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Yu Jia's parents are not the kind of pedantic parents, but Jintan Town is only a small place after all. Before the Internet popularization, it was very occluded. This kind of thing in homosexuality has only been heard in their world. I didn't expect to encounter it for the first time. It’s my own son, and this development is really exciting.


Yu Dad subconsciously rushed to the business and shouted: "You don't scream, who is your father-in-law!"


Yu mother was also stunned, looked at Yu Zhengdu, and looked at Shangyu: "You... don't make such jokes."


"This is not a joke." Yu Zhengdu has long predicted the various reactions of his parents. Some of his coping attitudes have already been thought of. At this time, the excitement of facing them is not confusing, but rather firmer, he said, "Dad, Mom, I am serious with Shangyu. I hope that you can support us."


"You, you...this..." Yu Dad was so shocked that he couldn't help but hold his forehead. "You two are male, how can you be together?"


"Father, the gender is not a problem." Shang Yan looked at the father, "The most important thing is the feelings."


Yu Dad was very fond of business in his heart. If he changed someone else, he would swear, but a pair of Shang Shang’s face, he swallowed his words and bite his teeth: “What is not a problem? You two are male and you don’t want children in the future?"


Shang Yang: "We have children."


Yu Dad: "What kind of fart do you put -"


In one sentence, the wrist was caught by a soft little hand, and the little girl's soft voice brought a cry: "Grandpa, don't marry your father."


Yu Dad turned his head and looked at the past. He saw Xiao Peiqi’s round eyes sorrow and looked at himself. Yu’s mother was first seen as a soft heart. She quickly said that Dad said: “You whisper, don’t scare the child. It is."


Peggy went to see Yu mother: "Grandma, you are the best -"


"Hey, Peggy don't be afraid, Grandma doesn't swear, you come over to Grandma." Yu mother turned his back on the spot and took Peggy's hand and squatted.


Peggy's head arched into the mother's arms, and with the corner of her eye, Yu Yudu and Shang Hao handed a look: Dad, I tried my best!


Yu Zhengdu also secretly gave her a thumbs up.


Peggy plans to pass.


The scene that was originally on the verge of death was so smothered, and it was said that Dad was subconsciously trying to lose his temper, but it was really not good for the cute little child, and he couldn’t get out of his heart.


Seeing that my parents’ emotions have been restrained, Yu said that this is a word and a serious statement: “Dad, Mom, the two most important thing is the emotional foundation. I have experienced a lot of things with Shang Yang. No one can replace it. I feel very happy and happy with him. Isn't this the most important thing?"


Shang Yang said: "In addition to gender, what are your requirements for the object of the dispute, I can do it."


The weight of Shangyu’s sentence is not too heavy. On this one, it’s really unreasonable for Yu’s parents to take the gender alone.


Regardless of the gender, apart from other aspects, Shang Hao’s role as a son is indeed impeccable.


Yu Jia’s parents can understand this truth in their hearts, but they have to accept it emotionally.


"You two... can't you find a girl separately?" Yu mother still tried to test.


"No." The merchants can sever, and he can give up some other things. Only at this point, his posture is very tough and there is no room for negotiation.


Yu Zhengdu laughed and laughed, and looked helplessly at Ma: "Mom, I am a homosexual with Shangyu. You let us go to the girl. Isn't that a girl who harms other people's homes?"


"That is also." Yu Mama said, although psychologically still wants his son to be with the girl, but if the son is really gay, she can not conscience to let his son defraud.


"Grandpa, Grandma, don't worry." Peggy arched her head in Yu's arms. "When you are older, I have grown up, I will take care of you."


"Hey, Peggy is sincere, really sincere!" Yu's thoughts were suddenly transferred by Peggy, sighing, "We don't expect children to support the elderly, this is not..."


"Nothing, don't worry about us." Yu Zhengdu looked at his parents and solemnly said, "We are really good."


This is the end of the matter. Yujia’s parents don’t know what else to say. It’s not appropriate to be embarrassed. Moreover, there are children present. In the end, Yu’s father can only say: “I’m done, let’s do it today.”


"Then I will go to the dishes." Yu Zhengdu took the initiative to stand up and take on the housework.


"I will come." Shang Hao said.


"Let the fight to wash it." Yu mother interjected. "Our old family has always been cooking, another dishwashing, Xiaoshang just cooked, and the bowl will let the fight wash."


Yu Dad blinked at the side: "What do you say, I have not admitted that he is our old family."


Yu mother sighed: "You got it, you just drank three bowls of soup."


The so-called short hand and soft mouth, this is another reason why Dad can't make a big deal with Shanghao. In addition to the fact that he really has feelings for Shang Yang, it is really a good thing in the past year. Now when I turn my face, I turn my face. He can't do it... I always think it's like a conspiracy.


But in my heart, I was told that my mother said that it was inevitable that there was some sorrow. I said that Dad would like to say two words and go back. As a result, the opening did not control, and a long "呃-" was heard.


The scene was very embarrassing.


"Forget it, let me go to the dishes." Yu Zhengdu transferred the topic in a timely manner and gave Dad a step.


Yu mother looked at the merchant and glanced: "I have to go to the park to walk around, take a walk, or go with the small business with me."


This is because I am afraid that when I stay at home, I have to argue with my father. I also want to talk to him alone.


Shang Yan saw Yu Zheng and looked at it. When he saw that he had nodded, he stood up. "Okay."


Peggy saw her eyes bent and turned her head into Yu’s arms: "Then I am at home with my grandfather."


"Well." Yu Dad couldn’t help but stop the mother and the business.


Shangyu and Yu mother walked along the road in Jintan Town and headed for the park.


Yu mother did not say anything too difficult, but again asked the situation of Shangyu again.


Shangyu lives in the world, has an identity card, and has a corresponding identity. In the past, the parents of the family and the family have learned about the business situation. Now it is just more detailed.


To be honest, there is nothing better and more in-depth understanding. If it is purely based on the requirements of the children, the business is impeccable. To say that, the only concern is gender.


"Hey, you young people now..." Yu mother couldn't say anything else at the end, only to be a sigh of emotion.


"You can rest assured that your mother-in-law." Shang Xiaodao said, "I have studied the standard of finding objects in the world. I count it in a particularly good quality file."


Yu mother heard inexplicable: "Do you still study this?"


"Yeah." Shanghao nodded and said seriously, "Can't lose."


Yu mother is confused.


During the talk, the two went to the small park in Jintan Town. At this time, it was a walking time after the meal. The small park was particularly lively. Especially in the square, a large number of middle-aged and old people had gathered, and the aunts had already lined up to dance.


As usual, my mother is also a member of the square dance army, but she did not want to dance today, only walked around the small road along the park lake.


The two men walked less than half a lap, and Yu’s mother continued to meet acquaintances and greeted him. During this period, Shangyu skillfully exposed his business smile, and rarely showed unprecedented patience, and he was not impatient at all. Give the mother a face.


Shang Hao's outstanding shape and attitude attracted a lot of attention at once. Many people secretly brought the topic to the business, and they already knew the identity of the business. They were even more praised.


If you don't say anything, just say the middle-aged and old people, who don't want to get a concert ticket for the Sagittarius band.


Now, the boss of the Sagittarius band walks with the mother to follow the mother, and this way down, Yu's vanity can be considered to be greatly satisfied.


"Sit down and have a rest." Yu mother found a bench where no one was, and said to Shang.


They have gone a long way, and they have been socially tired with friends.


"You sit, I handle something." Shang Yan said, looking at Yu's mother sitting down, he walked to the side and began to give Yu Yu to return information.


Yu Zhengdu: [Do you get your mother-in-law? 】


Shang Yang: [I don't know, my mother-in-law did not say it. 】


Yu Zhengdu: [As long as there is no clear opposition, even if it succeeds most]


Shang Yang: [I will tell you directly that you are recognized by Luo Yishan. Who can't object, isn't it much simpler? 】


Yu Zhengdu: [Then you want them to treat you as a ghost king, or do you treat it as a child? 】


Shang Yang: [...well]


On the other hand, Yu’s mother just sat down for a long time, and then a few aunts who danced square dance together on weekdays came up and talked. They looked straight to the business side and said: “Yu Wei, I heard that this is the boss of the company. ”


Yu mother thought that it was a gossip, and did not feel relieved, nod.


"So young, still not married?" Aunt said.


Yu's mother's sensitivity to middle-aged women made her suddenly warned: "What?"


"Give him an introduction." Several aunts said, "My older brother's daughter is not married yet. Her condition is good. I think it is quite good with the boss who is arguing."


"I also know a girl, she is beautiful, and her education is good..."


“Stop and stop.” Yu’s mother is too busy to stop. “There are people who have objects and are stable. Don’t be busy.”


"Then you are arguing..."


"He also has objects." Yu mother proudly said.


When Shang Yu and Yu Zhengdu finished sending information and came back to find a mother, they saw Yu’s face looking at him seriously: “Small business, I thought about it carefully. You have to have a good relationship with the fight and decide to be together. I will definitely support you."


"The most important thing is that you should never be half-hearted."


Shangyu did not know what happened in a short period of time, so that Yu’s mother made up her mind and said only: “No, thank you mother-in-law.”


Yu mother is afraid to stay here again. I don’t know how many people are eyeing, and the steps are not scattered. I rushed home with the business.


Upon returning home, Yu’s mother said that she would enter the room with her words: “Old Yu, I have something to tell you.”


"I also have something to tell you." Yu Dad took the lead and looked at her seriously. "I thought about it, I still didn't oppose the dispute and the small business. They have nothing to do with them."


Yu mother had prepared to pretend to convince Dad’s words, but did not expect the peaks and turns, and for a moment, he only slammed, "What did you say?"


Yu Da thought she disagreed, pulled her over and whispered: "If you don't let them both together, then we won't see Peggy in the future."


"Children are small, granddaughters are big." Yu Dad has a long heart.


Yu mother: "..." 2k novel reading network