The hall returned to calm, the eldest prince died, and the Devil Realm lost more than a dozen **** emperors. Among them, the seventh rank **** emperor occupied three or four people, all of whom died under the explosion of the virtual talisman.

Who would have thought that the big prince would suddenly come in, bring in a bunch of virtual symbols, and explode his body, causing great trauma to the demons.

"It's Ye Feng again!"

The saint is familiar with Ye Feng's voice, and it was Ye Feng who made the laugh just now.

Hearing the words Ye Feng, the Demon Emperor gritted his teeth angrily. Both of his sons died in Ye Feng's hands. How could he swallow this breath.

"Let the order go on, ten days later, unite with the Saint Profound Clan and attack the God Realm!"

The Devil Emperor was finally angry. Ten days later, he would attack the God Realm and behead Ye Feng.

Ye Feng returned to the God Realm, and with the help of the Dijiang Witch Treasure, he successfully broke through to the Eighth-Rank God Emperor. Now even if he meets Ding Feiyang, Ye Feng has the power to fight.

The Nine Stars Realm also gradually appeared in the sight of the God Realm, Ye Feng didn't need to hide in hiding, two human figures appeared sneakily at the entrance of the Nine Stars Realm.


Xiaomu shot, and hundreds of tentacles appeared, directly binding the two figures in place.

"Sacred Tree!"

Two figures, one gold and one red, exclaimed, Xiaomu has grown into a sacred tree, and even a Ninth-Rank God Emperor can hardly kill it.

"Dragons are visiting, the Nine Star Realm welcomes you!"

Ye Feng's voice sounded inside the Nine Star Realm. With a big hand, a man and a woman were caught in, without any resistance.

I remember that when Ye Feng went to the Dragon Realm last time, he was only a fifth-rank **** emperor. The king sent two seventh-rank **** emperors, enough to crush Ye Feng, who knew that Ye Feng had now reached the eighth-rank **** emperor.

In an enchantment, Ye Feng looked at the two dragon kings with a smile, and the corners of his mouth were crooked.

"Ye Feng, you are so brave to steal hundreds of dragon king bones from our dragon clan!"

Shenxuan showed anger, although he was a little scared, but the dragon family's background is here, I hope Ye Feng will hand over the dragon bones obediently.

"It's just a bunch of bugs, don't make yourself the real boss, since you are here today, just be my mount!"

Ye Feng sneered and said that it was the Dragon Race. In Ye Feng's eyes, they were a group of bugs. They were ranked first in the three thousand worlds due to their strong physique.

"you dare!"

If he becomes a human mount, he will have no face in the future, and he won't even be able to return to the Dragon Race.

"I dare not do anything!"

With a big hand, the two couldn't move. Ye Feng forcibly planted a mark in their bodies, and their souls were locked. They couldn't do without Ye Feng's control, making them afraid to go eastward.

Seventh-Rank Dragon Emperor became a mount and made a complete sensation in the nine-star realm, completely shocked by Ye Feng's methods.


The sky began to shake again, and the gate of eternal life was revealed again, and some matter began to be ejected from it, flowing into the three thousand worlds.

Ye Feng looked at the starry sky quietly, the heaven and the earth began to fall into exhaustion, and countless treasures would be ejected from it. Some were left over from the last century, and some erupted early in the next century.

The law of heaven and earth became more and more tyrannical, and some masters who were stuck in the Ninth Rank Divine Emperor broke through the realm one after another and entered the Divine Emperor realm.

The Three Thousand World has entered the most prosperous development period, and masters are springing up like bamboo shoots.

In the nine-star world, it is extremely prosperous, and Ye Feng has opened up countless small worlds, suitable for human survival and development.

During this period of time, every day I was soaking up with a few women and playing with their son. The women's stomachs were bulging and they were pregnant with Ye Feng's child.

During this period of double cultivation, they helped all the women to break through the realm and reach the **** emperor realm. There are many **** emperors in the nine-star realm today, but they are all low-level **** emperors.

Ten days later, the God Realm was forcibly opened a gap, and the Demon Race and Sheng Xuan came and broke through the God Realm gate.

Afterwards, Dragon Realm, Fu Realm, etc., all entered. They did not rape, kill, or plunder. They had only one purpose, to kill Ye Feng.

The ten major sects were shocked. Such a huge power suddenly poured into the God Realm. It would be difficult to see for thousands of years. Fortunately, it was not trampled, or the God Realm would definitely be a waste of life.

Nine Star Realm!

Everyone was ready, Ye Feng had known that the Demon Race would come for revenge in ten days.

"Leader, what should we do!"

There were fifty or sixty **** emperors standing behind Ye Feng, ready to fight.

"Kill out, if we can evade this time, our Nine Star Realm will be able to completely gain a foothold in the Three Thousand World!"

Ye Feng sat on top of the dragon, and the other dragon supported several women. The two dragons were really surrendered by Ye Feng as mounts.

When the dragon clan saw Ye Feng riding the Shenlong, he gritted his teeth angrily. Ye Feng was so despicable and let out a clear dragon chant.

"Ye Feng, you are so bold, you are blaspheming the majesty of our dragon!"

The dragon king did not come, and sent more than a dozen dragon emperors, each with a strong aura, and four or five dragon emperors came.

The Dragon Emperor's voice billowed like thunder, echoing in the void, shaking the surrounding space.

"A joke, just a bunch of bugs, talk about majesty!"

Ye Feng sneered, and the dragon under his feet was constantly twisting. Ye Feng just didn't give him a chance, swiping his palm, a palm print appeared, sweeping the dragon under his feet fiercely, making waves of mourning.

The dragon clan was angry and roared, wishing to go up and kill Ye Feng right now.

"Ye Feng, you kill my two sons, today is your death date!"

The Devil emperor made a hideous voice. As soon as he appeared, Yan Tianju stood up, exuding a terrifying murderous aura. It was the Devil Emperor who drove him into the mortal world back then.

"Military teacher, long time no see, don't come without problems!"

Yan Tianju's voice was very cold, and the military commander's eyes narrowed. He didn't expect Emperor Huangquan to have remnants living in the world.

"You are really fate, not only did you not die when you arrived in the mortal world, but you also got into this earthshaking world. It seems that the smelly salted fish will turn around one day, but today you are all going to die!"

The Demon Emperor sneered, even if Yan Tianju reached the Divine Emperor, he was like an ant.

The Saint Profound Clan, the Demon Clan, the Buddha Clan, etc., all stared at each other, but the God Realm calmed down. Ding Feiyang did not appear, and even more stopped.

"Don't be stunned, let's do it!"

Ye Feng is now exhausting his potential, relying on external forces to improve his realm. He just needs the Divine Emperor Law to perfect himself. It is not so easy to break through the Ninth Rank Divine Emperor.

Even if you give Ye Feng tens of thousands of years, the only way is to find the last magic rune.

As long as he breaks through the Ninth-Rank God Emperor, Ye Feng will naturally be able to comprehend the last change of the Nine Gods and Demons, and the ninth portal will be completely opened. By then, killing the Nine-Rank God Emperor is as easy as killing a dog.

As for the top Ninth-Rank Divine Emperor, Ye Feng didn't know. Listening to what they said, there should be, the four great divine emperors touched that realm back then.

The Demon Realm was the first to make a move. With a wave of the Demon Emperor, countless demon races swarmed in. Both sons were killed by Ye Feng. He couldn't swallow it.


A dark hole appeared, swallowing countless demons, and disappeared completely.

In just one move, millions of demons disappeared, very terrible, and became Ye Feng's nourishment, poured into the nine-star realm, and began to nourish.

The surrounding crystal walls have given birth to cosmic patterns, which will slowly evolve into their own world, which will be the same as the gods in the future.

Everyone was shocked, just now so many demons, most of whom were strong gods, were killed by Ye Feng in an instant.

"Cool, killing you today, my Nine Star Realm can basically take shape!"

Ye Feng laughed. If all the hundreds of **** emperors were killed, the nine-star realm could form its own independent orbit, and Ye Feng could even open up the three realms of mortals and gods.

"court death!"

The demon emperor and the saint of the Saint Xuan clan looked at each other, a dozen **** emperors appeared, and they smashed towards Ye Feng together.

The Dragon Clan didn't dare to fall behind, and Talisman also took action. With so many masters, the world collapsed inch by inch.

"Venerable Ding, are we really not taking action? Let them trample on the God Realm!"

Although the people of the ten major sects were eager to kill Ye Feng, the demons, the saints, the dragons, etc., all slammed into the gods, where they were placed.

"No hurry, if Ye Feng really dies in their hands and everything is over, they will naturally retreat. If they don't leave, it's not too late for us to take action!"

Ding Feiyang had his own plan. The gate of eternal life appeared frequently, indicating that the four great emperors would return soon. If Ye Feng died, even if the four great emperors returned, there would be no crisis in the God Realm.

"That's right, it's best to let them bite the dog, and when they fight and lose, we won't be too late!"

The other **** emperors nodded, thinking that Ding Feiyang was right.

Faced with the attack of dozens of **** emperors, Ye Feng didn't retreat but instead advanced, rushing into the crowd.

"Today I will use you to lay down my Buddha statue and become an imperial weapon. That is today!"

The arrival of the Buddhas is a good opportunity to kill them, seize the Buddha's energy, and help the Buddha's realm rise.

When they saw the Buddha, the Dragon Clan and the Buddha were completely shocked. This was the treasure of the two clan and was actually refined by Ye Feng.


A Seventh-Rank God Emperor suddenly exploded, his whole body wriggling in the void, was grabbed by Ye Feng's big hand, thrown into the Nine Prison Demon Cauldron, and began to burn.

All kinds of Taoism intertwined in the void, riding on the Shenlong, and with a light wave, another **** emperor died.

In the distance, countless peak **** emperors panicked, how did Ye Feng become so powerful, just to kill the **** emperor in seconds.

Looking at the deaths of his men, the Devil yelled angrily, and rushed out with the two saints, and Ye Feng suddenly fell into a crisis.

The remaining **** emperors began to attack the nine-star realm, and Ye Feng was at risk.

Ye Feng's eyes showed a sullen look, and it seemed that he was about to show his trump card.

"Pupil technique, Yue lacks!"

Today's pupil technique is no longer controlling one person, it can control several people at once.

The nine-rank **** emperors who rushed over instantly froze in place, Ye Feng swept away, four portals appeared, and several people were suppressed to death.

"Kill kill kill!"

Ye Feng also got red eyes. Hundreds of **** emperors rushed over together. The Dragon Race was the most aggressive, rushing and slashing some masters in the Nine Star Realm under the horse, very powerful.

The battle between the two sides fell into a stalemate, and the Nine Star Realm also lost many masters, the Demon Realm, the Saint Profound Clan, the Dragon Realm, the Talisman Realm, and the Buddha Realm also died and injured dozens of **** emperors.

"Ye Feng, just grab it with your hands, you are not our opponent!"

The Devil emperor let out a ferocious roar, pressing harder every step, Ye Feng stepped back!