die instantly after being contaminated with the black gas.

In the last epoch, there were no three realms, only one plane, so humans died very quickly.

It's not like this era, which separated the three realms of immortal and mortal gods, even if the era change begins, the mortal realm will be affected first, followed by the immortal realm, and finally the **** realm.

Give the God Realm a chance to fully prepare. After five hundred years, the mortal realm will first spread, in the five hundred year immortal realm, in the five hundred year **** realm.

More than a thousand years, the God Realm can do a lot.

The picture continued to show up, and in the end countless creatures died, and only one gate of eternal life remained in the sky. A few hundred years later, the gate of eternal life ejected a lot of matter.

There are planets, God's realms, secret spaces, rare substances, and even seeds.

Tens of thousands of years have passed, the universe has formed again, and another cycle begins.

The picture scroll slowly closed, and the several **** emperors who came with Ding Feiyang all showed awe. They were all **** emperors of this era, naturally they didn't understand it, and it was the first time they saw it.

"You came to show me these things?"

Ye Feng asked curiously, Ding Feiyang took the initiative to find himself, not looking at these things.

"You are right. I came here to hope that you can abolish your own cultivation so that we humans have a chance to continue to survive."

As soon as Ding Feiyang's words fell, Ye Feng revealed a strong murderous aura. This Ding Feiyang actually wanted to kill himself.

"I have always wanted to know why you expect me to die so much!"

Ye Feng Gujing has no waves. After tens of thousands of years of cultivation, his xinxing is no longer as impulsive as he was back then. Ding Feiyang must have his reason to say that.

"Don't talk, don't talk!"

Ding Feiyang shook his head. If he could say it, he would have said it a long time ago. Once it was said, the four great divine emperors felt it, but it was not good.

"You keep telling me to die and become the whole world, but you don't give a reasonable explanation. Do you think your words are credible?"

Ye Feng waved his hand and directly issued a eviction order to let them leave.

"Ye Feng, we really have something unspeakable. If we can tell it, we won't wait until today. Once the four gods return, everything will be too late. From then on, we humans can only live like pigs and dogs."

Ding Feiyang stood up, hoping that Ye Feng would be considerate.


Ye Feng coldly yelled out a word, opened the nine-star realm, and sent them out, but did not make a move.

Leaving the Nine-Star Realm, Ding Feiyang smiled bitterly, and originally discussed cooperation with Ye Feng, but it seemed that it would not work. Ye Feng will not abolish the cultivation base, any cooperation is unnecessary.

Close his eyes, Ye Feng continued to deduct. Ye Feng has not practiced in these years and has been deducing what will happen in the future and his own destiny.

No matter how Ye Feng deduced, he just couldn't find where his destiny was. It was very strange, as if this world did not exist.

Earth Ye Feng has also gone, his destiny is not there, and it is no longer three thousand worlds, where is that?

Within five hundred years of flicking, the mortal world was the first to be affected. From the depths of the ground, a billowing black gas emerged. Human beings were infected and immediately died.

In just a few decades, apart from the ascension to the Immortal Realm, there was no living being in the Mortal Realm. Ye Feng was in the God Realm, and he could see it clearly.

Then came the immortal world, black energy emerged, and the human beings were still monsters, fleeing one after another, going to other planes, seeking self-protection.

But at this time, the God Realm suddenly made a decision that shocked the world, to unite the three thousand worlds to defeat Ye Feng, and only by beheading him can he have a chance to stop the five decay of heaven and man.


Three thousand worlds came and gathered at the entrance of the nine-star realm. Ye Feng had to face the attack of the whole world. No one knew whether a nine-star realm could resist it.

Ye Feng had already thought of such an ending. Three Thousand Worlds would not allow him to live in this world. It was no longer a day or two.

Today's Shangguan Xiao Xue had reached the Divine Emperor Realm, and looked at Ye Feng with a bitter expression, because he didn't understand why the Master wanted to kill Ye Feng all the time.

The catastrophe is approaching, and mankind should unite and resist the catastrophe in order to avoid this epoch change.

Fortunately, everyone killed each other, hoping to kill Ye Feng and gain peace.

"Ding Feiyang, you, a scum who kills masters and ancestors, finally revealed your nature today!"

Ye Feng stood proudly in the void, and there were thousands of **** emperors standing behind him. After tens of thousands of years of development in the Nine Star Realm, the number of **** emperors actually matched the three thousand worlds.

All the twelve witch gods returned to their positions. They were the real mainstays of the Nine Star Realm. They were very powerful, especially witchcraft, and changed the rules of heaven and earth at will.

"Ye Feng, I don’t care what prejudice you have towards me, but today I tell you, if you don’t die, all of us will die. If you die alone, all of us can live. If it’s you, you How to choose."

Ding Feiyang explained that he would do this if he replaced him with any one, killing Ye Feng and saving the whole world.

"Don't say it so high-sounding, don't you just want to kill me, what kind of disaster, what is for humans, is **** fart."

Ye Feng burst into swearing, and in front of the God Realm, the Buddha Realm, the Dragon Realm, the Saint Profound Clan, the Ghost Realm, the Demon Realm, the Thunder Realm, the Tool Realm, the Talisman Realm, and so on, there were three thousand realms, and they regarded their words as fart.

Except for the Devil, everyone and Ye Feng are independent.

"Ye Feng, you are still stubborn. The four great **** emperors have used you and used you as an introduction to welcome their return. As long as they return, we will all die. Do you know that what happened back then..."

Another **** emperor stood up, not yet finished, from the gate of eternal life, a thunder and lightning came, beheading this nine-rank **** emperor on the spot.

Everyone was shocked, including Ye Feng, the gate of eternal life seemed to be very taboo, they mentioned the events of the year.

"Ye Feng, now you see it, it's not that we don't mention it. Once mentioned, everyone will die!"

Ding Feiyang showed a look of helplessness. If he could say, why wait until today.

Ye Feng frowned. What secrets are hidden in this gate of eternal life? As long as the Great Tribulation of Heaven and Earth appears, it will accompany the gate of eternal life, spraying endless matter and giving birth to a new era.

A trace of black air began to emerge from the depths of the God Realm, and the five decays of heaven and man finally spread to the God Realm, otherwise Ding Feiyang would not bring so many masters.

"Time is too late, Ye Feng must be killed!"

Some **** emperors couldn't help it anymore. After all, low-level **** emperors might not be able to survive this epoch change, and this time is different, maybe everyone can't survive it.

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