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"So, let's take a look at the whole picture of the ghost town in the capital." Gao held a live selfie stick and mobile phone, and took a carriage, and introduced it to the audience in the live broadcast room. The largest park in East Africa's Feather Paradise, the park completely reproduces the ghost city and the Yinshan eight scenes. If you don't line up for entertainment projects, if you visit purely, you will have to walk around the park for an hour, but there are special carriages and donkeys in the park. The car tour project, the driving route is planned according to the best tour route, you can see the most complete and best-looking scenery, and the friends who are tired or in a hurry to choose to travel by car are not bad..."


When Luo Feng first held a ghost festival in the Fucheng High-tech Zone, the high-pair was only a small anchor for the big-eyed live platform, and there were fixed fans, but it was not warm.


Until he accidentally crashed into Luofeng's Ghost Festival tour, and accidentally broadcast the scene of the scene hit the hanged ghost, the heat suddenly broke out, and received the platform's resource recommendation, since then, the high right The popularity has risen, and now he is already the big anchor of the big-eyed live-themed theme, and his horror screenshot of the original ghost is still circulating in the rivers and lakes.


Since it started from Luofeng's Ghost Festival Tournament, the non-feather paradise, which was designed with the garden tour ip as the prototype, was officially opened.


Just in the non-feather park, I also want to find some hot anchors to promote. In the same year, the high-level match of the park tour was the first choice for nature. The two sides hit it off and did not bother to negotiate the contract.


So on the opening day, Gao was on the non-feather paradise with his own eating guy in the early morning.


Non-feather paradise is a fairly mature comprehensive paradise. There are quite a few popular entertainment projects. The technology of Chuandong New Garden is fully iterative and introduces many new projects. The entire park can go down in a circle. It is very obvious that Youyi Group's ambitions in the paradise industry.


Among the many projects, the most eye-catching, undoubtedly the long-awaited Ghost Town Park.


The Qidu ghost town in the non-feather paradise of Chuandong completely reproduces the Ghost City and the Yinshan Eight Views of the Ghost Festival, and this is only the project in the first phase of the project. In the second phase of the preparatory project, it is also expected to open part of the mountain and the ten Eight layers of **** and other scenery, but because it is a paradise for all ages, the balance of horror needs to be balanced, so it is still pending approval and design.


"Wow, there are a lot of people around, Master. Is there something happening? How many people are there?" Gao confronted the route along the route and encountered the fresh scenery and did not forget to ask the driver.


"Oh, that's the performance of the park, called ‘Hehe is self-sufficient.'” The master enthusiastically explained to him.


The non-feathering paradise of the Qidu ghost town has added some small performances with the characteristics of traditional stories. For example, this “Huihe Zizhi” comes from the records in the ancient book “祛疑说”, the performers can call the cranes, in addition to the swordsmen, The cursive jujube smoke, the shifting scene and other performances, these programs are designed by the non-feather paradise team after studying the ancient books, and some of them are from the program idea of ​​Luofeng Activity Planning Department.


"Great, it's really great!" Gao was on the carriage and walked through the ghost city and the Yinshan Eight Views. He was full of praise along the way. "The non-feather paradise is really very hard, and the overall planning is very reasonable. The details are also in place. If you have time, be sure to come over and play once..."


In fact, I don’t have to worry about how to drink. When his live footage is taken along the route, the barrage has exploded:


[Ah, ah, great, the scene is so realistic! ! 】


[I missed the park tour and I have already booked the ticket for next week.


[Ha ha ha, I saw the ghost again, he is still so funny]


[Funny? I turned my head and asked you to apologize immediately]


[The scale is so big, it looks much better than Luo Feng’s garden tour]


[Of course, it’s bigger than the garden tour. The park tour is only temporary. Is this a special piece of land built, is it comparable? 】


[Where, what is that? ? How did it suddenly get so much fog? 】


[Wow, scared me, do you see the hands under the bridge? 】


[What happened? Just? 】


When I saw the barrage inquiry, Gao confronted and explained quickly: "The one just happened to be the entertainment project of the Naiqiao Scenic Area, called Ghost Trek..."


The non-feathering ghost town is different from the original singularity of the Shangyu. This is based on the garden tour. After re-planning and amplifying the main scenic spots, it is built in reality. There is no shortage of construction capacity in the country. In the case of a good enough design, the non-feathering paradise revived a magnificent ghost town.


Some of the sights that were not well displayed due to the conditions of the garden tour were also built. For example, the Naihe River, which was only replaced by lights in the original garden tour, directly dig a large river out of the non-feather park. The light effect is arranged in the river water, and the river looks like a strange red. Under certain circumstances, an abnormal scene will appear.


In addition, as a commercial paradise, the various attractions of the Qidu ghost town have also been designed with corresponding entertainment projects. The “Ghost Trek” mentioned by the high pair is a small cruise project of the Naihe Bridge attraction.


Visitors can rent a boat on the banks of the Nai River to visit the Nai River. When passing through a specific river section, there will be a sudden fog on the Nai River. There are also suspected devilish weeping sounds and lanterns and ghosts in the smoke. At the same time, the lights of the Naihe River Start with the effect, look down at the Nai River in the case of dense fog, and you will see many ghosts struggling to barge.


Because the project has a high horror element, there are restrictions on the age of the participating visitors.


The “Ghost Wang Yingjia” project, which was popular at the Luofeng Garden Tournament, was also preserved. However, under the insistence of Shangyu, the project was forced to change its name and is now called “Ghost Bride”.


Others include the broken mountain mountain roller coaster, the Wangxiangtai naked eye 3d Wangzhou and other projects, not to mention.


"The following I take everyone to visit the ghost city, the old rules, randomly pumping 20 fans to send gifts around, the fans who draw can choose their own neighbors." Gao confronted the panoramic view of the ghost city, got off the carriage and then went to the ghost city .


The size of the ghost city of the non-feather paradise is much larger than that of the original Luofeng Garden tour, because as a ghost city of the park, in addition to a ghost city, it also has to take over the functions of selling the surrounding, the ghost city. The planning of shops is more complete and the types of goods are also very rich.


The ghost city staff are still grotesque and ghostlike, except for a small number of non-feather employees, others are employees sent by Luo Feng.


“The non-feathering paradise of the ghost city and the online platform of the future of the Emerald have cooperation. All the goods here can be purchased through the ghost city platform of the future. There is no time to come to Chuandong and want friends around you can also buy online. To."


"Small coffins and caskets are definitely necessary... I want to transport the stones? It's OK, but this is too expensive, only two can be brought." Gao confronted the shop in the ghost city, and suddenly " Wow, I shouted out, picked up a few bags of soup from a shelf and smiled at the camera. "There is still a soup bag for the future of the singer. Let me see if there is no meat ganoderma... I have been robbed, have to be so ferocious."


Today, the future soup bag of the singer is already a well-known brand, the best choice for gifts, and the meat ganoderma lucidum is still the most expensive but also the most sought-after category. In the past two years, with the increase in the production of meat and ganoderma, the number of soup packets has not been the first. So tight, but still in short supply.


The ghost city store in the non-feather park is also hard to talk about some sources, but it seems that it is not easy to buy here.


"ohgod!!! Is this Mori?!!"


Gao confronted the friends and interacted with the fans. Suddenly there was a scream of a non-standard pronunciation. The high pair looked up and saw a tall foreign man screaming at the clerk. He was yelling at a shop assistant. There are also a few assistants next to him, and it seems that they are still in a status.


This person is a special trip to Joseph who came to visit the non-feather park.


The high pair opposes the live shot than the "嘘" gesture: "I take everyone in the past, let's take a look."




[Gossip anchor online]


[Clearly want to see it! 】


Gao had a grimacing face, took the selfie stick up, and took the phone with his hand to make it past. I only knew what happened after I heard it.


When Joseph entered the non-feather paradise, he went straight to the ghost town park. He used to watch the non-feathering publicity video and did not believe the effect on the video. After seeing the design and technology of the entire park, the whole person ate a lot. Surprised, I also realized that the Western mythology ip of his team wanted to defeat Huaxia’s native ip in Sichuan. It was almost an idiotic dream. Although their technology did not completely lack passenger flow, it was definitely far from the goal he had expected. This means that his large investment in the past few years is likely to fall short.


This cognition made Joseph angry, but he continued to walk to the ghost market.


Ghost city store gave him a crit again, and even worse, even the assistant he brought couldn’t help but tempted to pick up the goods. He also looked at the enemy and told him that he could not find the fire. .


Joseph was so angry that he lost his wisdom. He accidentally stepped on a pile of strange things. The touch under his feet was soft and sticky. The staff next to him shouted: "You stepped on my intestines!"


Joseph looked down and saw that he was stepping on a **** intestine, and suddenly he was shocked and finally couldn't hold back.


"You are threatening the guests, I want to complain to you!" Joseph said to the staff member who was stepping on the intestines.


The staff member succumbed to the intestines and took them to his chest and said, "It is obvious that you stepped on me first."


"You are so terrible in these images, you should not appear in the paradise at all!" Joseph continued to swear by indomitable.


"Mr. Joseph, there is an age limit in the ghost town." Yu Zhengdu squeezed in from the crowd. On the first day of the park's opening, as a shareholder representative, there are many company employees working here. He has been paying attention to the ghost town of Batu. The operation situation, as soon as I heard that Luo Feng’s dispatched employees had a conflict in the store, they immediately rushed over with the merchants.


Yu Zhengdu was not impressed with Joseph. After understanding the things, he did not politely with him. He smiled and said: "If you are afraid, there is a children's area in the park."


The words of Yu Zhengdu led to the whispering around. Everyone was watching the passing of the incident. Who could not see that the foreigner was unreasonable, and he was very quick to see his heart.


Joseph was squeezed and his face was red and white. Seeing all around was ridiculous, and it was not good to make trouble again. He slammed his sleeves away.


The merchant looked at the back of Joseph’s departure and couldn’t help but itch. He said that he had to beat him.


Yu Zhengdu: "Don't you?"


Shangyu said, "It’s all ghosts. The foreign ghosts dare to look down on the local ghosts. It’s really wrong."


Yu Zhengdu: "..."




The first day of the opening of the non-feather park achieved unprecedented success. Although some small conflicts occurred in the middle, because the warnings were well done and processed in time, there were no major accidents.


At 8 o'clock in the evening, the parade of Baidu Ghost City was officially opened. This is a fixed activity every day in the park. It is completely modeled on the activities of Luofeng’s Ghost Festival, and it is a circle around Ghost City and Yinshan. The whole journey is about half an hour. The difference is that the parade of the paradise is accompanied by the corresponding sound effects, which will make the atmosphere more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


All the parade actor of Bai Geng Night Tour was dispatched by Luo Feng. It is not the rigid requirement of Luo Feng, but with the current technology, although the Hao Yu Group can also make effective effect makeup, but it is costly and time consuming. The requirements for employees are also high, and the employees sent by Luo Feng have their own makeup when they go to work. They can also easily wear special effects makeup for a whole day without changing colors, and the cost is much lower than that of their own training.


Such a trade-off is naturally more cost-effective for people who use Luo Feng to send over.


As for how Luo Feng did it in the end, it was a puzzling solution, and finally only came to a conclusion: Luo Feng technology is strong.


At the end of the parade, the hot search related to the ghost city rushed to the home page of Weibo, and the staff of the park began to clear the field. The tourists gradually dispersed and the park slowly returned to the quiet.


On the first day of opening, there are a lot of work that needs to be summed up, whether it is the leadership of Youhao Group, the management team of non-feather park or the staff of the park. After the closing of business, they are still nervously counting and resuming, and they continue to be very I only dispersed later.


After the lights in the park's office gradually darkened, several black figures searched for the remote corners. With the help of tools, they sneaked over the walls of the park and carefully walked toward the ghost town.


The group was dressed in low-key, all wearing hats and masks. They took the lead and whispered on the mobile phone: "Mr. Mai, we have already entered the paradise, and are going to the park in the ghost town."


The phone is a man’s voice: "Be careful, don't be discovered."


"You can rest assured that we are professional, and even if they are discovered, they will not be offered to you."


"That's good."


"Mr. Mai, are you sure you just destroy their main line and fire fighting equipment?"


"This is the first priority. If you can get their technical documents, I will give you another 50% of the remuneration."


The man who took the lead showed a coveted expression: "There is a word."


This person is the third child in the rivers and lakes. It is a small leader in the black-skinned organization on the east side of the river. It used to be rampant in this piece. In recent years, because of the above-mentioned scandals, the organization has been hit and it has converged a lot. After all, the tree is deep, although the bright face does not dare to continue to receive protection fees, but privately still collect money to do all sorts of things that can't be seen.


Moreover, because this group of people has organized training, they have their own set of rules. The most important thing is that the mouth is strict. Once you are caught in the scalp, you will never give up the employer behind you. It is a group that makes the police have a headache. people.


This time, they hired them to enter the paradise. It was Joseph’s men. Joseph was greatly shocked during the day in the ghost town of Suidu. He knew that once the operation of the non-feather park was successful, his mythical ip promotion in China would be severely damaged. The ghost market was unreasonable, but did not get the courtesy he had received in China. Instead, he was degraded. He suffered from anger and anger. After leaving the non-feet park, he thought more and more, and finally gave birth to such a poison.


They are looking for the third generation of these people. They plan to give them a little color look at the two days of non-feathering. They don’t have to worry too much. It’s enough to destroy the fire and electricity lines in the park. The topical news is constantly on the rise, and there is a lot of attention on the limelight. Once a little security issue arises, its word of mouth will be a fatal blow.


This group of young people has been familiar with this kind of thing, and they are very professional in their actions. The patrolling staff and monitoring sneak all the way to the Qidu ghost town have not been discovered.


Of course, it has not been discovered, and it does not mean that it has not been discovered by ghosts.


Luofeng staff group:


Headless ghost: [A group of sneaky people came to the ghost town]


Kang Jin: [Who? What are you doing? 】


Headless ghost: [I don't know, but certainly not a good person]


Wearing the intestines: [It is better to bet, I am going to five yuan, they are stealing things. 】


Kang Jin: [With my years of experience in watching drama, I don’t think it’s like it’s a kidnapping. I’m going to ten.]


Yan Guangzhao: [You are poisonous, who is going to the park to kidnap in the middle of the night? 】


Zheng Yan: [I think you guys are really poisonous. Is this the time to bet? ? ? ? ? 】


Zhao Ruola: [I am fifty, it is sent by competitors]


Zheng Yan: [Zhao total you! ! ! 】


Zheng Yan: [I am also with fifty pieces]


Shang Yang: [I am doing Zhuang]


Yu Zhengdu: [? ? ? 】

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