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The Blue Star human survivors escaped across space to the Dawn Continent.

Excavating the remains of ancient civilizations and establishing the Dawn Federation, human civilization is facing a second disaster 600 years later.

The Dawn Continent, which was four hundred times larger than the Blue Star, was just a closed island in the dark continent of Yangjiao Lake in another world.

In the super-dimensional evolution game developed by the mysterious civilization Light Brain Dawn, a very small number of super-dimensional evolutionists unfold the cycle of life and death with only one life in the animation, movie, game world and self-deduction story world that Blue Star has lost.

Zhao Mu, the blade of the dark night, witnessed the war of mankind’s destruction back three hundred years ago.

In this life, he will become the most powerful super-dimensional evolutionary.

In this life, he will no longer be the dead soul of a dark creature.

In the first world, he chose the full-time hunter with the highest difficulty and the highest mortality rate among all novice worlds.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:NE
Alternate Title:黑夜进化
Author:Potatoes on the tree
Weekly Rank:#1262
Monthly Rank:#1088
All Time Rank:#742
Tags:Cold Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Dark, Evil Protagonist, Evolution, Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Magic, Movies, Parody, System, Time Travel, Weak to Strong, World Travel,
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  1. not recommended for some1 who have fragile heart...mc in this novel treat everything as a prop for her conquest..any heroine is just a disposable and for venting her lust so be carefull...i warn you.hehehe but for ppl who like ruthless and murdering demon like mc reverend insanity maybe u will like it

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