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In a large hall, dozens of old people are sitting there in a gloomy face. They are all strong from Qinghe Palace, Yinyue City, Jiudingjiao, and Zixin Island. Their disciples have not come out. This is a comer. The sin came.



In addition to them, a middle-aged man with a gloomy face and a long beard, the light in the eyes is particularly prominent.


This person is not a strong force of the four major forces, but from the Chu family, he is the representative of the Chu family.


In the crowd, there is another person, wearing a black robe, and the cloak covers the big half of the face, but the wrinkles on his face show that his age is not too light. The person’s body is very different, sometimes there is no, it seems It will disappear at any time, this is the strong from the blood to kill the temple.


Qinghe Palace, Yinyue City, Jiudingjiao, Zixin Island, Chujia and the blood-killing temple all came. They looked gloomy and asked Lingxiao Academy to discuss.


Only they came, and after waiting for a long time, no one in the college received them, just as they became more and more impatient, someone shouted:


“Ling Yu Academy’s Dragon Dust is here.”


With that voice, the dragon dust of a black robe, with his hands behind him, step by step, was swarmed in by a group of people.



Behind the dragon dust are Yunyang Tianshi, Dongmingshi, and the first seat of the Discipline. At the back of them are Luo Bing, Luo Ning and Bai Xiaole who can barely act.


In those horrified eyes, Long Chen walked with the steps of the six parents, and looked at the strong with his nostrils. His face was full of disdainful sarcasm.


When Long Chen walked to the side of the blood-killing powerhouse, he suddenly waved his hand.




A big mouth was drawn on the man's face. The man apparently did not expect that the dragon dust would actually be shot, and when it reacted, it was already slap in the face of the dragon dust, and the cloak on the head burst, showing a flatness. No strange old face.


"What's the matter? In front of Sanye, dare to hide the head and tail, and smash it?" After the dust of the dragon, he recovered the sullen expression and looked at the old man with a nostril and sneered.


The old man's face turned into a pig liver color for a moment, and his eyes were murderous. He was the high-ranking high-ranking temple in the temple. His identity was extremely honorable, but he did not expect that the rookie was bold and dared to beat him.



Moreover, the dragon dust shots like electricity, the angle is smashed, there is no sign in advance, even the horrible killer on the knife head, still does not escape.


"Ignorant junior, do you believe that I will kill you now?" The old man shouted.


"Do you believe that I will make a decree, all of you here must be headed." Long Chen sneered, facing the old man's fierce murder, without any fear.


Yunyang Tianshi said, he is responsible for receiving this group of guys, how do you want to toss, and there are so many days of masters guarding, who is Longchen afraid?


At the same time, Long Chen also knows that the academy is not afraid of these guys, but they are too lazy to take care of them and do not want to play with them.


This made him come out. On the one hand, Long Chen is the witness of this war and has the right to speak.


On the other hand, the academy is also making a contribution to the dragon dust, paving the way for the Kyushu Congress, and letting him participate in the Kyushu Conference, he has a certain reputation and influence.



If you have such a big right, if you don't use it well, then he is not a dragon dust.


"What do you mean?" A Qinghe Palace veteran stood up and shouted.




As a result, he just stood up and was slammed on the face by the dragon dust. He was shot down and shot two heads before falling to the ground.


"Sanye talks, do you have a mouthful?" Long Chen looked at the old man and looked proud.


Yunyang Tianshi, Dongmingshi, the first seat of the Discipline, and others looked at each other and their eyes were full of shock.


You must know that the old guys here are extremely powerful. They don’t know how many streets are in the dragon and have a strong fighting instinct, but whether it is the old man of the Qinghe Palace or the killer of the blood-killing temple, Can not avoid the dragon dust that looks like a plain slap in the face, this move, so amazing.


Long Chen slaps two people's slaps in a row, strong and overbearing, so that the strong people on the scene have changed their faces, and their hands can not help but press on the weapons, it seems that they do not know what to do.



"It’s a group of idiots. I will give you three more time. If you still have this kind of idiot posture, I will swear to God that no one here can live to leave." Faced with the posture of these people, Long Chen Disdain.






The dragon dust opened directly, but when the dragon dust was about to shout three, the strong people present had to bite their teeth and put the weapon back.


At the corner of the dragon's mouth, there was a taunting color, and he walked up to the main seat in the hall without hesitation. He looked at these people condescendingly.


"Let's say, what are you doing?" Long Chen tilted his legs and took a cup of tea handed over by Mu Qingyun. He gently took a sip and put the tea down, faintly authentic.


The arrogance and disdain of the dragon dust made the people of the six major forces in the field stunned and angry, and did not know what the Lingxiao Academy meant.


Because Yunyang Tianshi and others behind the dragon dust made them extremely jealous, and here is the site of the Lingxiao Academy. They dare not let go, they are so humiliated, they have to endure.



"Who is you, can you be qualified to represent Ling Xiao College?" The middle-aged man of Chu family sighed.


"Looking like a person, how to say the words, the old man came over, on behalf of the college to solve the problem, or you think that Laozi is full of food and support nothing to do with a group of idiots to play with you?" Long dust disdain.




The Chu family's strong man almost didn't come up with a sigh of relief. The words of Long Chen were too damaging, and they could kill people in one sentence.


"Whether, if you can represent the Lingxiao Academy, then we will have a fair dialogue. We represent the Brahma Gods to ask you where the Lingxiao Academy is, to slaughter the five powerful forces and detain the gods." The strong man shouted coldly.


Long Chen looked at the Chu family strong, and there was a disdainful smile on his lips. When he came in, he threw out the brand of Da Brahma. Who would you scare?


"Yes, today we are going to give us a copy of the Lingxiao Academy." A strong man of Silvermoon City is justified.



"Don't think that you can dominate the school, I tell you, if you anger the Brahma gods, your Lingxiao Academy will be wiped out in an instant." The strong heart of Zixin Island also sneered.


"Don't talk to me, what are you counting, do you have a hard time in your heart?"


Holding the chicken feathers as an arrow, when we are a fool in Lingxiao College? Just because you can also represent Brahma God?


I can say this, I am the first to kill all the people here, and the Brahma will not be accountable to the Lingxiao Academy for you.


If you don't believe it, let's try it. "Dragon dust finished, the big hand took a throne, suddenly the whole hall rune light up, a line of gods gathered together, turned into a sword, aimed at those strong, these people suddenly changed their face.