Fusion of the inter-column cell solution cannot be successful in just one second after drinking it, but requires a long period of fusion.

During this period, the pupil power of the Samsara Eye is needed to suppress it.

Nagato shook his head:

"It's just a matter of waiting some more time to recover the eye power. Compared with Yahiko's life, it's worth waiting a little longer."

Xiaonan looked worried:

"Obito and Zetsu must be looking for us everywhere now. If you fuse the cell solution one day later, you will be in danger for one more day."

Nagato shook his head and said firmly: "I have already decided, Xiaonan, please don't try to persuade me."

Xiao Nan opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Xia Mu was enjoying the taste next to her.

After Natsuki and Nagato had a long talk, Nagato's divine thoughts had completely disappeared, and now Tendo Payne's external performance is just a disguise.

Nagato is no longer the kind of person who insists on having his own way, so there is only one possibility for him to reject Konan.

Before, Nagato was worried that his fusion would fail, or that Obito would trick him to death, so he came to see Natsuki Tuogu.

Now that Yahiko can be resurrected directly, even if he has an accident, Konan will not be left alone in the world.

Every step Nagato takes now is dangerous. He would rather take more risks and leave some protection for Konan.

This is the most sincere emotion between friends.

Xiaonan and Nagato have been together for so many years, and Xiaonan must have roughly guessed Nagato's thoughts.

So I don’t want Nagato to take any chances.

Even if it is a precious opportunity like resurrecting Yahiko.

Seeing that the two were no longer arguing, Xia Mu asked, "Where are we going?"

Now that Nagato has made up his mind, Xiaonan no longer tries to persuade him, but instead starts thinking about the place where the technique will be performed.

"Why don't you come to Konoha?"

"It will be safe to come to our Uchiha clan land."

Nagato refused:

"No, choose Konoha as the location. If Obito has a way to control the Rinnegan, Konoha will suffer countless casualties."

Natsuki thought of the consequences of Tiandao Payne's resistance to rice in Konoha.

What Nagato said makes sense, and there is no guarantee that Obito or Black Zetsu can't control Nagato.

Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just be afraid of the eventuality.

If Nagato had a Shinra Tensei at home.

Xia Mu's efforts over the years have been in vain.

"Then let's choose the Country of Whirlpool."

Xia Mu suddenly said, and Xiao Nan wondered: "Why choose the country of whirlpool?"

Xia Mu smiled and said: "For no reason, I did it on the spur of the moment, so it won't be found so easily."

Nagato agreed with Natsuki's point of view: "Well, let's choose the country of whirlpool."

Natsuki originally wanted to take Orochimaru with him, but Nagato and Konan were left alone.

It was obvious that they would not believe the people who would kill them if they opened their mouths.

And Orochimaru couldn't move away, so Natsuki had no choice but to give up.

Next, Natsuki and Nagato made an appointment and disconnected.

Chapter 311 The war ended suddenly

Konoha Village.

The Third Hokage has been here recently, working hard to increase Orochimaru's reputation.

Because among the Konoha ninjas, there are already a large number of elite ninjas who quit the battle sequence because they were disabled.

So Orochimaru's cloning technology was taken out by the Third Hokage.

Many people have found the third generation here.

While the third generation was busy keeping their feet off the ground, they also saved a lot of reputation.

The third generation made the right move by pushing Orochimaru out.

The third generation was quite satisfied.

But on the battlefield of the Kingdom of Water, the strong reinforcements invited by Kirigakure killed three thousand Kumogakure in one blow and forced Kumogakure to retreat.

It hit the third generation on the head like a sap.

This war that was about to sweep the entire ninja world would end so quickly?

This adds up to less than a month.

If he had known this, he wouldn't have had to make so many concessions to the Uchiha clan.

The third generation was frustrated.

But the matter has come to this, and Sandai has no other choice.

After all, he didn't expect that Kirigakure would actually invite such strong assistance.

The Third Hokage picked up the information and read it over and over again.

Especially when I saw the detailed description of the intelligence, the special eyes of the leader of the Akatsuki organization.

The third generation's heart skipped a beat. Is this the Samsara Eye that Jiraiya mentioned?

This kind of treasure cannot appear randomly.

So could this person be Nagato?

Because the information was important, Konoha's spies also hired someone to draw the portrait.

The Sandai called the ANBU: "Where is Jiraiya?"

Anbu whispered: "Jiraiya-sama went to Flower Street yesterday, and he should still be there now."

The third generation was furious. He had worked so hard for Konoha, and now he didn't even have time to use the telescope technique.

It would be nice for Jiraiya to ask him to share some of the work, and then run away after he can't do much, saying that he doesn't like doing it.

The third generation said in a bad tone: "Go and call Jiraiya over."

When the ANBU responded and prepared to leave, they were stopped by the third generation again.

"Wait a minute, don't call Jiraiya yet."

The third generation put the information on the table together and gave it to the ANBU.

"Make a copy of these documents and give them to Orochimaru, and ask Orochimaru to inform Jiraiya."

"In addition, we will inform you that there will be a meeting in the afternoon. All other elders will also be notified."

The ANBU didn't ask too many questions about this kind of thing. He did what the Hokage ordered and went straight down without saying anything.

Let Orochimaru call Jiraiya, this seemingly unnecessary operation.

It was also the third generation who wanted to see Orochimaru's reaction to these things.

The war between Kumogakure and Kirigakure ended so suddenly.

The Uchiha need to be countered.

Orochimaru Laboratory.

For the cloning of Fugaku's eyes, Orochimaru spent a lot of thought, and he was adapting to Fugaku every day.

During this period, Orochimaru also destroyed two unsatisfactory eyeballs.

Itachi's eyes were still merging.

There aren't any major disturbances, just monitor it every day.

Today Orochimaru received a message from Natsuki, and the ANBU of the third generation arrived.

He also gave Orochimaru the battle situation in the Kingdom of Water and asked Orochimaru to call Jiraiya.

Orochimaru was originally curious about the Rinnegan.

After seeing the information passed down from the third generation, he became even more interested in the Samsara Eye.

But Natsuki told Orochimaru that he would have the Samsara Eye for him to study in the future.

Orochimaru then calmly started the work at hand.

As for asking him to inform Jiraiya.

"I have received the things. You tell the old man that I am too busy here and will not go through the meeting. Just let me know the results after the meeting in the afternoon."

"Jiraiya, I will send someone to inform you, please go down."

The ANBU responded, then went back to resume his life.

There were many thoughts running through Orochimaru's head.

Then he called Minato over.

"Lord Orochimaru."

Minato was still dressed as an ANBU and wearing a mask.

Recently, in addition to practicing, he has been giving thunder **** marks to some more important people.

In Xiamu's words, it means being prepared for any disaster. When necessary, this can save lives.

After Minato demonstrated the ability to teleport someone.

Orochimaru asked Minato to mark everyone with the Flying Thunder God Mark, which would definitely be used in the future.

Orochimaru had no personal grudge against Minato back then. He and Minato failed in the competition for the Fourth Hokage, and he never held a grudge against Minato.

The one he holds a grudge against is the Third Hokage.

Although at the beginning, Orochimaru enjoyed the feeling of commanding Minato.

But as time went by, after all of Minato's strengths were revealed, Orochimaru... enjoyed the feeling of commanding Minato even more.

The three generations have intentionally or unintentionally left some government affairs to Orochimaru.

Although Orochimaru can handle it, for him, it wastes a lot of time.

He simply left it to Minato, who did everything beautifully.

Who doesn't like someone who is calm, smart, responsible, and reliable.

Orochimaru gave Minato all the information given by the Third Generation.

"Take a look, and then go find Jiraiya. Bring him the news and ask him to find the old man."

Minato took the information into his hand and started flipping through it.

While Minato was flipping through the information, Orochimaru looked at Minato.

Because he wanted to hide his identity, Minato covered himself tightly.

It feels hot at first sight.

"Minato, go back and prepare all your disguise items. You may have to walk in front of others in the future."

Minato had read the information and knew why Jiraiya was informed.

Hearing Orochimaru's instructions, he nodded.

"Okay, I understand Master Orochimaru. I'll get ready when I get back. I'm going to find Mr. Jiraiya first."

Konoha Street.