Lei Ying pounded the table angrily and said unwillingly:

"This time the battle against Kirigakure has been failed. Let's discuss the next action."

Mabuyi held the document and said:

"We have received news that Iwakakure is already gathering a large number of personnel."

"If we are still stranded in the Kingdom of Water, the Kingdom of Thunder will be in danger."

After Kirabi forcibly used the tailed beast jade last time, he experienced a tsunami again, and his injuries were not completely healed:

"That Akatsuki organization?, it's simply too strong?, they only have a few people here?~"

"It has caused us such a big loss. If the whole team comes over, we will be in more danger, your guy, stupid guy~"

Samyi was calm: "Such a powerful technique must not be easy to use."

"Raikage-sama is here, and other members of the Akatsuki organization are not in any danger to us."

"But the Akatsuki organization is probably afraid of our Raikage-sama, so they never dare to show up."

Samyi was right, the Raikage's ability to advance alone was very strong, if members of the Akatsuki organization came to attack like before.

That means no one can escape.

Xi said helplessly:

"If we stay here, it won't be of much use anymore. Kirigakure has even withdrawn from the island."

Although Raikage is angry, there is nothing he can do now. After Kirigakure retreats, he will completely give this island to you.

But after Kumogakure ran out of supplies, he couldn't hold on for long.

Lei Ying sighed dejectedly:

"Okay then, let's retreat!"

In fact, this is the only way Kumogakure can go.

The Raikage's order was quickly conveyed.

The Kumogakure people knew what was going on and had no objections. They all packed up everything.

I got on some boats that had been repaired in the past two days.

Slowly sailed away from Jinlian Island.

Five thousand people set out from the Kingdom of Thunder with great ambition and came to Kirigakure in great force. In the end, they did nothing and more than half of them were killed or injured.

Now there are only 700 or 800 people going back, which is extremely embarrassing.

Spies from various forces on the island immediately spread the news after discovering it.

When Kirigakure received the news, everyone cheered!

"Retreat! Kumogakure retreats!"


"We won!"

Many Kirigakure cried with joy.

This time Kumogakure is coming in force, and they are all ready to die for the village.

But this time the war had fewer casualties than before, and Kirigakure didn't even fight a few tough battles.

Terumi Mei had thought that the front line would be difficult.

They are all ready to abandon the outer islands and fight guerrillas on the main island.

As a result, the Akatsuki organization brought by Uchiha was really strong and blocked Kumogakure on the outer island.

The leader of the Akatsuki Organization was a strong man with the Rinnegan Eye, and he actually directly killed thousands of Kumogakure's people.

Killing Kumogakure directly to the fault line and losing so many chuunin and genin, Kumogakure was seriously injured.

Within a few years, it will no longer be possible to invade others.

Because Terumi Mei successfully found foreign aid and successfully won this very difficult war.

After Kumogakure retreated, Terumi Mei's reputation in the Kingdom of Water rose sharply.

Because before Hyori left, she specifically stood up for Terumi Mei.

Everyone in Kirigakure thought Terumi Mei now had someone to support her.

The other factions did not dare to have different intentions at all, so they could only hold their noses and recognize Terumi Mei as their leader.

With the assistance of Zabuza, Loquat Juzo, Ao and others, Kirigakure began to enter the time of recovery and development.

Natsuki on the other side learned that Kumogakure had retreated.

After waiting for a long time, there was still no notification that the task was completed.

Damn it, it seems that we have to wait for Kirigakure to develop before the mission can be completed.

Previously, Kirigakure asked the Akatsuki organization to find the Six-Tailed Jinchuuriki Yu Gao.

But now that the Akatsuki organization is gone, how can we find it for him?

During this period of time, Xia Mu's body practice in the dream did not stop.

In addition to practicing Susanoo in the dream every day.

Even the practice of reincarnation, the development of immortal arts has temporarily stalled.

He has now obtained the frog senjutsu and snake senjutsu from Minato and Kabuto respectively, and in the end only the slug senjutsu is left.

Xia Mu is ready to collect them all and practice together.

I have to admit that it took decades of research by the entire Sunagakure to come up with the reincarnation.

It's not something that can be accomplished overnight.

Fortunately, Xia Mu still has a system gift that can be used.

After using it once, you should be able to master this technique faster.

Learn how to reincarnate yourself as soon as possible, so that you can have one more trump card.

Previously, Xiamu planned to reincarnate in his own life and use it in conjunction with the reincarnation technique.

Now the Samsara Eye is still on Nagato.

Nagato would definitely not agree to resurrect other people, nor would he take any risks.

If it were to resurrect their best friend Yahiko.

Nagato and Konan would definitely agree, and maybe Natsuki could give Nagato some extra vitality.

Chapter 310 Best Friend

Plan in mind.

Natsuki found the Beizi Ring confiscated from Kakuzu.

Start contacting Nagato.

The thought waves strengthened, and Natsuki used the magic of the lantern body.

Entered an unknown cave.

After entering, Nagato and Konan were already waiting for him.

"Can your body handle such a powerful Shinra Tianzheng?"

Natsuki opened his mouth to greet Nagato's body.

There is no other way, don’t look at Brother Tiandaochao roaming the world outside.

Nagato's body was thinner than that of a tuberculosis ghost, as if he was about to die at any moment.

Nagato nodded:

"Don't worry, it took me a long time to recover before. And I listened to you and used this technique to accumulate chakra in advance."

"It won't affect me much."

Then Nagato told Natsuki that he had experimented with the repeater mode, which could indeed make the transmission distance very long.

There is just a delay...

"With your technique on the battlefield, victory can be directly assured."

"Obito also came to the battlefield of the Kingdom of Water this time."

Natsuki then told Nagato some information about Obito.

Obito has forcibly taken Kakuzu under his command and intends to take action against Natsuki Shadow's clone.

This means that Nagato and Konan are right to be cautious, and they must not let Nagato's body be found by Obito.

"I didn't expect him to run away."

Nagato shook his head: "It doesn't matter, as long as we know Kakuzu's information, he doesn't pose much of a threat."

"Obito's actions like this mean that he already wants to attack me."

"I have decided to fuse Hashirama's cells."

Now that the entire organization has been tricked by Natsuki, it's the best time to hide, and Obito's actions haven't been discovered yet.

The disappearance of Konan and Nagato was necessary.

After listening to Nagato's words, Natsuki knew that Nagato wanted to take this opportunity to completely get rid of his illness.

Natsuki did not persuade him, but asked: "Do you want to resurrect Yahiko?"

Konan and Nagato's pupils shrank, and Konan couldn't wait to ask: "Natsuki, what do you mean?"

Natsuki told Xiaonan: "I got a secret technique in Sunagakure, called reincarnation, which can input life force into the body of the recipient."

"I know that Nagato's reincarnation technique can resurrect the dead, but Nagato will lose his life."

"With this reincarnation, we can replenish Nagato's life force after Nagato resurrects Yahiko."

Nagato looked particularly excited: "Natsuki, are you telling the truth?"

Xia Mu responded: "Of course it's true. When did I lie to you?"

"Nagato just needs to use the reincarnation. I have a way to make up for the lost vitality."

"Okay! Konan, we can resurrect Yahiko!"

The reason why Nagato didn't resurrect Yahiko before was because when Yahiko died, Nagato had not yet mastered the innate ability of reincarnation.

When he had the ability to resurrect Yahiko, he needed to exchange one life for another.

Nagato did not risk his life, but resurrected Yahiko, but it still could not change everything in reality.

Small countries still live under the oppression of big countries, the world still has no peace, and its dreams are far away.

So Nagato dedicated everything he had to the cause of peace (nuclear) peace.

Until all this was broken by Natsuki, Nagato wanted to save his life to deal with Madara's conspirator.

Now that Yahiko is alive and well, Nagato is very excited.

Konan was as happy as Nagato, but after she was happy, Konan slowly frowned.

She said slowly: "Nagato, I'm afraid we need to wait before resurrecting Yahiko?"

The joy on Nagato's face faded: "Why?"

Natsuki didn't understand why Konan objected to resurrecting Yahiko now.

Xiaonan frowned and said: "We have studied Hashirama's cell solution, which requires strong pupil power to suppress it."

"If you use the reincarnation technique, you will lose a lot of pupil power, so the fusion of Hashirama's cell solution will easily fail."

Natsuki and Nagato also realized that even if the vitality of the Samsara Natural Technique can be replenished, the power of the Samsara Eye cannot be replenished immediately.

This is the key to fusing the cell solution between the columns.