Chapter 3687 Guardian Spirit

"Second Masters! Please gather all the people from all the families and follow us to the north of the city."

In front of the temporary residence of the Zhu families, Duke Yin Yang led a group of people from the Meihu tribe to arrive and said calmly.

Zhu Zheng led the people over and looked at the hundreds of people from the Meihu clan in front of them, his brows suddenly furrowed.

"Master Onmyoji, what are we going to do?"

"Yesterday, the clan meeting tried the saint Xuewei. The clan decided to deprive her of her duties as a saint and imprison her at the same time. She will get the punishment she deserves. At the same time, we have decided to deal with the matter in Bixin City. Fight back, but a lot of preparations are needed at the moment. Xuanshengcao is planted in the spiritual field in the north of the city. The medicine refined from this plant is of great help to the recovery of our physical body. Therefore, the clan decided to capture that spiritual field first to ensure that the clan If Lingtian succeeds in the logistics work, we can gather an army and coordinate with you to go to Bixin City to settle accounts!"

Yin and Yang are fair.

The words fell to the ground, and the faces of all the family members changed.

"It's clear that he wants us to help his Meihu clan seek benefits!"

"Treat us as gunmen?"

"Damn it, so abominable!"

"I can't agree, the second boss, just find an excuse to shirk it!"

Everyone whispered to Zhu Zheng.

Zhu Zheng was also silent, and then he said: "Master Yin Yang Gong, whose territory is Lingtian in the north of the city?"

"That Lingtian originally belongs to my Meihu Clan, but it was just lent to the Firefox Clan by us!"

"It seems like this is the territory of the Fire Fox Clan!"

Zhu Tongxin, who was standing next to him, came up and said hoarsely: "Second Master, although the Fire Fox Clan is not as powerful as the Meihu Clan in Bixin City, its strength should not be underestimated. The Meihu Clan will bring only such a small number of people. Once there is a conflict, , the ones with the greatest casualties must be our people! We can’t agree!”

Zhu Tong's heart sank.

"How can I not know their plans? But if we don't go, what do you think the people of the Meihu tribe will do to us?"

Zhu Zheng said solemnly.

"If we really want to fight, why should we be afraid of the Charming Fox Clan? We are here as a whole clan, with all our fighting power. As the prime minister, we have our background, so they dare to mess around?"

Zhuziqin hummed.

"Then what if they mobilize the entire Nine-Tailed City Fox Clan to deal with us?"

Zhu Zheng said again.

The two were stunned.

"Actually, we have been controlled by others since we entered Nine-Tailed City. Now if we don't listen to the Meihu Clan, they will not hesitate to mobilize the entire city to kill us! After all, to them, our use value is this. If If it loses its use value, there is no need to exist!”

"If I had known this, I shouldn't have entered the city in the first place!"

"You can't say that. If we don't enter the city, the East District may not let us go. Without the protection of the city, they can completely encircle and suppress us in the wild... The matter is over, no need to say more, what we should do is Wait, promise them first, and then make a decision when the master comes!"

Zhu Zheng took a deep breath, then clasped his fists at Duke Yin Yang and said, "Since we are friends of the Meihu Clan and are in need, our families are naturally obligated to do so."

"Very good, Mr. Zhu Er, it seems that everyone in your family is very sincere in communicating with our Meihu Clan!"

Duke Yin Yang nodded slightly, quite satisfied.

"Master Onmyoji, when will we set off?"

"I'll give you an hour to prepare! You'd better bring more people with you. After all, I'm worried about unnecessary accidents."

Duke Yin Yang said calmly, and then led the people back outside to wait.

Zhu Zheng heard the sound and waved his hand: "Everyone listen to the order and prepare for battle quickly! Hurry!"

The faces of all the family members were tense, but they still did as they were told.

Soon, people from various families, led by Yin Yang Gong, marched toward the Lingtian in the north of the city.

The Fire Fox tribe also received the news immediately and immediately summoned their tribe members to garrison the spiritual field.

The two sides met in the north of the city and faced off, and a battle was about to begin.

"Are you telling the truth? The Meihu clan took the Zhu family to the north of the city?"

Hu Youming was sitting in the hall, staring blankly at the tribesmen who came to report, his beautiful face full of disbelief.

"Yes sir, the fight is about to begin."

The visitor said hurriedly.

Hu Youming was silent for a while and said in a serious voice: "It seems that the Meihu clan intends to use the Zhu family to chew the bones that have troubled them for many years. This is not a good thing for us."

"Sir, I think all the family members are so stupid, why did they agree?" the person below couldn't help but ask.

"They have no choice, they want revenge too much!"

Hu Youming took a deep breath and whispered: "Go to Bixin City quickly and tell the East District the news."

"What do you tell East District to do?"

"Don't pay attention, go quickly!"




Rippled by a strange air current.

The surroundings of Bai Ye suddenly became pitch black, and he seemed to be swallowed into an endless dark space.

The familiar sights, sounds, and smells all disappeared without a trace in an instant, leaving only bottomless darkness, and even time stood still at this moment.

He reached out and tried to touch his surroundings, but he felt nothing but cold, hollow darkness.

He tried to walk forward, but even though he was taking steps, his feet seemed to be unable to step on anything, as if he was walking in the air.

Suddenly, a faint light appeared in front of my eyes. Although the light was weak, it seemed particularly dazzling in the endless darkness.

Bai Ye's heart moved and he immediately walked towards the bright direction. As he got closer, the light became more and more intense, until finally, he could see clearly the source of the light - the entrance to the cave.

At the same time, an aura that was independent from the outside and different from the Nine Heavens completely enveloped him.

Bai Ye was overjoyed, looking around, looking at this place like a paradise, extremely excited.

"This must be the inside of the Heaven and Earth Landscape Map. It is indeed a place where fate cannot be detected or controlled... Excellent! Excellent..."

Bai Ye couldn't help mumbling, and his pace became faster and faster.

He walked out along the cave, and the light at the entrance of the cave also illuminated.

It will suddenly become clear.

But at this moment, a figure appeared in front of the cave entrance, blocking Bai Ye's path.

"Your road is over!"

A cold voice came.

Bai Ye's face tightened and he stared at the figure.

Only then did he realize that it was a shadow surrounded by black and white aura.

His face couldn't be seen clearly, and his whole body was surrounded by smoke, which was particularly weird.

He held a knife in one hand and a sword in the other, staring at Bai Ye murderously.

"Who is your Excellency?"

Bai Ye asked deeply.

"Needless to say, anyone who trespasses on the landscape of heaven, earth, and mountains and rivers shall die!"

The other party drank coldly.


Bai Ye was a little surprised, but soon, he seemed to have thought of something, and said with a surprised look on his face: "Could it be that you...are the guardian spirit of this landscape of heaven and earth?"

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