The Devil Emperor roared, the voice tore the sky, and the devilish energy was rolling, and he flooded towards Ye Feng. The two nine-rank **** emperors combined a blow, which was extremely powerful.

"Good job!"

Ye Feng is in urgent need of various **** emperor laws in his body now, since there are so many **** emperors, Ye Feng will certainly not miss it.


Four portals appeared, forming four directions, suppressing dozens of **** emperors in place, unable to move.

"Pupil, Skyfire!"

The endless sky fire appeared, and those low-level **** emperors could not escape at all, and were instantly burned out. The essence and blood in their bodies was still the law, which fulfilled Ye Feng.

After absorbing those laws, Ye Feng's methods became stronger and stronger. The more he fought, the more courageous he was. Just now, a tie was formed. In a blink of an eye, Ye Feng had the upper hand.

Fortunately, the devil emperor and the saint dodged in time to avoid being swept by the sky fire, and their faces showed incredible colors.

"Today you are all going to die!"

Ye Feng stepped on, the surrounding wind was surging, the world began to change color, countless cracks appeared in the sky of the gods, the battle between gods and demons, and silence appeared again for tens of thousands of years.

But this time it was Ye Feng who dealt with the entire Demon Race alone. It was not like ten thousand years ago when the God Realm and the Demon Realm fought each other and penetrated the sky to form the Three Realms.

The twelve witch gods, all ascended to the **** emperor realm, their witchcraft emerge in an endless stream, which is a great weapon to help Ye Feng continuously behead the enemy.

The Devil Emperor became more and more frightened as he fought, and kept backing away. Ye Feng looked like an eighth rank **** emperor, but his true strength had already reached the peak of the nine rank **** emperor, and even higher.

"Give me refining and make an imperial weapon!"

Ye Feng grabbed a few Buddha emperors and refined them alive. The essence and blood in their bodies and the rules were all integrated into the Buddha.

It originally absorbed more than a dozen dragon bones, but now it lacks the nourishment of Buddha Qi. These Buddha emperors are the best nourishment.

The Buddha statue continued to climb, and in the eyes of everyone, the Buddha statue successfully entered the ranks of imperial artifacts, and was immediately suppressed, and several **** emperors were crushed to death.


Ye Feng had already red eyes, and with his footsteps, the space began to collapse, and the surroundings fell into darkness.


Several more **** emperors died, the Demon Realm, the Dragon Realm, the Buddha Realm, and the Saint Profound Clan, hundreds of **** emperors came, and no one could get close to Ye Feng.

Ding Feiyang's eyes kept shrinking in the distance, and Ye Feng's strength had exceeded their predictions. Now that he united with God Realm, he might not be Ye Feng's opponent.

"Hurry up!"

The saint is more acquainted, and she is not Ye Feng's opponent in front of her. She can only withdraw first. Before dispatching more masters, she must besiege Ye Feng.

"If I want to go now, I don't really care about my Nine Star Realm. Leave it to me!"

How could Ye Feng allow them to leave? Today, he will kill a hundred people and tell Three Thousand Worlds that if he offends Ye Feng, there is only one dead end.

In a crash!

When the **** Shura appeared, Ye Feng could crush them alone, and the addition of the **** Shura, the twelve witch gods, and hundreds of **** emperors had surrounded them all.


Ye Feng first aimed at the saint, she was the culprit, she should have united several other planes to attack the nine-star realm together.

Skyfire reappeared, and this time Ye Feng would not give them any more opportunities. The first among them was the Demon Emperor, unable to avoid it, and was lit by Skyfire.

"Ye Feng, you have to die, the four **** emperors return, the first one will not let you go!"

The voice of the Devil Emperor tore through the space, spreading to every corner, and many people showed horror, even the gods, panic at the moment.

No one can stop Ye Feng's footsteps. I am afraid that only Ding Feiyang has a chance to unite with the Dragon King to defeat Ye Feng.

"Unfortunately you can't see that day!"

Ye Feng threw him into the Nineth-Rank Demon Cauldron, the Ninth-Rank Divine Emperor, his whole body law was extremely powerful, and instantly made up for Ye Feng's consumption just now, and his whole body rules became more and more condensed, infinitely close to the existence of the Nineth-Rank God Emperor.

Looking at the saint, she found a trace of panic on her face. She had been suppressed by the imperial pen for tens of thousands of years. Once she got out of trouble, she was crushed by Ye Feng. Her heart was very unbalanced.

"Ye Feng, our Saint Profound Clan will not let you go!"

The saint suddenly formed a seal with her hands, and then her body disappeared a little bit, and she used the secret method of the Saint Xuan clan to escape. Before Ye Feng could use the sky fire, she took the initiative to escape.

"Count you escape fast!"

Ye Feng didn't continue pursuing, and he just closed it when he saw it. Now in the Three Thousand World, anyone who dares to provoke the Nine Star Realm has become a forbidden existence.

Hundreds of **** emperors, including dragons, buddhas, demons, runes, saints, etc., all died except for the saint who fled.

Ye Feng looked at the endless void and stared at Ding Feiyang, Ye Feng showed a provocative look.

"Ding Feiyang, you hypocrite, one day, I will personally unscrew your head!"

Ye Feng sneered and used the little fate technique, and all the divine emperors lost in the Nine Star Realm came alive, with almost zero casualties.

One goes down and the other goes up, the **** emperor of the nine-star realm is close to the sum of the ten sects.

"Ye Feng, you are wrong, so wrong!"

Ding Feiyang gave a wry smile, Ye Feng has already entered a mystery. The faster he grows, the four great divine emperors will be happier. Their purpose is to let Ye Feng grow up quickly.

"In my eyes, no one is right or wrong, only power, who can survive is the final winner!"

Even if you are at a high level and die in the end, no one will remember you. History is left to the living.

Ye Feng is now at this knot of bones, who will not listen to anyone's words. He returned to the nine-star realm, broke into countless French, and those **** emperor laws were all integrated into the enchantment, and the nine-star realm became stronger.

Except for the entrance, there is no place to enter, and the Ninth-Rank Divine Emperor cannot tear the crystal wall of the Nine-Star Realm.

In the Nine Star Realm, there was shaking up and down, this time several people came in front of him, and they were still ranked very high. Among them, the dragon family had always occupied the top of the three thousand worlds.

After this battle, the dragon's vitality was severely injured, and it was definitely not as good as before.

Needless to say, the Devil Realm is dead. Now the Devil Realm is definitely in chaos. Ye Feng intends to lead Yan Tianju to conquer the Devil Realm.

After ten days, the masters of the Demon Realm were basically suppressed, and all those who dared to resist were killed. Yan Tianju became a new generation of Demon Emperor and inherited the Demon Empire.

And the God Realm also began to move, uniting other planes, such as the Ghost Festival, the Art Realm, the Rune Realm, the Thunder Realm...

All planes are awakening, the heaven and the earth are beginning to dry up, and they must unite together to resist the changes brought about by the heaven and the earth this time.

Ye Feng was indifferent to the actions of the God Realm, and was still practicing every day, accompanied by several women.

A few months later, Princess Nether gave birth to a daughter, and the entire Nine Star Realm celebrated Ye Feng's happiness.

A male and female Ye Feng reshaped their bodies again, and now they have become adults, in charge of the alchemy of the nine-star realm.

All the elixir prescriptions and the cultivation of pill medicine masters come from their hands.

Amu and Xueer have given birth to their second child, and their lives are sweet and sweet.

Ye Feng also had an extra younger brother, and he was loved by thousands at birth. With so many sister-in-laws, and Ye Feng's vigorous training, he reached the fairyland in just a few months, very fast.

As time passed day by day, it seemed that everyone was waiting, the God Realm was waiting, and Ye Feng was waiting.

No one acted rashly, the frequency of the gate of eternal life gradually increased, and the substance ejected from it continued to increase.

Ye Feng sits in the nine-star realm, looking at the starry sky with his eyes, penetrating countless spaces, hoping to penetrate the gate of eternal life.

It's a pity that divine consciousness can't penetrate into it. The gate of eternal life is like a existence without space, time, or laws. When divine consciousness enters, it will be swallowed completely.

Year after year passed, three years later, Mu Bai returned and was finally promoted to the rank of imperial weapon.

For Ye Feng, Mu Bai could only be grateful. If it weren't for Ye Feng, he wouldn't have achieved what he is today.

Transformed into a middle-aged man, from then on, assisted Ye Feng to ascend the position of supreme glory.


The gate of eternal life revealed a third of its position this time, and a large amount of matter continued to be ejected from it. This time Ye Feng's goal was tightly locked.

"Mysterious door!"

The universe stretched out and a portal appeared. Once it appeared, countless big hands appeared and they all fought for it, including Ding Feiyang.

Now, the only way is to strengthen oneself.

Who knew that a bigger hand appeared, just like the hand of God, taking away the mysterious door without mercy.

"It's this Ye Feng again, the treasures spurted out over the years, Jicheng was taken away by him!"

In the depths of the universe, some people became dissatisfied, but they were helpless. In just four or five years, a large number of **** emperors were born in the God Realm. Because of the changes in heaven and earth, the realm of all people has changed.

As for the Three Thousand Avenue, except for the great destiny technique, Ye Feng knew all about cultivation, and swallowed hundreds of **** emperors. In their memory, there was the shadow of the Three Thousand Avenue.

Ye Feng deduced a little, and all the Taoism was fully understood. It was this great destiny that Ye Feng had deduced for tens of thousands of years, but still had no clue.



In the blink of an eye, thousands of years have passed, and even some people have forgotten Ye Feng and the first battle of the year. However, the changes between heaven and earth made the fight for resources more cruel.

The Nine Star Realm is no longer tens of millions of people back then, it has evolved into hundreds of millions, or even tens of billions.

"Ye Feng, I want you to play with me!"

Fan Xiaobing still looks like that, all day long forcing Ye Feng to play with her, and finally in desperation coldly, he decides on his own, letting Ye Feng collect it for her, so as not to come over to mischief every day.

The sky and the earth are exhausted and gradually spread to the earth. After thousands of years, the earth has also entered a new history of civilization. Humans are becoming fewer and fewer, and they are gradually replaced by machines.

I have successfully stepped out of the Milky Way, but unfortunately it is still far away from three thousand worlds, and there is still a long, long way to go.

The twelve witch gods gradually took shape, and Ye Feng began to let them take over the world. Once the world changed greatly, it was also an opportunity to take over again.


The Gate of Eternal Life revealed two-thirds of its position this time, spewing out more treasures, and even many things that people had never seen before. It is so strange that a pill can directly raise a person to the realm of the fifth rank **** emperor.

Now Ye Feng began to wonder whether this gate of eternal life was a treasure chest.