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National Castle: A Hundredfold Increase

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Hundreds of millions of human beings came to the era of lords, became the lords of castles, and participated in the fair and just competition of all races.
At the beginning of the arrival, each castle lord will randomly get an initial troop building.

Recruit troops, plunder resources, build dynasties, and compete for domination of all races!

Hong Yi was surprised to find that his unit was actually a legendary elf, and it had a hundred-fold increase system.

Ordinary elves have become a fifth-order popular shooter after a hundredfold increase, and second-order elves have become sixth-order natural mages after a hundredfold increase…

“Haha, mine is a high-level corps building that can summon griffins!”
“Mine is a top-level troop building that can summon the dark dragon!!”
“I can summon Golden Beamon…”

Seeing these self-showing news, Hong Yi smiled slightly, his eyes full of disdain.
As soon as the elf army comes out, who is the opponent in the whole world?

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Short Title:NCHI
Alternate Title:全民城堡:百倍增幅
Author:Furious wind
Weekly Rank:#2462
Monthly Rank:#2118
All Time Rank:#3548
Tags:Cheats, Elves, Harem, Male Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start,
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27 Comments on “National Castle: A Hundredfold Increase
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  1. Novel ini sama persis dengan novel disebelah (The Castle of All People: The Only Random Army Angel at the Beginning of the Game) kecuali yang berbeda adalah rasnya dan system MC

  2. At the beginning of the novel, when his troops killed wild monsters, he gained exp and levelled up. Now his troops are killing median gods but his thunder strike can't even kill a seventh order beast. Is the author opening our brainholes or what

  3. Let's not talk about the first battle where his rank 7 archmage couldn't kill rank 3 troll warriors and a single rank 4 troll magician... elf archer only know to stand and shoot 1 arrow, never heard about kiting...

  4. It was stated in the chapters before that, that trolls have more defence and health than their order implies. His 7th order elf admitted that even she might find it hard to survive if the troll mage casted a spell on the other trolls which makes them much stronger

  5. Hundreds of millions of chinese humans beings came to the era of lords, became the lords of castles, and participated in the fair and just competition of all chineses races.

  6. This novel has the same premise with the novel above. The only differences are this novel featuring "Critical" system and shorter than the novel in that link

  7. Currently around chapter 50. It's better than most of other Lord of the people novels. Of course there's similarities but the MC this time is smarter. So far most of the other lords that he has physically come into contact with are either helping for benefits or straight up killing. Even the stardard first girl is killed so it is different.

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