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National Creation: I Added An Auction Group

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Fifty years ago, the earth was connected to a blank new world, and all earthlings could log in to this new world.

In this blank new world, as long as there is nothing in the new world, whether it is physical or theoretical, you will get all kinds of supreme rewards.

Relying on the earth’s existing theories and countless things, countless people on earth have become supreme powerhouses.

“Ding, congratulations on being invited to join the auction**!”

Just when Chen Mang felt that he was born in a wrong era, a mysterious voice came from his mind.

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Short Title:NCIAAAG
Alternate Title:全民创世:我加了个拍卖群
Author:888 on the list
Weekly Rank:#1250
Monthly Rank:#1169
All Time Rank:#1340
Tags:Chat Rooms, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fast Cultivation, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Harem, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Overpowered Protagonist, Racism, System,
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75 Comments on “National Creation: I Added An Auction Group
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  1. it was interesting to begin with . but then MTS turned into an animal . he constantly lies to everyone and does not even let his family into his territory . in the chat group , he also lies to everyone , although he could reveal the future to them and tell them what situation he is in . then I first saw a good guy who turned into a greedy Chinese and a liar , I don 't like such ms . if he normally communicated in a chat group , he would become much more neutral . I quit when he decided to call the first race, bow to me like a god, I'm saving them like)))

  2. Novel ini ceritanya sangat bagus tapi sayang penulis anjing menambah nasionalisme dalam novel ini. Bilangnya kyushu itu hebat keren merekalah yang harus memimpin dunia gak bisa ya sesekali novel kayak gini gak ada nationalisme nya mcnya cuma peduli sama dirinya dan keluarganya atau wanitanya sendiri gak perlu sampe langsung seluruh negara. Lo pikir negara cina itu hebat semua orangnya emangnya di negara cina gak ada ya sampah masyarakat seperti penjahat pencuri pembunuh atau segala macam orang yang melakukan perbuatan jahat.emangnya negara cina orang nya baik semua gak ada yang jahat kalo ada gue sembah negara cina adalah negara dewa karna orangnya baik semua tapi sayang kenyataan nya gak mungkin untuk sebuah negara orangnya baik semua tidak ada yang jahat.jadi gak usah deh terlalu banyak nambahin nationalisme nya bukannya tuh novel nambah seru malah bikin makin malas bacanya

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