Nominations by Hokage and advisory elders do not require voting.

The elders below were all mentally prepared, and no one had any objections.

Next, everyone looked at Koharu who was transferred to the dormitory, Mono Mito, and the representatives of the Akimichi family.

Akimichi Tifeng has been in poor health in recent years, so he only sends one representative every time.

The representative shook his hand: "Elder Qiao Feng has no nomination."

After turning to bed, Xiaochun also shook his head to show no.

When everyone thought Mito Monitis was gone, Mito Monitis suddenly said:

"I nominate Tsunade to run for the Fifth Hokage."

There was some commotion among everyone. Everyone knew that Tsunade was now in the Uchiha clan and working for the Uchiha.

Now nominating Tsunade, isn't it just disgusting Uchiha?

Tsunade's qualifications are certainly sufficient, and she enjoys a very high status among medical ninjas.

Some medical ninjas who don't know the truth may really vote for Tsunade.

Regardless of whether Tsunade votes more or less, it will definitely affect the relationship between Natsuki and Tsunade.

Although there is a high probability that Tsunade will not run for election, there is no problem in disgusting Uchiha.

Natsuki gave Mito Kadoyan a mocking look and said nothing.

The Third Hokage also looked at him and said nothing.

He knocked on the table.

Everyone fell silent.

"Then, the personnel have been drawn up and a vote of confidence will be held next month."

All Jounin of Konoha have a vote.

The reason why there is a one-month buffer time is for each candidate to canvass votes.

When the confidence vote comes, the person with the most votes will be the next Hokage.