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"Hey, old Wei, it’s so early." Yang Xin, the boss of Youyi Group, greeted him and shook hands with Wei.


"This is not a child can't wait." Wei Pin smiled and said hello to Yang Xin. "You have a big publicity in this paradise. Ink and ink almost didn't sleep last night. I didn't use people to call up early in the morning. I got up. It is."


"Oh, ink does not have to be so anxious, you are vip tickets, and do not have to line up." Yang Xin smiled and went to see the little girl next to Wei Pin.


Wei Mo is almost eight years old, and he has been pumping up a lot. The whole person looks at the sunshine and is out of the gloom that was born when he was entangled in the femininity for a long time. See Yang Xin to see her, Wei Mo is sweet. I smiled a little and said hello: "Thank you, Uncle Yang."


Wei Pin came here with his wife and his daughter. The wife and Yang Xin are also familiar. He smiled and said: "Old Yang, you are proud of this time. I read the information posted on the Internet. You Tickets for this park are reserved for one month?"


Yang Xin “haha” laughed and didn’t be humble. He nodded: “The pre-sale effect is better than predicted. This is really a bit unexpected.”


Wei Pin smiled and said: "I don't think it's an accident. Luo Feng's 酆都鬼城ip has been successful in several fields. The fans on the Internet have been looking forward to it for a long time. The result is completely reasonable."


"That is also true." Yang Xin nodded and patted the shoulders of Wei Pin. "This time thanks to the linkage promotion of your game, otherwise the effect can not be so good."


This is the opening ceremony of the Chuandong Park, a non-feather park of the Youhao Group.


Non-feather paradise has always been the largest comprehensive paradise in China. In the past few years, Youyi Group has taken a piece of land in Sichuan, preparing to build a third non-feather paradise, and this time it is not just building a single paradise, but running With the goal of a national comprehensive entertainment base to plan, the park design directly targets the international first-class standards.


Because of this goal, Youhao Group introduced several mature entertainment projects from abroad at the beginning of construction, including a well-known Western mythology ip in the world. Everything went smoothly, but it coincided with an internationally renowned The park entered China, and the location was close to the non-feather park. It became a direct competitor. The holder of the mythical ip reluctantly turned and signed with the international park, making the Youhao Group very passive.


Fortunately, at that time, Luofeng’s Ghost Festival Tournament was born, which caused great discussion on the network. After that, the company continued to seek the cooperation of the park tour club’s ip derivative, including The double-angle technology jointly developed the "Dream of the Dream" game, now "Dream Traveling" is already the most well-known domestic online game in the country, claiming to occupy half of the entire game industry, because of the unprecedented success of this game, the ip of the Ghost Festival Garden Club also has The official naming, now everyone mentions the "Golden Ghost Town" as its unified name.


At the time, Youyi Group successfully won the cooperation development of the ip of the ghost city of the capital, and a large-scale park will take several years from the land acquisition to the official completion, especially the comprehensive entertainment base such as the non-feather park. It takes at least ten years for the supporting plan to be completed.


However, this is not to say that it is necessary to complete the construction of the entire base before it can start business. Otherwise, the light capital chain will not be able to withstand it. The development and construction of the non-feather paradise has been divided into several phases. The much-anticipated Yudu ghost town project has naturally been placed. In the first phase of the project.


Today is the day when the first phase of the non-feather paradise is completed and officially opened for business. The success of the first phase of the project is related to the overall flow of the park in the future. It is said that it may even affect the planning and construction of the entire entertainment base. Advance, and then radiate to the economic development of the entire Sichuan and surrounding provinces and cities, so the excellent group attaches great importance to the operation of the park.


After the official completion of the park, Youyi Group hired a professional planning team to shoot a large-scale publicity film for the entire park, especially the ghost town of Batu, to carry out comprehensive material distribution in all the first, second and third tier cities in the country. The traditional paper media and online media publicity It was fully rolled out, combined with the topic of Luofeng’s Ghost Festival Tournament, and launched a nearly viral marketing.


Because the double-angle technology's "Dream of the Dream" game is also used by Luo Feng's ip, the two companies have also carried out joint promotion in the game, the coverage is not profound.


Luofeng’s Qidu ghost city ip has long been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and there are many fans. The ghost town project of the non-feather paradise is even more eye-catching. It has been waiting for a long time, and the promotional film is very beautiful and attractive, so the marketing promotion can be seen everywhere, but It is not resentful, but it is very successful in launching the news of the opening of the park.


Non-feather parks are pre-sold through online open tickets, but in just a few days, the number of reservations has exceeded the opening traffic record of all the parks in China so far. The number of pre-sale tickets opened by the network has been sold out, and a large number of oxen have been spawned. The company had to suspend online ticket sales and increase the operation and management of the park.


After selling the couple and Yang Xinhan for a while, they hurriedly bid farewell to him under the urging of the daughter, led by the staff, and entered the park's various projects from the vip channel.


It was not long before Wei’s family of three had just left, and a staff member quickly came over and informed: “Yang Zong, Luo Feng’s Shanghe and Yu’s total have arrived.”


This is the holder of the Qidu ghost city ip, and also one of the holdings of the non-feather paradise in East Sichuan. Yang Xin’s spirit has been shaken and he has rushed forward.


Yu Zhengdu will look mature and more aggressive than just working, and he feels less green, but his face still maintains a consistent smile. He and Shang Yang are involved in the interview today, so they dress quite formal. The tailored shirt suits make the two people's outstanding appearance more eye-catching. In particular, the business has a non-human beauty and high cold. When they arrive, they attract a lot of attention. Many media that have been interviewed in various places have been interviewed. Some are eager to move, if there is not a large number of security personnel to clear the field here, it is estimated that they will be surrounded.


Yu Zhengdu and Yang Xin shook hands and swept them around. They smiled and said: "It seems that the operation is very smooth."


"That is, our experience is definitely one of the best in this respect." Yang Xin also smiled and raised their eyebrows at both of them. "If there is no accident, your company will soon receive dividends."


"Then we will see you at the end of this year." Yu Zheng made a joke.


Shang Yang also showed a mysterious smile, although he did not speak, but Yu Chengdu successfully interpreted the information from his smile: the freedom of sheet metal is just around the corner.


As he said, the assistant next to Yang Xin suddenly changed his face and attached to Yang Xin’s whisper: “Yang, the Joseph of the mythical team is here.”


When Yang Xin looked up, he saw a tall foreign man who came over with a few people. This person was the Joseph who was the leader of the technical team who transferred the Western mythology to the international paradise.


This Joseph sees the vast market potential of China and has always wanted to promote his mythical ip to China, but he is very ignorant of the operational ability of the Chinese local team. In the case of good cooperation with Youyi Group, it is a remorse. Ip signed to the international paradise, trapped in the non-feet of paradise.


Later, the non-feather park won the ip of the ghost city of Qidu. At the time, this ip was just a concept of net red. In commercialization, everything is still unknown. Joseph did not put it in his eyes. He did not expect the wind and water to turn. Nowadays The game of "Dream of the Dream" and other related planning and development have been a great success. The ghost towns in the capital have accumulated a large number of fans and become a real hot ip.


What's more, the ghost town of Suidu is the true Chinese culture of the real world. It is easier for the local tourists to have a sense of identity than the Western myth.


Sure enough, the opening hours of the first phase of the two parks are not far from each other, but the effect of pre-sales is not the same. It is really too direct for the competition between the two, and the competition for tourists naturally goes away.


The non-feathering park has been a great success, and the international paradise is naturally bleak.


Previously, the non-feather paradise has been crushed by the international paradise. Now the victory and defeat is revealed. The non-feather paradise is comprehensively counter-attacked. Yang’s confidence is very good. When he saw Joseph, he did not give him a face, and even greeted him with a sigh: “Joseph Why don't you tell me when you come over, I will arrange a few vip tickets for you in advance."


This is the gesture of the winner.


This Joseph Chinese level is good, and he smiled bluntly: "You publicize it so big, make me very curious, come and see."


"No problem, you look at it." Yang Xin "haha" laughed, "Don't forget to look at our Qidu ghost town project, that is the land that was originally prepared to build your myth, but fortunately did not cooperate with you at the beginning, or sell now It’s not us who can’t vote.”


His unrecognized irony made Joseph's face change, and his eyes unconsciously revealed doubts: "Your propaganda film is doing very well... But what is the effect of your technology?"


"Then you go and see for yourself." Yang Xin said proudly. "Mr. Joseph, you have technology, we have it. The difference is that we have business ethics in addition to technology."


Yang Xin’s burial made Joseph’s face extremely ugly, but he couldn’t find a rebuttal. After all, their temporary remorse was already spread in the industry, but they were carrying out unique designs and techniques.


However, if the non-feathering park can really achieve their effect in the promotion of the blockbuster, then their design and technology are likely to have completely surpassed Joseph's team, which is why Joseph couldn't sit down and learn about the non-feathering paradise.


Yang Xin did not stop Joseph, but Joseph felt a wandering, gray-faced and accompanying people into the park.


Yu Zhandu looked at the back of Joseph’s group and asked Yang Xin: “Is this the foreign technical team?”


Yang Xin nodded and sighed: "In fact, our domestic technology is relatively mature now, but it lacks time, investment and good ip."


In the past few years, domestic technology has been developing, but this thing requires a lot of time and money, and the capital groups that are willing to wait patiently for returns are too few, so the final show to the public is often something that is shoddy.


Youyi Group is lucky, just happened to meet the perfect and mature ip of Qidu Ghost Town, and Youhao Group is willing to invest money and energy to build.


"I still have patience and sincerity in doing things." Yu Zhengdu said with emotion.


"Or, I can do it." The merchant who has been smirking at the side of the business suddenly picks up.


Yu Zhengdu: "..."


He could not refute.

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