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Reborn in a small family with the strongest constitution between heaven and earth, with the strongest arrogant body, a mysterious and powerful golden pupil, and embarked on a road to kill all kinds of geniuses and evil spirits, whether it is a heavenly wizard or Peerless evildoers are vulnerable in front of Qin Chuan, arrogant to the world, only I have exclusive respect!

There are immortal evils, geniuses, tens of years of demon heads, giant giants of heaven, but also peerless beauties, fairies all over the country, red powder and dead bones, femme fatale …

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Short Title:NRGE
Alternate Title:九域神皇
Author:I Am Redundant
Weekly Rank:#2044
Monthly Rank:#1993
All Time Rank:#1242
Tags:Cultivation, Harem, Sexual Abuse, Weak to Strong,

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3 Comments on “Nine Realms God Emperor
  1. Harem??? There is no harem put in tag, so I was hesitating to read but when I see it was similar to ast, it should be harem right?

  2. This novel could be really good, unfortunatly the author is milking the novel by making the mc never killing anyone unless he brings 50000 lackeys first.

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