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"Hey - my new job is also great!" Liu Wei made a happy call and threw himself into the bright and clear office.


Behind him, a group of programmers wearing plaid shirts followed in, and they went to their desks with joy.


After more than a year of fighting in the Desperate Mountain, Luofeng Management and its subsidiary, the Emerald, finally ushered in the days of office relocation.


And this time it was not the venue for the lease, but Luo Feng bought it himself, and bought a total of eight floors.


Originally, according to Luo Feng’s funds, it was only enough to buy four floors. However, after the desperate mountain, Luo Feng received a large amount of bonuses and orders from special departments. The development zone government also gave the company great tax and policy concessions. Also allocated a support fund.


After that, Luo Wanxiang, a small son of the Roche Group, expressed great gratitude to Luo Feng and strongly recommended that his father cooperate with Luo Feng. Luo Feng received large orders and follow-up cooperation from Roche.


Under such circumstances, after the rigorous return on investment cycle was calculated, the Luofeng headquarters simply increased leverage and directly won ten floors.


The tenth floor was the ultimate limit of Luofeng’s entire company at that time, or the mortgage of the subsidiary’s future assets and the house’s own mortgage. The mortgage cycle was two years, that is, if Luofeng could not go smoothly within two years. Loans, the future of the Emerald and the house of Shangyu will be liquidated.


This is extremely risky behavior for many people.


Of course, it is not counted in the eyes of Shang.


Yu Zhengdu reminded him: "You have to think clearly, if you invest, there is a probability of failure, there is no 100% successful project."


Shang Yan’s eyes are deep: “If you really get this step, you can only...”


Yu Zhengdu: "Sell antiques?"


"The ruined family has become a seller." Shang Hao insisted on his own principles and seriously said, "I have a golden mountain in Luojingshan."


This is the accumulation of gold for the ghost kings before the millennium.


Yu Zhengdu: "..." depends!


Ming Mingyang burned to the underworld so much money and money, and finally piled up into a broken mountain, why is it to Shangshan, this is Jinshan!


Shang Yang looked at him: "Now, half of Jinshan is yours."


Yu Zhengdu: Suddenly rich! !


After Luo Fenggang announced that he would buy an office in a remote location for use as an office, the subsidiary was opposed to it, mainly for the office workers, where the transportation and supporting facilities were not convenient, and some employees also mentioned Resigned.


Unexpectedly, just a few months later, the relevant departments of Fucheng announced the planning information for the next few years. The development zone will open four new subway lines and bus networks, and one of the subways will pass by the building bought by Luofeng. The subway station is even less than 20 meters away from the entrance of the building.


After that, the new district also issued planning news in succession. The surrounding buildings of Luofeng will be equipped with large shopping malls, supermarkets and squares.


Almost overnight, the rent and house price of that piece doubled.


At the Luofeng headquarters, he took the time to sell two floors and returned a large amount of funds. He quickly returned the loan. As a result, the company earned four floors.


In accordance with Luofeng's staff size and future growth rate, it is not possible to use eight floors of office in the short term, so the four floors were subletted. At that time, the rent there was already quadrupled. Renting a rent, Luo Feng also has a lot of income every month.


Until that piece of supporting facilities was gradually started and opened, Luo Feng began to carry out the renovation work. This is their own office building. Naturally, they are very careful in the decoration. They are looking for a professional designer to design. The health of the employees of the subsidiary company was placed for a period of time after the renovation, and the photocatalyst was used to remove formaldehyde.


In this way, it is more than a year after the official relocation, but this time relocation is more suitable for the employees who go to work. At this time, some time after the opening of the subway, some public transportation lines have passed, and the supporting facilities have been improved. Employees don't have to endure the inconvenience for too long.


The environment of the new office also makes the old staff very fond of it.


For example, the office where the programmer is located is a completely open space. The exterior wall is designed with a full glass design. The lighting is good. Through the floor-to-ceiling glass, you can see the distant scenery. Of course, at this time, the building is still everywhere. It is a construction site and dust, but after a few years, these construction sites will become a series of bright and fashionable shopping malls, buildings and square communities.


The color of the office is fresh and lively, and there are also a lot of green plants. Each person's work station is much more spacious than before in the technology park. The office chair and chair are ergonomically designed for the programmer's spine. Very friendly.


A group of programmers such as Liu Wei are simply not satisfied with the environment of the new office. Their computers and office supplies have been packed in cartons and foams in advance and moved by a special moving company. They are stacked under the corresponding desk according to the number. A group of people discussed the new office while removing the cardboard box and installing the computer.


As a veteran, Liu Wei got a window station. He looked at the construction site outside the glass wall. Mei Zizi said: "I heard that we will build a sky garden in the opposite building. I can look directly at the garden here. ""


“Our company seems to have its own small garden.” Another person said.


Today, different times, Luo Feng now has an eight-story company, and the middle floor has a large open-air platform. Under the designer's suggestion, the platform is designed as a half-open garden and half glass garden. It is equipped with an outdoor sofa and a water bar, and it is foreseeable to be a good place for colleagues to relax.


In addition to the small garden, the new office is also equipped with a number of hospitality areas and rest areas, and has its own small canteen. It can be said that all the welfare facilities of the first-class big companies, Luo Feng in their current financial resources, they also try to Provided to your own staff.


"I decided, I want to go to retirement in the company." Liu Wei made a passion.


At the same time, at the front desk of the new office, Hu Xiaoyue and several colleagues from the Administration Department were busy receiving gifts from the guests and registration partners.


Most of the vip customers have sent luxury flower baskets and fruit baskets, and they will never go wrong, but after all, they have special partners.


"This is the Qinglian Guan Mu Daochang and the Yuan Qing Daochang sent, the town house Feng Shui array?" Hu Xiaoyue looked at the colleague moved into a huge sandalwood carved sculpture, the whole fox shook a bit, this decoration is antique, Deep and heavy, it is not a product at first glance. It can be seen that Mu Daochang’s masters and apprentices also used their hearts, but the problem is that this thing is slightly different from the image of their new office.


"First put aside, wait for the boss to put it." Hu Xiaoyue said, "Get the other one first."


Colleague: "This is the feng shui gourd that was sent by the Guanyang Guanlan. He also provided suggestions for us to hang up the door."


Hu Xiaoyue: "Put aside first."


"This is what the **** temple master sent..."


Over time, the front desk of Luo Feng's new office was crowded with all kinds of gifts, and the flower basket and the various instruments of the Buddha Gate were mixed together, and the whole atmosphere gradually became wonderful.


Visitors, couriers who sent things, and people who accidentally passed through were surprised to see this strange scene.


No, another courier squinted at the front desk of this very young and stylish company, and asked strangely: "What business is your company doing?"


Hu Xiaoyue calmly replied: "Whatever there is, a comprehensive enterprise."


The colleague next to her took the courier's box and read it while dismantling: "This is sent by Mr. Ming, and the ultrasonic drive is a ghost." Mr. Ming is naturally a special department of Ming Peiran, but the unit is special, and the low-key is sent. .




Just speechless, a man in a short skirt, male and female, holding a selfie stick and a mobile phone while walking into the office, said to the camera: "Today our company moved to the office, I will give everyone a taste of the soil of our new office garden. ""


Hu Xiaoyue glanced at him and shouted: "No Qimin, how come you are today?"


The person holding the selfie stick is the uncultivated national who was unearthed from Siling. After the Siling incident, he finally went to Luofeng because of the special circumstances. However, he was not familiar with contemporary work skills and could only start with After playing in the company, Luo Feng had his own brokerage department, and he started his live broadcast career under the advice of Yu Zhengdu.


His live broadcast is also very simple, that is to eat the soil, originally he thought that this weird behavior should not make money, I did not expect the modern people's curiosity so heavy, his live broadcast actually attracted a lot of attention, let him feel happy The reason is that no one on the Internet actually regards him as a heterogeneous.


After thousands of years of being treated as a massacre, the Qiqi nationals can finally eat the soil in front of the masses and even make money by eating soil.


After the rumors of the livelihood of the people, there was a lot of attention on the Internet. Many people questioned whether he was a fake or a fake land, but no one could produce strong evidence. Many people followed suit to imitate him. The live broadcast, but no one can eat as realistic and professional as he is, and no enlightenment is becoming more and more red under the suspicion of others and others.


Up to now, his daily work is to take a live shot to different places to eat soil, to comment on different soils, because the footsteps are everywhere, and some people slowly watch his live broadcast as a tourist show.


The most amazing one, when he tried to eat the soil in a beautiful green area, he ate a bit of local pollution. At first, some people thought that he was a sensation. I didn’t expect the last netizen to sneak out. A chemical factory is located at a distance from the scenic spot.


A similar incident occurred several times, and the unsuccessful earth commentary accident became another environmental assessment.


However, these are not the things that make you feel happy.


Hu Xiaoyue’s problem is not to abandon the innocent people, but because Wu Qimin is a company employee, but because of his work, he spends most of his time in the field, and he rarely sees him.


Wu Qimin turned the camera to Hu Xiaoyue: "Today, the company moved, I will come back and see if the soil of our garden is unqualified."


The camera swept away from Hu Xiaoyue’s face, and the barrage was crazy at once:


[Sleeved, Miss Sister is so beautiful! 】


[Is this a colleague of the people? 】


[The anchor gives the lady a little more shots]


"It is our front desk. If you come to apply for a job or come to talk about cooperation, you can see her." Wu Qimin made a wave of advertisements for the company, and then said, "You are not allowed to make a wretched barrage, or you can't say it."


He turned his head and screamed at Hu Xiaoyue: "I like the current audience, most of them are very friendly."


Hu Xiaoyue knew what he was referring to and said with a smile: "Yes, it is very good now."


For Wu Qimin, what makes him most happy is the tolerance of this era. He can not only eat in the public, but also find his place in this era for the uncultivated nationals who do not distinguish between men and women.


In the long years before, they often suffered discrimination because they did not have sex. Whether they regard themselves as men or women, they will be squeezed out. In this age, whether he is a man or a woman, The big party admits that there is no distinction between men and women in front of the camera, and someone will support him and encourage him.


Although the unfriendly voice still exists, everything is moving in the right direction.


Wu Qiyue went to the small garden, and Hu Xiaoyue continued to be a strange gift.


Fortunately, Yu Yudu and Shangyu soon appeared.


As soon as they saw the two of them, Hu Xiaoyue almost changed back to the fox in the same place. However, she finally resisted and asked: "Commercial, Yu, these are the gifts from the masters. How to deal with them? ”


Yu Zhandu took a look and said: "If you don't know the masters, I might think they are special to deal with our employees."


These are all the instruments that have been used to open the light, and they are all dealing with demons and ghosts. Unfortunately, Luofeng headquarters are demon ghosts.


Shang Yan also glanced at it: "Let me go to the office." He turned back and collected it. Although the masters are kind and generous, they are not suitable for Luo Feng. It is estimated that they can only receive his sleeve. It’s gone.


Yu Zhengdu also found Lu Lingxi, confirmed the situation of relocation, determined that the work was carried out in an orderly manner, and the emotions of colleagues were also very high, and it would not be affected after the normal office.


As he said, several of Liu Wei’s programmers ran around and asked, “Luo Manager, Peggy? She also moved over?”


"That is, of course, she is here, can you work with peace of mind?" Lu Lingxi looked at them silently, and several programmers "squatted" and smirked.


Liu Wei: "She is our goddess."


Yu fights for a moment: "Your goddess is not a small moon?"


"Different goddess." Liu Wei argued with reasonable reason, "Xiaoyue is our company, Peggy is the treasure of all programmers."


Lu Lingxi looked at the time and replied: "This time, Peggy should be broadcast live in her room."


Liu Wei "ah" screamed and said: "To move the office today, you will not let her rest. You are crushing the goose."


"Who dares to squeeze Peggy." Lu Lingxi spit out, "Pecchi is working harder than you, remember to do homework on this day?"


Liu Wei: "..."


A few programmers then touched the door of a small, colorful room.


This small room is a new office dedicated to the big goose Peggy.


Peggy made a successful human form a year ago, but the goose-shaped Peggy is already the mascot of Luo Feng. It is the goddess of the programmers. Therefore, from time to time, he still has to go back to work with a goose-shaped company to help the programmers. The spirit and crumbling hair.


As a hard-working big goose, she usually goes to kindergarten and remedial classes in human form. After school, she has homework to do, so the programmers accidentally discovered that their goose goddess is actually watching the teaching video.


The small video of the big goose learning is widely circulated, and Peggy's **** has also opened a live broadcast. Like Wu Qimin, he doesn't do it. He looks at the instructional video to the camera.


Her live broadcast is really very monotonous and boring, sometimes an hour down, the big goose neck does not move, just stare at the video.


In this way, there are still people who watch her live broadcast every day, which is even more puzzled than those who watched the live broadcast for a few hours.


The barrage is also confusing:


[Even big geese are studying hard, what reason can I be lazy?]


[Come on, work with Peggy]


[Every time I watch Peggy’s live broadcast, I feel very calm inside.]


[Poisonous, this is a fake goose]


So far, Luofeng's brokerage department has four contracted employees, two Sagittarius bands, and the live broadcast of Qiqimin and a big goose.


"Ah, Peggy is really on the air." Liu Wei looked at the big goose through the glass door of Peggy's small room.


"She is watching English videos today," another programmer said.


"I didn't see Peggy yesterday, I miss her a little." One couldn't help but open the door and whispered, "Pecchi, don't broadcast it, come play with us."


The big goose, who was concentrating on watching the video, turned his head and saw several heads huddled by the door. The long goose neck slammed, then extended the goose's palm, pressed it on the computer keyboard, and then rocked it. Left the lens...




[? ? ? ? ? This goose is moving? Real goose? 】


[I squirted, did Peggy press the stop button? Is she really going to divide? 】


[I always thought that Goose Peggy was only attracted by sound and animation...]


【Is not it? You don't think it really understands the video? 】


As soon as Peggy left the live-action lens, she immediately showed off her murderously, screaming and screaming, screaming at the programmers and starting to bully them.


"Hey, you lightly, don't lick your heels." Liu Wei ran away with a cry.


These groups of people are all relying on courage to lick the goose.


After Peggy had bullied them, he swayed and walked back to the metaphor and the business, and fluttered his wings: "Hey--" Dad!


"Hey." Yu Zhengdu touched the goose's head and smiled. "Are you finished your homework? Let's wait for Luoshan."


Big goose: "Hey--" is done.


"That's time to go now." Shang Yan said, holding the hand of Yu Yu, crossed the side of the big goose and walked to his office.


The reconstruction of the Netherland has been more than a year, and after the initial chaos, the new order was quickly established.


The server of the life and death book system was taken over by Luo Qishan, and the reincarnation reincarnation of the ghosts was also unified and accepted into Luojing Mountain. The original tires distributed throughout the world were changed to the entrance of Luojingshan enchantment.


Nowadays, after the death of the local people, the ghost will receive a text message from Luo Feng. You can go to the location of the previous birth point according to the route provided by the life planning app. There are Luo Feng staff guides to enter the real Netherland - Luojing Mountain , complete the reincarnation there.


Naturally, there is also an entrance at the Luofeng headquarters.


"Go home." The merchants took advantage of the waist of Yu, and the big goose turned into a little girl, pulling the clothes corner of Yu.


The merchant's finger is a little empty in the air, like a switch is activated.


The scenery in front of the three people changed instantly, like a wave of water, and a magnificent and modern gateway appeared in front of them.


This is a huge gate hall, they stand in one of the entrance passages, there is an electronic screen display on the passage: the entrance to the floating city headquarters.


Next to them, there is a row of long, unobstructed passages, each with an electronic screen showing different words: Minan Entrance, Chuandong Entrance, Diyang Entrance, Siling Entrance, etc.


These passages are the entrances to the enchantments of different places in the country. The ghosts from all over the country enter and exit the yin and yang through these entrances.


At the gate of the passage, there is a staff member to check the in and out of the ghost, and the unique dialogue in the Netherland floats in the hall:


"Your baggage is over-standard, can not be taken to the sun, we do not provide custody, you can throw away, or courier home, courier fees can choose gold foil or human currency payment, we support wireless payment ..."


"The system shows that you have violated the rules of dreams for the relatives of Yang in the past six months, and are restricted from leaving the country. Please return to Luoshan."


"You still have to reincarnate one day. If you decide to go to the sun, please remember to come back in time, otherwise the value of good and evil will be deducted."


"You are the relatives and friends of the ghosts who have recently escaped. Please come back with us to investigate."


After the reconstruction of the Netherland, the ghosts who have not yet reached the time of reincarnation can choose to continue to live in the tomb or ashes of the Yang Dynasty as before, or they can choose to move to Luojing Mountain to live.


In the Yang Dynasty, the environment is more familiar, but limited by various regulations, the scope of the ghost's activities is limited, and the words to Luoqi Mountain are relatively strange, but here is the real Netherland, without hiding the traces, the degree of freedom is much greater.


Many ghosts are still adapting to the new Netherland, so the barriers to entry and exit are also very busy. Every day, there are ghosts coming in and out, running back and forth between the two circles.


"It seems to be running very well." Yu Zhengdu laughed.


"Yeah." Shangyu took his hand and walked out of the passage together. As the owner of Luojingshan, his passage was dedicated, and no staff dared to check him.


Out of the passage, you can see the huge electronic display on the wall of the hall, which shows the map of Luojing Mountain and the information guides everywhere. There is also a special sign next to it: the direction of the retired hall →


The new reincarnation hall is responsible for the reincarnation work in the whole country. It is much more ambitious than the reincarnation points in the past. The ghosts from all over the world are concentrated in the reincarnation hall of Luojing Mountain and then cast to various places.


However, Yu Zhengdu and Shangyu did not go to the reincarnation hall today. They walked out of the gate from the other direction. When they came out of the gate, they were greeted by the towering mountains of Luojing Mountain.


Above the clouds, the soul lights float like stars, and the strange ghost towns are looming in the clouds and lights.


Outside the ghost town, large high-rise buildings have been built up, and all the buildings are under construction. Various large-character advertisements are hung on the building under construction: Merchants Tel 444-*******; Sales Tel 444- *******


The winding mountain road is on the rise, but it is not yet open to traffic.


A taxi stopped in front of them, and a bull's head came out of the window: "hi, look at my bull's head, the local old driver, you have to go to the new city, you have to go to the new city, five yuan, no table."


Next to a mad ghost, he pointed to his back: "Come on me, I am going, I will be there, I will receive two."


The merchants looked at them with no expression, and they had two horns on their heads: "My ghost king."


The head of the bull and the ghost of the singer screamed and disappeared together.


Yu Zhengdu laughed: "The travel industry has also developed."


In the new era, the ghosts are the souls of people who are accustomed to modern life. Naturally, we must also build a new niche for everyone to live in.


He looked at the ghost town and the surrounding construction sites, and joked: "It feels like the old city of Beijing and the new city of the Third Ring."


“It’s true.” Shangyu looked at the floating light of the soul lamp and said with emotion, “The new is constantly developing, but history has been preserved forever.”


Peggy blinked: "This is the mountain of Dad."


"It's mine." Shang Xiao smiled and went to see Yu. "It's yours too."


"Let's go, go to the capital." Yu Zheng crossed his left hand and the merchants, and right hand grabbed Peggy, and walked along the mountain road.


This is your time and the new era of everyone.

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