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In the end of the world, the fittest survive.

Come back from rebirth, seize the opportunity, just want to survive in the hopeless end times.

Three months before Mu Nan returned to the apocalypse, he sold all his savings to accumulate supplies, hoarded everything he could hoard like a hamster, and then huddled in his own house and lived a low-key life, carefully waiting for the apocalypse to come step by step…

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Short Title:NDA
Alternate Title:天灾末世行
Author:Nan Shu
Weekly Rank:#155
Monthly Rank:#410
All Time Rank:#2425
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73 Comments on “Natural Disaster Apocalypse
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  1. Please Help 😭🙏 Im finding a book. A natural disaster yaoi also. The MC has a space. The Ml is in prison (ex convict) for taking a blame which is worth of 1.8mil+. And he has a friend who take care of him in prison which a lover of mc relative(Uncle). They stay in a cave and they also has a dog. Please help

  2. I'm looking for a novella about the apocalypse, an alpha is reborn before the events, his beta's husband has just lost a child. The main character gathers his friends and they go to the base, pick up a man with a baby.

  3. aku mencari novel yang seperti ini dan mc shou dengan nama ning, rebirth dan punya space. Ml dipenjara untuk menggantikan orang.

  4. PLEASE HELP 🙏😭 Im finding a novel similar to this but not bl. The Mc and the Ml are neighbors. The FMc has 2dogs and space. They are also hiding in a cave with a male friend too. The MC and Ml sales alot of animals to the military and saying that it(meat) was a investment from a friend for life saving Something 😅

  5. I'm looking for a book, please tell me: the apocalypse / gg is reborn and takes away the inheritance of the mother (like a broken brush - an artifact gives a magical space)/ he is put on the wanted list even after the apocalypse, not by his stepmother, as he thinks, but by the military (the Taoist predicts the death of the general's son if he does not find our gg) / there is no photo of gg and when they meet, the military falls in love and promises to be with him, not knowing that gg is predicted/ friends from college are not called for real name since gg is hiding from the wanted list; zombies, mutants, battles.(I read it a long time ago-I don't remember the name)

  6. I believe you are looking for this one. Here the novelupdate link to it. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/rebirth-of-mc/

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