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Ye Feng wakes up in bed. He touches his face and mutters, “Didn’t I just die in an explosion?”

Suddenly he feels a headache and new memories pop into his head. He knows at once he has been reincarnated.

Before this, he was a vampire who had lived underground for decades. An explosion at an abandoned factory killed him but now he had a chance to relive his life.

Now he doesn’t have to live in the dark anymore. But soon, he finds out that he can’t give up his desire for blood…

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Short Title:NSK
Alternate Title:九星杀神
Author:Tie Ma Fei Qiao
Weekly Rank:#771
Monthly Rank:#460
All Time Rank:#1640
Tags:Academy, Alchemy, Battle Competition, Cultivation, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Fast Cultivation, Godly Powers, Male Protagonist, Pets, Pill Concocting, Polygamy, Ruthless Protagonist, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Vampires, Weak to Strong,

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11 Comments on “Nine Stars Killer
  1. Okay, it is basically cliché. Chinese can't create a story without faceslapping huh? Based on my observation and years of reading CN, they seem to be everywhere, the faceslapping thing. Which I don't normally encounter in another countries novel, japan have minimal faceslapping unlike this CN shit, that they basically live and breathe to faceslap people. Yes, there's a satisfying effect, but if every chapter or two that they frequently happened? It becomes annoying and tedious to read, I feel like vomiting already. Don't get me wrong, there's a 1% of chinese novels that I like. The rest? Trash.

  2. It should be atleast 4.0* not 3.1* Lets see Fast Cultivation, Harem, Cheats and multiple at that, fast pace, etc. Everything is very good except for the ending. Very Bland. Otherwise I would have given it 4.5*

  3. Hey what happened after he release hong ancestors in last chapters de he kill all of them or not and which chapter hey reply if someone had completed this

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