As the autumn breeze started, the cypress trees in the yard made a rustling sound, and withered yellow leaves scattered throughout the yard.

In the house was lying on a hard wooden bed, a teenager, about sixteen or seventeen years old.

The young man's name was Ye Feng, one of the most common outer disciples of Tianling College.

"Didn't I die of an explosion? How come I appeared here!"

Opening his eyes, touching his head, looking at the antique building, his face was blank, suddenly, Ye Feng felt a headache, and a lot of memories poured in.

"Shenwu Continent, Southern China, Kaiyuan Country, Tianling Academy, Martial Artist..."

A series of words popped out of Ye Feng's mouth.

"Unexpectedly! After crossing, it can be called Ye Feng..."

This is a world of warriors. A powerful warrior can overturn the rivers, crack mountains, crack rocks, swallow gas, and extend life indefinitely.

Tianling Academy is the cradle of warriors.

The college is divided into the inner courtyard and the outer courtyard. The main purpose of the outer courtyard is to send talented students to the inner courtyard.

The outer courtyard is divided into three levels of disciples: outer gate, inner gate, and elite. Every year, only elite disciples have the opportunity to enter the inner courtyard, undergo review, and have the opportunity to become true inner courtyard disciples.

Ye Feng now lives in the dormitory outside the outer courtyard of Tianling College. It is said that it is a dormitory, but it is actually an independent courtyard.

Putting on his coat, Ye Feng came to the courtyard, feeling the dazzling sunshine, and Ye Feng was relieved.

"How many years, how many years! Since becoming a vampire, I haven't been exposed to this comfortable sun again!"

Before the journey, Ye Feng was a vampire living in a dark corner of the world. In that world, vampires could not see the light. They lived underground all the year round. An abandoned factory exploded, and Ye Feng who lived under the ground exploded to death.

"The sky treats me not thinly, let me live again, and see the sky again, without living in a cold world."


A Chi Yan pig of about a hundred jin ran out and ran past Ye Feng carelessly.

From the memory of "Ye Feng", we know that behind Tianling Academy is the Hengduan Mountains, and monsters often visit here. This kind of red flame pig is only a second-level monster, and most disciples don't even have the desire to kill when they see it. This also makes the red flame pig not very afraid of people.

Ye Feng licked his lips unconsciously, as if something in his body was activated, and a scarlet color appeared in his eyes.

"What's the matter, I have changed my body, why do I still have the desire to **** blood?"

Ye Feng felt strange!

The bloodthirsty desire is getting stronger and stronger, looking at the red flame pig that is squirming, the primitive instinct makes him jump on it.

As soon as the body moved, Chi Yan Pig didn't react at all and was caught by Ye Feng's hands.

Ye Feng didn't open his mouth and bite down. A weird thing happened. His ten fingers grabbed the Chi Yan Pig and suddenly his nails grew crazily and pierced directly into the Chi Yan Pig's body.

The **** red dyed Ye Feng's hands along the nails.

"I have never felt before, there seems to be something special in the blood."

Ye Feng closed his eyes comfortably as he felt the essence of blood enter his body.

"Huh? Is this internal vision? I didn't expect that the things in the original world legends actually exist. Wait, is the place where the white lines in the abdomen are spinning? The white lines are infuriating? But why? There are other places too? There are still nine? They are distributed in the shape of nine stars... The whole body... No wonder the cultivation is slow as a snail..."

Ye Feng opened his eyes and saw a Chi Yan pig that was a hundred kilos just now, with only the skin and bones left, collapsed on the ground.

Feeling full of energy, I couldn't help showing the color of joy, and quickly sat down and picked up the "Purple Jade Technique" previously practiced by "Ye Feng".

The blood essence that has just been absorbed is constantly transforming into zhenqi, filling the entire meridian, rushing into the nine dantians of the body, the amount of zhenqi in the dantian is constantly increasing, agitating...

The number of white lines in the pubic area is increasing! One, two, three... more and more thick!


Ye Feng felt a shock in his eardrums, and the blood began to boil, a scarlet glow all over his body, and the surging true energy surged out.

"Even after passing the Acquired Double Peak, entering the Acquired Triple Stage!"

The martial arts of the martial artist began with the first layer of the acquired day, the second layer... until the day after the nine layers; the day after the acquired, will be the innate, as for the innate, Ye Feng doesn't know, after all, the master of the outer courtyard is also in the innate.

"I didn't expect the blood in this world to be so different."

Ye Feng sighed while standing up, just to see the pig skeleton next to him.

"Monsters and beasts have demon pills, leave a memorial!" As he said, he crouched and searched.

"Why not, it wouldn't have been absorbed together with the blood! If it is enough to tell the different feelings when sucking blood, the nature of the demon energy in the demon pill is similar to the true energy... That means if there is a large amount of it. Blood, and Demon Pill, isn't my strength increasing at an astonishing speed!"

Ye Feng was very surprised by this inference.

"If you have a chance, you must try again!"

A foul smell came, and Ye Feng looked around and found that it was from his body, and the original clean skin was stained with dark thick substances.

"Not only has it broken through the acquired triple level, but the impurities in the body are also discharged. This blood is really worth sucking; the smell on this body is really unpleasant, it seems to be washed well!"

Ye Feng said to walk into the house...

"Unexpectedly, there is a bath tub in this dormitory, not bad!"

The towel on Ye Feng's head was leaning against the side of the barrel. Close my eyes and organize everything today.

"Unexpectedly, martial arts practice in this world also has extra skills and internal skills.

External skills are also called martial arts, which are mainly used for attacks. So far, Ye Feng,'predecessor', only has a basic set of swordsmanship.

Internal gong is the cultivation of energy. It absorbs vitality and stores it in the dantian. What I know now is called "Ziyu Gong", which is a lower-level practice. Most of the disciples practice lower-level practice, intermediate-level practice and advanced practice. Fa, only elite disciples can practice.

The martial arts practice mainly focuses on internal power, supplemented by external power, and complements each other. If you only practice one item, no matter how good you are, it is difficult to achieve great results. "

"Don't worry about your internal strength, you can transform the energy of the blood; the attack method is a bit single, you can't use your nails?"

Ye Feng was shocked when he thought of his fangs, his hands turned into long and sharp claws, and everyone was watching.

"Fortunately, you can apply for a martial skill in the library..."

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