Jiraiya fell asleep in a certain store.

Because the war between Kumogakure and Kirigakure could easily lead to a new ninja war.

So Jiraiya could only stay in the village.

However, the Hyuga clan kept a close eye on Jiraiya.

This left Jiraiya with no way to find materials.

Just go out and have some fun by yourself, and then drink to pass the time.

Although Jiraiya fell asleep.

But as a man who has been on the battlefield for a long time, if anyone approaches him, he will wake up instantly.

Unless the person is a very familiar person.

Jiraiya was hugging him from side to side in his sweet dream.

Laughing happily.

But found that the whole world was shaking.

It seemed like someone was putting a hand on his shoulder.

Someone! ?

Jiraiya jumped up instantly.

But he found that the opposite side was the guard "Number One" beside Orochimaru.

Jiraiya wondered why he didn't wake up.

While asking: "No. 1, what are you doing here?"

Seeing the lipstick marks all over Jiraiya's face, Minato sighed in his heart:

The teacher is still so crooked, no wonder Tsunade-sama doesn't like you.

Taking the third generation's information to Jiraiya, Minato changed his voice and said:

"Hokage-sama asked Orochimaru-sama to give this to you."

Although Jiraiya was a little confused about what just happened, he was quickly attracted by the information in his hand.


"How can it be!?"

Jiraiya suddenly stood up and was about to find clothes.

There was a pair of hands handing over the clothes, as if they had practiced.

But Jiraiya was focused on the information and couldn't care about anything else. He said thank you and put on his clothes and went out.

Minato saw Jiraiya's leaving figure and smiled.

Chapter 312 Looking for the Child of Destiny

Konoha Village.

Jiraiya hurried to the Hokage's office.

Yes, it was through the window again.

The Third Hokage was already waiting for him.

This time the Third Hokage saw Jiraiya coming in through the window and had no time to blame him.

The third generation's thoughts are all on the identity of the leader of the Akatsuki organization.

"Old man, did the information just arrive?"

Sandai snorted: "This information was delivered last night."

Jiraiya had a stern look on his face, knowing that Sandai was dissatisfied with him going out to drink.

But he didn't expect that the matter would be related to him.

However, Jiraiya was also thick-skinned and would not care about the dissatisfaction of the Third Hokage.

He didn't explain it, but pointed to the picture on the information and said, "Old man, this is the Samsara Eye."

The Third Hokage took a deep breath from his pipe:

"So, this person is Nagato?"

Jiraiya was a little confused at this time and said:

"No, this person is not Nagato, this person is Yahiko."


The Third Hokage frowned.

Because Xiaonan bombed the Hokage Rock before, the Third Hokage went to investigate what happened that year.

Combined with the news Jiraiya got.

"Isn't Yahiko dead?"

Jiraiya was also very confused:

"I don't know what's going on, but these eyes must be the eyes of reincarnation."

The Third Hokage called Jiraiya here just to check the information with him. Now it seems that the information cannot be checked.

"Could it be that Nagato was the one who died and gave the Rinnegan to Yahiko?"

Sandai guessed.

Jiraiya thought of Konan's words, but he didn't feel that Konan was lying to him.

That would be contradictory.

"I don't know what's going on."

Jiraiya had no choice but to return to the third generation like this.

The third generation did not care about:

"Whether he is Nagato or Yahiko, the ability of the Rinnegan Eye has been clearly stated in the intelligence."

"As your disciple, he has gone astray now. Don't you want to bring him back to the right path?"

The Third Hokage said earnestly.

The third generation had the idea of ​​the Rinnegan before, but due to Danzo's defection, the matter was shelved.

The key issue is that legends are just legends, and no one knows whether the real Samsara Eye is strong or not.

Now in this battlefield of the Kingdom of Water, Tendo Payne killed thousands of people with one strike, which made the third Hokage feel hot.

There are rumors circulating in the village, and Konoha has been losing masters in recent years.

If the Rinnegan Eye can be summoned to Konoha, then how strong Konoha will be.

How much will your reputation improve?

As he approaches his resignation, Sandai also wants to earn a good reputation for himself.

After all, he is stepping down from office, not dead.

Jiraiya thought, he understood the Third Hokage's plan.

If the Samsara Eye was there, Uchiha wouldn't have anything to worry about.

He had really wanted to go back to Xiaonan and the others before, but a series of events later tripped him up in Konoha.

"I understand, old man, since Yunyin in the Kingdom of Water has been defeated, this battle will basically not be fought again."

"I'm also going to leave the village and go find them."

The third generation was very reassured about Jiraiya. As long as Jiraiya cared about him, he would definitely be able to find him.

Sandai thought for a moment and said to Jiraiya:

"Jiraiya, I'm ready to abdicate."

Jiraiya was not too surprised. What the three generations had done for Orochimaru in the recent past made Jiraiya have some suspicions.

In fact, there are not many suitable people who can be Hokage in Konoha now.

The third generation is indeed old.

Last time Orochimaru made Uchiha Natsuki defeated, and now he is working hard to study cloning technology.

It allows many disabled people to have their lost limbs restored and become a person with sound limbs.

This is a very remarkable thing.

Not to mention whether he can fight again, but just to be able to live like a normal person again.

It is the dream of many disabled people.

Although the cost of cloning is still very high now.

But with Orochimaru's research, the cost will definitely be reduced.

Orochimaru's achievements allowed him to secure the position of Hokage, which was no problem at all.

Jiraiya thought about it and asked, "Old man, are you ready to let Orochimaru take over?"

The Third Hokage looked at Jiraiya and asked, "What do you think?"

Jiraiya laughed: "I have no objection. Orochimaru's scientific research will indeed help many people."

The third generation looked at Jiraiya's free and easy look and knew that Jiraiya was not interested in the position of Hokage at all.

"That's good, if Orochimaru takes over as the Godaime, will you come back?"

Jiraiya shook his head: "It depends on the situation. After all, I don't know if I can find them."

"Okay, when are you going to leave?"

Jiraiya was concerned about the prophecy of the Child of Destiny: "I'll go find Natsuki first and then set off directly."

Xiaonan came here before because she was invited by Natsuki, and the first thing Jiraiya thought of was Natsuki.

The third generation nodded: "Then I understand, you go early and come back early."

Uchiha clan land.

Natsuki created a shadow clone to join Nagato and others.

But his true self stayed in the clan.

It's not because Nagato and others are unimportant.

It is his own self who can start dream cultivation.

Whether it's Susan's shaping or his reincarnation training.

It will cost him a lot of time and energy.

There is no consumption of dream cultivation, Xia Mu does not need to recover his physical strength and eye power, and it has saved Xia Mu a lot of time.

It's just time synchronization, this is a minor problem.

Natsuki has received the news that the Third Hokage will hold a meeting in the afternoon.

It's probably because of what happened on the battlefield in the Kingdom of Water.

At this moment, Yi Zhi came to report.

"Lord Patriarch, Jiraiya would like to see you."

"Oh?" Natsuki was a little curious as to why Jiraiya was here.

"Where are the others?"

Yi Zhi said: "People have been led to the reception room."

Natsuki hummed. After all, he was one of the three ninjas, so there was no way he could leave Jiraiya at the door.

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